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For just €25, we’ll carry out a comprehensive pre NCT car inspection test that will identify any issues that may cause a problem during the test. We’ll then work with you on the best solution to ensure your vehicle gets through the NCT as quickly and easily as possible. Ensure your vehicle is clean inside and out, especially the under body of the car as the mechanic needs to inspect this carefully and they must be able to see clearly.
About usLT Motors provides car service to all makes and models of cars in JFK Industrial Estate, JFK Drive, off Naas Road, Bluebell, Dublin12. Sutton Cars are one of North Dublin’s leading independent used car dealers and service providers. About Sutton CarsSutton Cars are one of North Dublin’s leading independent used car dealers and service providers. When it comes to providing quality used cars for their customers, Sutton Cars' track record is unparalleled. Your car is required to be tested when it reaches 4 years old and every 2 years after that until it reaches 10 years old then it must be tested every year.
So far in 2013 only 46.2% of vehicles passed first time so get your Pre NCT test for A free.
A A vehicle that fails must have the defe cts repared and the car must pass a re-test and pay the additional retest fee before the car owner will be issued with an NCT Certificate.
Not having a valid NCT could cost the driver 5 points on their license and a court appearance. Not only do we give you the facts about the registration number we also give you the opportunity to verify the cars certificate number against the official database. Rather than carrying out potentially unnecessary work on your car in advance of the NCT, we recommend you bring your car for NCT first.

Have a quick look to make sure your side lights, head lights, indicators & fog light works correctly.
First of all, we thoroughly check your vehicle in-line with the test requirements and then we report on the condition of your vehicle. Volkswagen Ireland believe the specifications on this site to be correct at the time of publishing.
Thank you for the information.I will recommend to anyone to check with cartell first before purchasing a car.
Thank you Cartell for saving me from making a very expensive mistake on the first week of the new year. The paper also notes that while the NCT applied to cars which were more than 10 years old, classic cars registered before 1980 would not be affected by the NCT changes. You can read more about the development and statistics on the NCT Pass rates in the article. This covers your vehicles brakes, lights, tyres, exhaust emissions, steering and suspension. Don’t forget the spare tyre (which must be left loose in the boot) as this will be inspected too. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a superior service experience.The National Car Test is a compulsory test in Ireland that ensures your vehicle meets the highest standards of road safety and environmental protection. This quick check could help you to avoid buying a car with a fake NCT Certificate and save you thousands in repair bills. Should it fail, you can then bring the car into us with the NCT report and we can address the specific issues.
Often the NCT do not give a clear explanation and it is important that they explain to you exactly why you have failed.

Volkswagen Service dealers are able to offer a cost-effective pre-NCT inspection that will take away the doubt of whether your vehicle will pass or fail.
If any faults are found, we’ll provide you with a quote to rectify or carry out repairs to your vehicle. Specifications, standard equipment, options, fabrics and colours are subject to change without notice.
Clearly it is not a problem if a car is imported but if it has less on the odometer 2 years later, that is! The testing of private vehicles (including second hand imports) commenced on 4th January 2000.
With Motorcheck you can compare the NCT Certificate number from the disc diplayed on the car with the official NCT Number on file in our database. This approach is designed to avoid speculative expenditure on work that may not be necessary.
Then you can come to us with the NCT report and we will be able to address the problem for you very quickly.
And remember, any work we carry out will include a two-year parts and labour warranty – giving you the added peace-of-mind that not only will your vehicle sail through the NCT test, but it will also be repaired to the very highest standard by Volkswagen trained technicians who only use Volkswagen Genuine Parts. Some vehicles are pictured with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models.
Ask your dealer about availability of options and verify that the vehicle you ordered includes the equipment you ordered.Prices exclude delivery and related charges of €775, model shown is for illustrative purposes only.

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