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Smart 52kW micro hybrid drive (mhd) models from 2009 to 2014 will be recalled starting on August 22, according to a statement from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Vibration from the engine caused the belt drive transmission system to fail in some vehicles, causing engine damage in more serious cases, the statement said. The company’s China branch will check all vehicles manufactured between August 27, 2008 and March 21, 2014 replacing problematic parts and upgrading the transmission system to eradicate potential hazards.
Earlier this month, Mercedes-Benz announced that it will recall 57,843 petrol-powered Smart Fortwo vehicles in China starting from August 22 due to a problems with the warm water shut-off valve. The new rocket on wheels churns out something more on the order of 10,000-hp, enough to get it down a quarter-mile run in less than four seconds – at a speed approaching 320 miles per hour. The new dragster is the product of a joint effort teaming Dodge and Don Schumacher Racing, noted Pietro Gorlier, the CEO of Chrysler’s aftermarket arm, Mopar. Among traditional automotive manufacturers, Chrysler has one of the most ambitious and long-running drag racing efforts. She suggested that some of the lessons ultimately wind up helping Chrysler’s various brands build better street cars – noting the maker’s legendary Hemi engine started out as part of its motorsports program. The Hemi under the hood of the Charger Funny Car is surprisingly modest in size, in line with production V-8s, at 500 cubic inches – but there the similarities end. The dragster weighs in at just 2,400 pounds, and uses about 200 feet of aluminum moly tubing, noted Dale Aldo, Mopar’s motorsports manager.
The Dodge dragster will make its debut at the winter nationals at Auto Club Raceway in California next February. Tags: auto news, car news, dodge charger dragster, dodge charger funny car, dodge charger rt funny car, dodge funny car, dodge sema, drag racing, funny car, paul a. Top Fuel Dragsters now compete at a 1000 ft distance, not a quarter of a mile (1320 ft) for safety reasons. Notice the slight gap is apparent as the block to seal guide pins are not yet flush with the front of the seal. Reinstall the intermediate plate, flywheel, clutch and tranny per instructions in the related faqs listed at the beginning of this write-up. I hope this helps some of you who have been contemplating replacing a leaking rear seal or damaged sensor ring using the T10134 special tool. Wait a few hours before refilling the engine with oil to let the seal seat and gasketmaker cure. Based on the fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata, the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider differs from its Japanese counterpart in three ways: the badge, the engine, and the price.
To put that price into perspective, the Ford Mustang Fastback with the EcoBoost engine is €38,000 in Italy. Despite the fact that the exterior is heavily inspired by the 1966 Fiat 124 Spider, the cabin is unmistakably Mazda MX-5 Miata.
The order books for either the Fiat or Abarth open later this month, with first deliveries slated to be made in the fourth quarter of the year. Regardless of the fact that they don’t operate in the same segment, the new special edition GMC Sierra All Terrain X and the well-known Ford F-150 Raptor do have plenty of things in common. The new truck is based on the Sierra All Terrain model, which already had a number of features aimed at increasing the vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

