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It is important to adequately prepare key areas of your vehicle before leaving for a driving trip. Check steering power steering fluid level check, Check steering including balancing alignment and tracking. How check power steering fluid add fluid, Lucky for you it takes less than five minutes to check and even fill your power steering fluid. How check power steering fluid toyota corolla ehow, How to check power steering fluid in a toyota corolla. With winter fast approaching now is a great time to start thinking about preparing your car for winter.
Antifreeze, sometimes referred to as coolant, is the liquid that runs through a cars coolant system.
It’s not uncommon for an older car to begin to leak antifreeze as hoses become brittle and crack. Colorless fluid – Antifreeze is typically died a color, if the fluid in your coolant reservoir is clear, rusty colored, or has things floating around have your coolant system flushed immediately.
Oily Fluid – If the fluid in your coolant reservoir has signs of oil or looks sludgy it could indicate a head gasket failure and requires immediate attention. After time the coolant in your vehicle may become dirty and no longer function as designed; when this happens it is time for a coolant or radiator flush. As part of your driving test you will be asked to explain how you would perform under the bonnet technical checks for oil, coolant, windscreen washer fluid and brake fluid. The photograph shows the location of brake fluid, oil dips stick, oil filler cap, engine coolant and windscreen washer. Most of these items should normally be checked visually on a weekly basis and should be built into your own weekly preventive maintenance safety routine on your car.
We all want to go faster, every one of us – even you over there, sitting at the back trying to look inconspicuous. Well, after days of office arguing we’ve come up with what we think are officially the ten best ways to make your car faster. So read on and check out the best ways, what they do, how hard they are, and what they cost. Regular servicing, including changing the various fluids and filters, is vital if you want to keep your car delivering the performance it was designed to give. Not only that, but on tuned motors it’s a good idea to take your car to a respected tuner once a year so, as well as regular servicing, they can check and adjust fuel and boost pressures, ignition timing, and if necessary, the mapping of the car’s ECU to keep the car running at peak performance. It’s not unusual for some cars to need quite large adjustments, even when they seem to be running perfectly fine. Almost all cars come with restrictive inlet and exhaust systems as standard, mainly to cut down on noise, but also to deliberately reduce power levels for economy and reliability reasons.
Because of this, it’s not uncommon to gain 5-10 percent extra power from a full exhaust system, decat pipe and induction kit on a modern car.
A performance ECU chip is also a simple mod, improving power and drivability for relatively little cash.
Nitrous is an oxygen-rich compressed gas, which, when injected into the engine with the corresponding amount of extra fuel, gives an immediate boost in power. Most standard production cars can happily withstand a 50bhp increase in power via nitrous with no ill-effects, and that’s enough to make any car a load faster. You’ve probably noticed the difference in performance of your car when you’re on your own in it and when it’s fully loaded, especially in small cars. Well, apart from not giving fat birds lifts, another good plan for more performance is to strip the car out. This is neither cheap nor easy, but increasing the capacity of your engine is always a great way to improve all-round power and torque. There is a double advantage when this is done to a turbocharged motor, because when you increase the capacity you don’t just get the aforementioned gains in power and torque, but a bigger engine means more exhaust gas too. The only disadvantage is that some stroker kits can make your safe rev limit slightly lower, but the fact the new stroker crank is often far stronger than standard means the safe rev limit can sometimes actually be higher.
Japanese cars have the most widely available stroker kits, but they are common enough for most other types of engines, and if you’re willing to pay for it, many specialist engine component manufacturers will design and build a long-stroke crank and conrod setup for your car.
On some cars it’s also possible to use the larger bottom ends from other models to increase the capacity. What better way to make your car quicker than to rip out its wheezing old lump and fit something bigger and more powerful? Some engine swaps are easy, where it’s just a drop-in replacement, but really the only limits to the swaps are your imagination and your wallet! Common transplants are VR6 and 1.8 Turbo engines into Mk2 Golfs, Zetec engines into CVH-powered Fords, S14 SR20 and Skyline engines into S13 200SXs, Mi16 and GTi-6 engines into Pug 205s, and so on.
As well as the engine you will need the wiring loom, ECU, and all that sort of thing from the donor car, and often the gearbox and other parts, too. Turbo and supercharger conversions are never cheap, but if you want the maximum amount of power possible from your engine, it’s really the only way to go. On a normally aspirated engine even 100bhp per litre is considered highly tuned, and 150bhp per litre is usually reserved for mega-budget race engines.
