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This is a common mileage log used by many companies to track their vehicle trip or car operational expenses.
This mileage log is actually the same with other mileage log you could find in several internet sites, because it is only record the mileage and calculate the total mileage of the car within some period of time. As you can see in the picture, all you have to do just fill the white color parts and leave the blue color parts to calculate the number for you. If you are looking for an advanced version where it can be used to calculate and generate for more than 1 car in a single excel template, you might try and download a new version below.
I have an IRS audit coming up this week, and would like to use this travel log form or template.

I create this template as a basic tutorial template for my nephew who worked in General Affairs Department and wants to learn how to create template in excel that could be useful for him in his company. It can be used to record other information instead of just recording mileage distance for tax deduction only. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In US, it is usually used for calculating tax deduction where the mileage rate is the official rate publish by IRS.
You can record any daily activities of your car, for example, its expenses (service, toll, parking etc), you can monitor and assign drivers, you can monitor specific car when it has to go for a general service and many more.

The last owner owned the Lotus approximately 25 years and restored the car without considering the cost factor.
The vehicle was restored as true to the original as possible and is totally comparable to the way vehicle have been in former times– “purely manly”.

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