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This new four storied outlet is located near Hero Honda Chowk in Sector 37, Gurgaon, right next to the national capital. He believes that the market for second hand luxury cars has been growing and business shall boom even with car makers opening their own dealership to cater to old luxury car demand. Big Boy Toyz caters exclusively to cars not older than 2012 and done not more than 25,000 km. All products come with a fixed price,  carry a 15,000km warranty and one year buy back agreement. Ford Figo and Aspire Prices Reduced as Sales Drops NGT May Extend Diesel Ban to Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore Toyota Innova Crysta Petrol Launched: Price, Specifications, Details Inside GST: 3 Reasons Why the Tale Might Turn Sour! How to determine number of owners in smart card RC Folks, I bought a Honda City in Dec 2010 and sold my car to my wife before Mar 2011 in order to avail of some income tax benefit (for folks who get Form 16A). While the new RC smart card that the agent gave me, has my wife's name as the new owner, the date of vehicle registration remains in Dec 2010.
View My Garage Re: How to determine number of owners in smart card RC Atleast on the Mumbai-RTO issued Smart Card RCs, you will see an OSL No.
Re: How to determine number of owners in smart card RC These are front and back pics of my Smart Card RC issued by AP RTO (identifying details changed). Re: How to determine number of owners in smart card RC True, checked my Smart Card RC, it displays OSL No as 01. Re: How to determine number of owners in smart card RC All, thanks for sharing this information.

I have currently given the smart card RC back to the agent for correction in spelling of my wife's name on the card at the Indiranagar RTO. Re: How to determine number of owners in smart card RC Just check My Smart Card, issued by the Kolkata RTO, I'm the second owner but nothing of this sort is mentioned in the Card. Originally Posted by Neilguy These are front and back pics of my Smart Card RC issued by AP RTO (identifying details changed). Re: How to determine number of owners in smart card RC The Karnataka RTO website's Vehicle search feature displays the current Owner Serial Number. Where New Car is backed with Manufacturer Warranty, Trust, Flawless Condition and Free Services - A Used car does not necessarily hold in any of these factors.
Its best to contact direct Owner as seller, for your purchase - who can provide you History, Service Bills and documentation. We Strongly Recommended that its Not Price but Condition and Maintenance of Car to be given Utmost Consideration and Importance.
Transfer Fees : Generally its the buyer responsibility for transferring the RC and Documents in his Name - either through self or agent. The moment you look at them, a desire to own one ignites in our heart, and making this possible for enthusiasts is Big Boy Toyz, a name which has become synonymous with such cars. With a total floor area of 36,000 square feet, this new showroom can accommodate over 100 cars dwarfing their older 3,800 square feet studio in Delhi (MG Road). While Big Boy Toyz currently has an inventory of 50 cars, they plan to take it up to 110 units by the year end.

You will get in a car at the right price with all documents from the Original Owner of the car. Refer - Used Car Valuation Matrix for Indicative Assessment Value and basis car conditions - Average to Excellent - can see Owner Demand as Fair Price or with Possibility of Negotiation. Its advisable to buy a well maintained Car driven 80,000 Kms with Proper Service Records and Scheduled Maintenance Vis a Vis Car which is driven only 50,000 Kms but with Poor Maintenance and without Service History. Still - you can make it clear this point, if dealt otherwise - wherein seller will bear the cost.
To cater to the rapidly growing demand of used exotic cars in the country, the folks at Big Boy Toyz have opened a new showroom in Gurgaon. Each of these cars have gone through a strict 151 point quality checkpoint which include vehicle history, road test, insurance history, RTO check and others.
But, There is still high underlying Probability of Odometer tampering, cosmetic changes and jacking up price by substantial amount. Even, if the dealer is genuine, he will still manage to keep his cut - on both buying or selling transaction - ultimately this is his bread and butter - thus Real Price Discovery does not happen.
Do not be shy to drive more Kms or applying brakes or Taking Sharp Corner Turns- During last Leg of Test Drive (2 km) - Turn Windows Down, Check AC Cooling, Music System Head Unit, Speakers Sound Level - Check Car Features - Is AC, Blower Fan, Music System, Central Lock System, Power Window System, Lights Fog Lights, Horn etc on arrival at Starting Point.

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