This is hard to imagine unless you’ve experienced it, so you will have to take our word for it, but lowering the gearing of your car (either with a close-ratio gearbox or low-ratio diffs) will drastically improve your car’s acceleration, in exchange for a lower top speed.
Often this can be achieved by swapping your gearbox or diffs with a unit from a different model from the same company, but if there are none available there are many aftermarket transmission specialists than will be happy to help you out.
Prime examples of how low gearing massively helps acceleration are Renault 5 GT Turbos, modern WRC cars, and the famous MINE’s R34 Skyline GTR demo car. Best of all, basic brake upgrades such as better discs and pads are pretty cheap, so you don’t need to break the bank to achieve some big performance gains.
The next step is some drilled or grooved standard-size discs, and again it’s quite a cheap and straightforward upgrade. Sticking with standard-width normal road tyres won’t do much good when you’ve seriously bumped up the power, so it’s time for some fat, sticky tyres. Companies such as Yokohama make specialist track tyres that give a massive amount of grip, and BF Goodrich make low-profile drag tyres that will give you immense standing start grip, though they don’t last long.
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How much fluid is required to fill the transmission as if the car was new, as this is a new transmission. In this second part of How to Buy a Used Car in Three not so Easy Steps, I will be talking about research and initial inspection. Before I get started let me just say, if you want more information, you might also look at the comments. Research: The first thing that you should do when you start thinking thta you know what car you want to buy, is to do some research.
It was obvious on the drive home that there was more wrong with it than a bad fuel pump relay.
Looking things over: The used car buyer with no mechanical experience should at least get a friend who does have mechanical experience to go along with him or her. If the car is rear or four wheel drive, put it in Park or Neutral, set the emergency brake, (don’t set the E-brake on a Land Rover, just chock it good, the E-brake drum is on the drive shaft and will inhibit checking the joints) and chock the wheels.
After spending all that time down there, you should be ready to get up and look at the engine. Take notice of the condition and brand of the spark plug wires, ignition cap (if it has one), and oil filter.
Now that all that is mostly done, it’s time to move on to the test drive which will be covered in the next and last installment. It’s just the difference between a vague answer and a specific answer tha might sound bad to a buyer. As you pointed out, if the car is a POS the seller will never tell you that’s the reason for selling it. Once my next-door neighbor put a for sale sign on his pickup, a very nice looking 71 F-150, bright poppy red, V8 automatic.
The air conditioning just needs a recharge and that check engine light just needs a $5 part from NAPA. We drove it anyway and it ran great, but there was an unsettling noise from the engine, so that was that. Good check list Ive got a fairly good bullshit filter when talking to people about their cars and with carjam we can do an internet history check on the rego number. You should expect some valve noise from an older Japanese engine but none from an older American motor. That said I’ve found myself keeping a close eye on the parts used as well as the garage space of the owner. I guess if you are ever looking for a job you could add professional BS detective to your resume’. I think this is a great series, because these are all the things I do when looking at a car! I find that when the receipts folder is thin (or non-existent), sometimes just finding out where the car was maintained can net you a lot of info.
Ha, I was looking into buying an E320 wagon of that era but got the Volvo because of cheaper insurance and parts.
As a seller of quite a few nice used vehicles over the years, I will only approve limited checking of the engine.
When I buy used, for compression I check for blowby, and check for a smooth idle and exhaust flow. I have bought and sold many cars in my time and when it comes to selling this is the MOST annoying question I have fielded and it happens alot!

Having just sold my truck on Craigslist, I can’t tell you how many emails I received asking that exact same question. I finally got to the point of politely but firmly suggesting that it is foolish to even make an offer on something which one hasn’t even seen yet . And since his block and heads may have been replaced during the original rebuild, there is no easy way to tell if it will require the 3mm, 4mm, or 5mm thick intake gaskets during reassembly . Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. Low air pressure may lead to a blowout from extra friction on highways and can decrease fuel economy too. Check the fluids like coolant and engine oil in your car on a regular basis to prevent such problems. This Global Positioning System has to capability to show and guide you to get to any destination in your mind.
You must also replace bulbs and fuse if it needs to be changed to avoid accident and problems while driving. If you hear unusual noises or feel the shakes in the gauges, take the car to your trusted professional service centre for a complete diagnosis of your car.
The Chevrolet brand was introduced in India in 2003 and is now one of the fastest-growing automotive nameplates in the country. One of the most important things you can check before the temperatures drop is your car’s antifreeze.