The model will become available this spring, but there’s no telling yet how much it will cost. More on this:2017 GMC Acadia Uses Detroit for Downsizing, Denali and All-Terrain OfferedGMC Thinking About Launching a Subcompact Crossover. The new Charger Funny Car is an effort to stay on top of the competition with a design that is lighter and more aerodynamic. While a slick design also can improve performance, one of the key issues with a car topping 300 mph, Trostle stressed, is maximizing downforce to ensure the vehicle stays on the road.
Chromoly is an super strong material used for aircraft frames and similar high stress applications. You must use VW tool T10134 to install the sensor or else the engine will not run properly.
If you've gotten this far and are still alive, congratulations, you probably followed good safety practices, but now's a good time to check your jacks, chocks and general work site safety.
Notice the angle of the hex screw relative to the plane of the seal which makes it a bit difficult to get out and back on.
DO NOT remove this ring as it serves as an assembly sleeve to keep the teflon inner seal from becoming distorted during installation. If not already in this position, screw the tension nut down on the threaded tensioner as in the pictures of the tool at the top of the page. Place the FRONT side of the seal on a clean flat hard surface (the side with the orange clip you just removed). On the rear of the seal, look next to the upper threaded hole where you put the top M6x35mm extractor bolt. Mount the seal on the assembly tool with the assembly bell pin aligned with the sensor ring pinhole.
Make sure the crankshaft flange and the sealing surface is COMPLETELY clean and free of grit, dirt, etc. Secure the tool and seal to the crankshaft using the socket head hex bolts in the tool using the 8mm hex key. Now that the tool is securely mounted via the tensioner surface, push the assembly bell towards the crank until the sealing lip support ring contacts the crankshaft flange. Using the torque wrench and a 24mm deep well socket, tighten the tensioner nut to specified torque of 35Nm.
Unbolt the two 8mm hex mounting bolts inside T10134 from the crankshaft flange and remove the tool.
The manual says at this point to check the gap between the sensor wheel and the crankshaft flange and ensure it is 0.5mm. Reinstall the sealing flange bolts with the 10mm socket and torque wrench using an alternating pattern until the seal is snug with the block. Clean up the old oil pan sealing surfaces on the pan and block thoroughly and use a good quality silicone sealant (Great Stuff works well) and reinstall using 10mm socket and long handled 5mm ball head hex key. If it were your hard-earned cash on the line, would you spend it on the force-fed 124 Spider or the naturally aspirated MX-5 Miata? Here is GMC with another attempt, even though the Sierra wouldn’t normally be a direct Raptor competitor. For one thing, they place style just about as high as functionality, proving you don’t need to forgo one to have the other.

It comes with Eaton locking rear differential, Z71 Off-Road suspension package, underbody transfer case shield, a special grille and other cosmetic touches that clearly highlight the fact that this is not your regular workhorse. It won national championships in 2011 with Matt Hagan behind the wheel, and again in 2012 with Jack Beckman driving. Let a new seal sit a few hours before filling with oil and at least 4 hours before starting the engine.
You DO NOT want to find out "after the fact" that you had the engine 180 degrees out!
This tab keeps the position of the sensor ring relative to the seal and also to the engine speed sensor. Press on the sealing lip support ring (the black inner plastic ring) until it is flush with the hard surface.
It should look something like this (below) except you are going to do it correctly without the oil pan still attached, right? Now press on the spindle shaft so that the tensioner surface moves out of the back of the tool as far as it will go. Once this is done, there should still be a slight air gap between the engine block and the seal flange.
In terms of get-up-and-go, the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider is powered by a 1.4-liter turbo with 138 HP (140 PS) and 177 (240 Nm) on tap.
Available in eight different exterior colors (three-coat Ghiaccio White, Gelato White Passione Red, Vesuvio Black, Moda Grey, Magnetico Bronze, Argento Grey, Italia Blue), the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider doesn’t come with a touchscreen infotainment as standard. Tell us in the comments section below which of the two is your weapon of mass distraction and why would you choose it over the other two-seater roadster. If this moves even slightly THE ENGINE WILL NOT START or may start but run poorly and you will need to do this all over again (ask me how I know sometime).
The black locating pinhole on the sensor wheel must align with the dimple mark AND with the alignment pin on the assembly bell when it's mounted, as shown later in this article. Keep firm pressure on the seal during this step to ensure that the pin didn't inadvertently slip out of the pinhole. It should look like this - notice that the tensioner surface (black part with the two bolts) is now sticking out beyond the seal lip support ring. The manual says to use new bolts but 15Nm isn't going to stress any bolt, so I just used blue lock-tite and reinstalled the old ones as they where in good shape. The Abarth 124 Spider ups the ante to 167 HP (170 PS) and 184 lb-ft (250 Nm) of torque, sufficient grunt for a car that tips the scales at 2,337 lbs (1,060 kg).
The screw holding the sensor to the old seal is hard to get to and at a slight angle, so the ball head hex key helps here. Make sure that the tool and seal are oriented with the flat part of the seal downward where it will contact with the top of the oil pan.
If money is no object, then the 2017 Abarth 124 Spider is the sports car for you, starting at a mind-boggling €40,000.

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