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Check my car price For example, I can use in the food and chemical industries where I work with custody transfer of refined fuel.
Check my car price While these are the springs that support the entire weight of a car, it is the shocks or struts that prevent the rebound after encountering rough or uneven. Check my car price Once again, the body paint should be left to dry for about 10 minutes until Matt. I feel, the only negative - if the car is in good condition - is that it has already changed hands 2 times and my friend would become 4th owner. Originally Posted by callvvijay Guys, my friend is looking out for a used Santro and he has got the below quote. After 2-3 years, being a 4th owner, he shouldn't expect anything more than 60-65k for this car. Well if your answer is no to all of the above questions then 2.2 seems a decent quote (I would start from 2lakhs because everyone is bitten by diesel bug, and resale value of petrol cars have dipped down a lot). Hi guys, what would be the ideal price for a silver Honda City Feb 2011 registered in Gujarat?
The car has done 21,000 kms in the past year and is the fully loaded V model along with premium 3M sunfilm on all windows and front windshield. Originally Posted by neon hii can any one tell me the price for a 96 model maruti esteem, i have found one in my city which has 4 alloys(not brand new) with appolo tyres(good condition), fitted with xenon head lamp kit, racing type rear bumper and side skirts(front bumper is the esteem stock), car is in almost good condition, interiors isn't very fancy, has a kenwoon stereo system(cd player) installed in it, engine seems to be in a good state, has done 1L+ kms. Just know that if you do buy it, it would demand a lot of attention from your (money and time wise). I am selling my Swift VXI (2008 - petrol) model and i have a list of prospective buyers coming today.
Originally Posted by creative420 I would strongly suggest that you stay away from this car.

Diecast cars - best price & selection!, Browse the best selection of 2014 diecast cars from jada toys, dub city, bigtime muscle, road signature, and more!
I know that typically AutoMartIndia does charge a premium without adding too much value to the car.
Also wanted to know if its worth going for a used CRDI which has done 63000 + kms and does the car have any specific problems (have read of some fuel pump failures after 80KKm, is this true ?).
View My Garage For Alto 25000 kms is fine but 2.5 lacs is bit high, however Alto has good resale value but ask for not more than 2 lacs. View My Garage I strongly suggest to go to show room, and look for folks who are buying swift, by a upgrade.
There are some cases reported on this forum (would be available in the archives) in which the True Value guys had reversed the odometer and passed off high mileage cars as low mileage ones. My dear friend, try searching in admag or free-ads, If you know a good mechanic, inspect the car and buy directly from the seller. Assuming you are willing to spend 2.5 lakhs, why dont add some more money and buy a new alto??
On road 21,80,000 this is for 2013 model expected delivery march last week, is this deal sweet enough or should I haggle for more??
Originally Posted by swiftnfurious Saw a print ad with quite huge discounts on various Maruti models. Originally Posted by n_aditya Got the below quote from Mandovi Motors for the Maruti Ritz ZDi. Originally Posted by lapsi Any idea of the offers on the BMW X1 in Bombay outside octroi?
However, I recieved a whatsapp(!!!) message from the BMW SA yesterday indicating the possibility of further discount on the black color X1 as they are looking to clear last few remaining stocks before the launch of the facelifted X1s. Incidental charges are towards transportation of the car, PDI evaluation, RTO expenses (?) etc.
VW with its latest offer, you can walk straight into one of the showrooms, pay 50% of the buying price for the Vento and drive back in a brand new car (the Vento, of course).

And no damage other than 5-6 mm dings and scratches on bumpers thanks to fellow errant drivers of the city.
It's a 16 year old car and plus a lot of them are going for 25-30K (with about 1L+ on oddo) these days as no one is really picking them up. Browse the best selection of 2014 diecast cars from Jada Toys, DUB City, Bigtime Muscle, Road Signature, and more! Besides why dont you for a new one, the difference in EMI wont be much especially if you will be buying the used on Finance and the interest rates are higher on used cars.
The dealer (BUB, Pune) is offering Insurance + corporate discount on 2013 models with up to 45 days on waiting period. I had read somewhere that GoI had issued a circular against such charges, is it not into effect or we still have to pay irrespective of such directives? However, he is planning to keep this car for 2-3 years at least which will reduce the resale-dent quite considerably!
Search in otherused car dealers you can buy alto easily also search in internet that should help you get direct sellers. So you can as well go and talk to prospective exchange folks offer them 10K more than what they get in maruti exchange and then spend max 10k in sprucing it up. I am going to wrangle some accessories at a discount at the time of delivery since this is our 4th car purchase from this dealer.
Though, having just tested every softroader out on the market, I am not too impressed by the X1.

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