The antifreeze liquid must resist boiling under very high temperature situations in the engine as well as resist freezing in cold weather situations.
Running low on coolant can cause serious damage to any engine, so be sure to check your coolant fluid level every so often.
There is no set schedule for a coolant flush, so check the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle to see what the manufacturer recommends. In the past we have seen gains of nearly 30bhp, just from a dyno operator adjusting the ignition timing to its optimum. Filter and exhaust combos don’t cost a fortune either, so should be the first performance mods you buy. Remember the gas doesn’t last long, so you’ll need to pay for re-fills – approx ?55 for an 11lb bottle.
Things such as seats, interior trim, ICE, sound deadening, the spare wheel and air conditioning systems all weigh a hell of a lot. Once you want to spend some money you can replace your standard seats with lightweight fibreglass or carbon fibre buckets, glass windows with Perspex, and steel panels with fibreglass or carbon ones. This is done by totally rebuilding the engine with a new longer-stroke crankshaft to increase the swept capacity of the engine.
This means your turbo will spin up much sooner, and also enables you to run a much bigger turbo than you could on the smaller engine, but without giving any more lag.
Examples of this are the Zetec bottom end that RS Turbos often use, 2ltr bottom ends on Mk2 Golf GTis, and RB30 bottom ends on Skylines.
It’s not the most straightforward mod in the world, but can totally transform your car and can even work out cheaper than tuning your existing engine. Well, the best way to get more in there is to force it in under pressure with a bloody great fan! But in turbo engines, 100bhp per litre is considered ordinary, and upwards of 250bhp per litre is possible from the majority of engines. If your brakes are pants then you’ll be off the accelerator and jumping on the stoppers far earlier than you would with a good brake setup, and over a long stretch of road or track this will make you significantly slower overall. The most basic mod would involve some uprated brake pads; this can be a great upgrade and often only costs about 50 quid.
If you want a serious brake setup then many companies can do you a big brake conversion that consists of massive discs and equally huge calipers, giving unbeatable stopping power. Uprated fluid, brake lines and braces to keep the master cylinder steady are also important and fairly cheap upgrades that can be done. You might have 300bhp, but when a standard car leaves you for dead as your car just sits there in a cloud of wheelspin, it’s pretty pointless isn’t it?! There’s a huge range available, and not only will the extra grip help your acceleration, it will improve your cornering speeds, and reduce braking distances too.
In my last post the comments were so helpful and informative that I think I probably could have just published them instead! But every now and then you can find what you are looking for just driving around town with a sign in the window.  If you just want a reliable car, you might also try asking your friends if they know of one for sale. If they say two months or two days, a good explanation is required and it probably won’t be good enough.
If they want to meet you or want to meet in a neutral location, gently nudge them into meeting at their place. If so, jump forward several years: once I was more knowledgeable about fixing cars, I was more apt to buy projects. With the ignition turned on, but the car not running, have your friend turn the steering wheel back and forth until it gets hard. Im more interested in how often those orange filters get changed( I use em)and the general maintenance records my current car had a local service history that proved the vendor to be a.stupid, b. If you know where a car was registered for part of its life (especially early on), you can call around to the dealers in the area and see if it’s ever been in for service. Had a ’73 220D a while back that was a fun little car, but it was a $400 basket case.
That’s because without having seen the car, you have no business discussing the price at all. You must check the pressure marked on the drivera€™s side door to know the adequate tire pressure. Also keep a check on the brake pads and rotors and replace them if they need to be changed.
Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design and high quality. Think for a moment about the way a traditional combustion engine works, small explosions propel engine components at thousands of rotations per minute.
Additionally, antifreeze must lubricate the various components that it comes in contact with and prevent corrosion. Every car will vary, but in most cases it is pretty easy to find a car’s coolant reservoir inside the engine bay. With cold temperatures approaching you don’t want to find out the antifreeze in your vehicle is bad the expensive way.
You will not have to physically perform these technical checks just show the location of each safety reservoir cap and describe how you would check the fluid level for each. Consult your vehicles manual or ask your ADI to locate the necessary items listed below for your driving test.
Get to know them; do not leave it to your next car service as serious damage can occur to your engine if some levels are too low.
With them removed you’ll not only have faster acceleration, but also better braking and handling, too.
