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We are seeing some fantastic motoring offers for Club members but where these are for garage services, how can non member women drivers tell who the best and therefore safest garages are? Just for the record, if you are in Hove, here are SB Motors’ latest offers which all include 20% VAT of course.
If you need repairs or servicing, or an MOT for your car or motorbike, call Reading Service & MOT Centre.
Call today on 01677 450 833 and talk to Jenny Blackburn, who will provide a quick time & cost estimate and arrange collection and delivery of your Volvo vehicle, should you require it. Areas ServedLeyburn, Hackforth, Hunton, Catterick Garrison, Catterick Village, Crakehall, Aiskew, Leeming Bar, Leeming, Bedale, Thornton Watless, Snape, Masham, Spennithorne, Harmby, Redmire, Wensley, West Witton - All from our base in Finghall. This time it was my friend’s turn to drive us in her VW Polo and during the journey I noticed she had a dashboard warning light on needing attention. And certain malfunctioning dashboard lights are now a reason for failing a car at MOT time. So either way my advice is to get any potentially dangerous light looked at and switched off.
These are the lights that will be checked to make sure they are working properly, where fitted, in MOT tests this year. It’s all a bit worrying because electrics can be tricky and expensive, especially for older cars. The clutch is an essential part of your vehicle’s gearbox, in fact, it’s the very first stage of transmission. There are a series of clutch types used on cars of all makes and models, however recognising when you need a new clutch is difficult without the right knowledge.

Many of us drive our vehicles every single day so diagnosing clutch failure at an early stage could be easier than you think. You have to use all your senses to identify whether or not your vehicle needs a new clutch, and your sense of smell will certainly come in handy.
A slipping clutch is particularly common due the wear that naturally occurs between the disc and the flywheel.
A gear change should be smooth and shake-free, however, when your clutch is on the way out, the shift may not be as seamless. As your clutch slips and becomes increasingly damaged, the biting point that you have got to know may alter. Whilst many of us avoid exploring under the bonnet, if you know where to look identifying clutch damage can be relatively easy. If you notice any of these signs it’s worth calling up your nearest garage and getting your clutch checked as you may need a clutch replacement. All prices listed are RRP unless shown in orange which indicates special offers which are subject to change.
And to know that you can have it done a month earlier than its expiry date without the garage altering its 12 month validity. Another factor that matters is that they are a Unipart Car Care Centre which means a no quibble 12 month parts guarantee should any repair fail and you’re travelling the country or on holiday.
We have over 20 years' experience of providing an excellent service, and great value for money.
Please contact us and we will check with our network of manufacturers before booking your vehicle in for repair - this is often convenient for our clients.

Once your engine starts, utilising the clutch allows you to change gears to get the car moving, and whilst on the move, engaging the clutch means a pressure plate can provide the force and friction needed to connect the flywheel to the engine and the clutch plate to the transmission. Here we list five tell-tale signs that say your clutch is wearing out, giving you the time and confidence to decide what to do for the best.
When you shift gears you may notice a burning smell, which could indicate that your clutch is slipping. Difficulty changing gears tends to become more apparent when moving into or from first gear or whilst reversing.
We’re local to Waterlooville, so if your around stop by and ask one of our trained engineers to have a look. This spongy feeling may become more apparent as you let your clutch go just before the gear catches. In addition to this you may also notice a rattling sound when the clutch is not in use, with the sound increasing as the clutch engages.
We’ve acquired a second Citroen, an XM, in the meantime but goodness knows what the plan is for that other than a quirky mechanical challenge for the helpdesk team!

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