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From this week, motorists who have more than Dhs5,000 in outstanding fines on their cars will be hunted down and have their vehicles impounded.
Colonel Jamal Al Banai, deputy director of the traffic department at Dubai Police, said that patrols have been ordered to be on the lookout vehicles with unpaid fines attached.
The plate numbers of all cars with outstanding fines of more than Dhs5,000 will be added into a database that officers will be able to check. The move comes following a decree last month by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, as police aim to get fines paid on time. He said police will notify car owners with large outstanding fines and if the vehicle is spotted on the roads it will be seized until the fine is paid. He said that the officers may not be able to stop a car in question for fear of causing a traffic jam so a fine will be sent electronically to the driver. If you do not pay or finalise your penalty notice by the due date, we will send you a penalty reminder notice giving you a further 28 days to pay or finalise the fine. If you do not pay or finalise the fine by the due date on the penalty reminder notice, we will begin enforcement action by issuing an enforcement order. A sprinkler system sprays water onto a parked car along the curb in Glendale, Calif., Wednesday, July 9, 2014.
California authorities voted Tuesday to put unprecedented, across-the-board emergency regulations in place that will levy fines for wasteful behavior. What is now a three-year drought has taken a serious toll on Central Valley farmers, who have been forced to leave thousands of acres dormant and lay off thousands of employees.

At a Tuesday hearing, individuals from around the state spoke before a Board meeting in Sacramento. The use of software that blocks ads limits our ability to provide you with the journalism you enjoy. Consider turning your Ad Blocker off so that we can continue to provide the world class journalism you have become accustomed to. It provides for recording, the date, driver’s name, names of employees accompanying the driver, vehicle registration number, trailer registration number, kilometre reading at start and end of duty, distance covered, place started and ended duty, time started and ended work, hours at normal time, overtime hours, as well as the amount of fuel and oil taken on.
Each book has 31 sets of duplicate A5 forms (one for each day of the month) with a perforated tear-out original and a fixed copy.
I tried to create something different each year but the problem was, having stickers on your car is illegal in Kuwait and I received a lot of fines so I decided to end my decal spree.
The enforcement order will have an additional $65 fee applied and if the enforcement order remains unpaid by the due date, further costs may be added. Activities like using a hose to wash a car without a shut-off nozzle or using drinkable water in certain decorative water features will be banned, while infractions will carry fines of up to $500. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in January, marking what may become the state’s worst drought in centuries. Such rural residents, Marcus says, have already been strictly rationing water, and now it’s time for those who live in cities to step up.
1, also prohibit watering outdoor landscapes generously enough to create runoff onto surfaces like sidewalks or roadways, as well as using water to clean residential driveways or walkways.

The state’s Office of Administrative Law still has to approve the package of rules, which is expected in the next two weeks. Monitor fuel usage, distances travelled, driver’s hours and performance, vehicle roadworthiness, and record who drove what, where and when. The log also allows for up to 17 drops or collections to be recorded alongside odometer readings, customer names, consignment numbers, times arrived and departed, etc. All the driver needs to do is simply tick off each item, indicating whatever needs attention. They place restrictions on urban water suppliers, limiting outdoor irrigation and requiring progress reports. After hours of testimony, most seeking clarity about how exceptions might work and how to enforce the regulations, the Board voted 4-0 to approve the measure. According to the Board, 50% or more of daily water use goes into lawns and landscapes in some areas of the state.

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