If you’ve got good anchors you can stay on the gas until the last minute, maximizing acceleration time and minimizing braking time, improving your average speed and making you faster in the long run. Nonetheless, in order to get such great commentary, I must first write some stuff, so here it goes. The power of acquaintanceship may get you a lower price and a more complete history of the car. Start by looking up minivans in Craigslist or it’s equivalent to get a good idea of what you need to spend and what year model is in your price range. This can be rather telling, no one will ever tell you it’s because the car is crap and they want something better. If they tell you how they never registered it blah blah blah, just move on, that’s not the kind of car you want unless you just want a real beater and are willing to take a big risk. Some people are pretty worried about getting scammed and such and don’t want people to know where they live, so this is understandable. Does it hop up and down, or do the blow-by gases lift it off the neck entirely?  It shouldn’t do much hopping at all. One day I saw an advertisement for a 1978 VW Rabbit in the newspaper (remember those days?), non-running, for sixty dollars. A peek down the spark plug hole found no hole in the piston, so off came the cylinder head. Some slight white-ish residue is a sign the the car may not have been driven much in the last few months; might be a good thing, might not. They often have no drain back valve which means in many cars, whenever you start it up, it will be starting with no oil at all in the upper end!
Usually if the tires are worn down, it means that at some point they gave up on caring about the car and just started driving until it either broke or they decided to sell it to you. I’ve gotten lucky there (Olds Intrigue, one owner, great car) and not so lucky (VW Passat, oil sludge problem).
Second owner (and an enthusiast), had it seven years, Mobil 1 oil changes, lots of OEM parts. On my last car I was told where it was serviced and a call to the shop netted me almost all of the service records.
The parts aren’t too dear if you look around, I picked up everything I need for the head gasket and cooling system from ECS Tuning and Pelican parts for a reasonable price.
It is important to check the pressure of all four tires and also be sure to keep a spare tire with its air pressure up-to-date.

Use high-quality oils to protect the life of your engine and to remove the additional stress on your motor. The Chevrolet portfolio in India includes the Spark, Beat, SAIL Hatchback, SAIL Sedan, Cruze, Tavera, Enjoy and Captiva.
When locating y our transmission fluid dipstick, what I like to do is take a look about the center of my engine, look straight down and again, here we have a couple of different dipsticks. All of these explosions and all of the friction from movement in the engine creates extreme amounts of heat. Even though coolant systems in cars are often referred to as “water” cooled, water simply is not up to the task of cooling an engine. Once located, take a quick look to see if the coolant in the reservoir is at the “full” line. If the coolant in your car freezes it can cause serious engine damage requiring costly repairs. Please make sure you can open and close the bonnet confidently as this gives a first good impression.
But it’s better to see the car in its home to get a better sense of who this person is and where they come from.
It should just sit there and vibrate with the engine and it certainly shouldn’t be blown up and off by the gasses. Ask the owners about what they have been doing with the car the last few months and see if the story fits the evidence.
If the oil filter is orange (not gonna name brands here), or if it is a really cheap generic brand, beware. To combat this heat, modern engines typically utilize a “water” cooling system where plumbing is run through the engine and radiator. If you can’t remember the last time you had a coolant flush, your best bet is to have one done before winter. Now that you have an idea of what year range you can afford, look up all the perspective vans on the EPA website and compare them to get an idea of perspective fuel efficiency. Once again this can help you to gauge honesty which is really what we are trying to do here. That’s because without having seen the car, you have no business discussing the price at all. Especially with a diesel, and here is why; diesel engines are not very fun to check the compression or the glow plug system on, and the tools are expensive.
If the car started OK, was cold when you did it, and the weather was below sixty degrees, but the cap bounces around a little it might be OK if you are not paying too much. Luckily, it somehow had manged to break off and be spit out without scoring the cylinder wall. On an older car there may be a little bit of oil on the bottom of the oil pan and bell housing, that’s to be expected.
After all, how do you know it was not severely over heated and the cylinder walls are all scored up and the rings are ready to seize in their lands, or that the last oil went for 30,000 miles and that they just had it changed and now all the bearing shells are toast? Now, this is an almost universal problem for that era of MB sixes, so it’s something that will have to be dealt with eventually, though I wish a previous owner would have been the one to do it.
When checking your transmission fluid, what I will typically do is I will pull it out once, wipe the dipstick off, push it back, pull it out and take a look at it. The key chemical used in antifreeze is ethylene glycol; this chemical reduces the freezing point of water while also raising the boiling point. Before adding coolant be sure that the engine is fully cooled, adding coolant to a hot engine could cause damage.
Check out the Fisher Service specials page for discounts and keep your car running reliably.
Next look up the ones you are interested in on Edmunds and similar websites and look at owners reviews of the car.  Once you realize that the one you thought was coolest is a nighmare to own, do a simple Google search on the ones that people gave better reviews to. On the other hand, if it was hard to start but it shows no signs of significant blow-by, it may be a problem with the glow plugs. Bill ended up having to plug the block heater in anywhere he wanted to park for more than fifteen minutes.
So the cylinder head went to the machine shop to have the valve replaced and I bought a gasket set, timing belt,  some oil, and coolant.  After it was all together it ran well.
But there should not be any drips at all, nor should there be evidence of long term leakage, such as fine oil spray covering the transmission pan and rear end. Little things like that, along with the brands of parts and tires really make or break a deal for me. But the car was clean and otherwise well-maintained, most of the other known flaws already addressed, and the price reflected the work needed. That’s the basic explanation anyway, to learn more about how “water” cooled systems work check out this How Stuff Works page. There are many different antifreeze formulas available, make sure the antifreeze you will withstand the cold Colorado winters.
If you notice that the coolant reservoir is frequently under-filled, it’s time to bring your car in for a repair. If it’s close to your price range, save the discussion for an in-person chat when you will have looked at the car and perhaps have some leverage based on your examination.
The car has to be stone cold, not plugged into a block heater, unless it’s winter in Minnesota.
If you are still interested, you could look up how to check them with an VOHM meter on the internet. The car had very low compression and that meant it needed lots of expensive work; lesson learned.
Being that it was a ’78, it it had the 1.6 liter engine, fuel injection, and was made in Germany, not Pennsylvania, so I was already interested. If it’s a car that has CV joints, check for tears in the outer and inner boots and look for signs that the grease has escaped. Look for swelling near the ends of the hoses and feel them to see if they are getting soft due to electrolysis. While the correct spark plug wires for a Toyota are Toyota, the best ones for a Land Rover are not Land Rover (STI, or Magnacore are considered best). It says add and it is pointing to a line and then there is a cross-hatch pattern with another line that says full. Do some research online, if they are, then perhaps the owner is just an honest person who wants everything up front. If you really want to get fancy, you can even get an idea of compression with a volt meter, but that’s going further than we need go here. Are there slightly lower or higher spots, or places where the paint is more orange-peel-like than others? On a carbureted or throttle body injected car, remove the air filter and look down the throttle bore. Now go over to the front tires and begin pushing and pulling on the top of the tire from side to side (not round and round the way a tire rolls). Transmission fluid is typically red so I follow my red fluid up and it shows that it is touching the full line so my transmission fluid is okay.
Once I finally spoke to the owner she told me it had started running very badly and then one day would not start at all. Those might be signs of previous damage.  If you are very worried about hidden repairs on the body, you can buy a special magnetic tool to detect body filler and thin metal. If the oil is new and clear, it might be OK or it might be because there was a problem to hide. I asked her if she would be unhappy if I got it running right after I paid her the sixty dollars. Now open the doors and get down and look at the underside of the door itself, that’s a good place for rust to get started. A person who buys a Toyota for it’s great reliability and then puts the cheapest generic parts on it really makes no sense at all. Now check the coolant; some cars have a coolant reservoir with a pressure cap and no radiator cap. Also if you can find a forum devoted to that particular model look in the tech section, especially at the stickys on the top of the page. If you can eventually get it started (never, ever, use starting fluid and if the owner does, walk away), then let it run and go and lift up the hood.
That could be a sign of using crummy oil filters with no anti-drain back valve or that it needs a valve adjustment if it’s an older car. You spend a few hundred in parts and hour after hour of labor rebuilding an engine and you don’t even buy a oil filler cap? This sort of research should dissuade you from from buying a Eurovan with an automatic transmission, or Land Rover that just needs a head gasket, or anything that needs a new timing belt! With the assistance of a flashlight, take a good look at the underside of the floors, any rusty or patched spots? Try to turn the wheel like the car was going to make a turn, but pull back and forth on the tire (don’t roll it).
So I looked under the dash and found the fuel pump relay (learned this on the VW bus), I pulled it out and jumped a wire across the only terminals that form a T. It should not be too hot, so stick your finger down in there and pull it out and wipe it off on a white rag.

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