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There are a lot of fault codes that indicate to Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ transmission malfunctions and limp mode. It is possible to fix the gear shifter, but you would need hard-to-get microchips and it can break again soon due to oxidation. This fault is very common, it means that transmission solenoids are not getting enough power. Your Jeep Grand Cherokee's transmission can go into limp mode if you are using a weak battery.
There are some sensors in this plate and if your vehicle is showing the codes P0715 and P0720, this is most likely your problem. One reason can be broken cable fastening - the cable has moved from its correct position and rubs against other parts. If you can check your engine fault codes then you can do this - delete all faults from engine, then start your car and turn steering wheel to left and right. You should also look at this place when you have some other incomprehensible electrical issue and you can not find reason for it. P0700 is also transmission electrical fault, but it is related with transmission solenoids and if you have this code instead of P0702, then you should look at solenoids, TCM or wiring between them. If there is no yellow position lights on shifter, then in most cases shifter board is broken. Your Jeep Grand Cherokee can also go to the limp mode due to ABS control unit located in engine bay.
We will be happy to help you in identifying the errors, however, for this we need to know all the engine and TCM fault codes readed by proper diagnostics device. When the TCM determines there is a non-recoverable condition present that will not allow proper transmission operation, it will place the transmission in permanent limp-in mode.
This mode is the same as the permanent limp-in mode except if the condition is no longer present the system will resume normal operation.
When the TCM detects that system voltage has dropped below 8.5 volts it will disable voltage dependant diagnostics and place the transmission in the temporary limp-in mode. When the TCM detects a major internal error the transmission will be placed in the permanent limp-in mode and cease all communication over the CAN bus. If the TCM detects a situation that has resulted or may result in a catastrophic engine or transmission failure, the transmission will be placed in the neutral position. When a failure condition does not require the TCM to shut down the solenoid supply, but the failure is of a degree where the TCM will place the transmission into a predefined gear, there will be several shift performance issues. For failures detected by the Transmission Controller that result in the controller placing the transmission into a limp-in mode, except for System Overvoltage and System Undervoltage DTCs, the MIL will be illuminated. Note: The MIL will light when the problem is first detected and it will not go off until the next ignition cycle, after all problem conditions have been checked for their presence.

Here is listed transmission fault codes for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ with short fault explanations of possible causes.
P0700Check Transmission DTC'sThis code indicates that the EATX (Transmission controller) has an active fault and has illuminated the MIL via a BUS message. P0702Transmission Control System ElectricalThis is the general fault code that shows gearbox electrical fault and is stored in engine ECU. P0703Brake Switch Stuck Pressed or ReleasedIncorrect input state detected in the brake switch circuit. P0711Transmission Temperature Sensor No Temperature Rise After StartRelationship between the transmission temperature and overdrive operation and or TCC operation indicates a failure of the Transmission Temperature Sensor - OBDII Rationality.
P0712Transmission Temperature Sensor Voltage Too LowTransmission fluid temperature sensor input below acceptable voltage. P0713Transmission Temperature Sensor Voltage Too HighTransmission fluid temperature sensor input above acceptable voltage. P0713Transmission Temperature Sensor Voltage Too HighVoltage greater than 3.76 volts (4-speed auto.
P0720Low Output SPD Sensor RPM Above 15 MPHThe relationship between the Output Shaft Speed Sensor and vehicle speed is not within acceptable limits. P0720Low Output SPD Sensor RPM Above 15 MPHOutput shaft speed is less than 60 rpm with vehicle speed above 15 mph (4-speed auto. P0756AW4 Shift Sol B (2-3) Functional FailureShift solenoid B (2-3) functional fault - Asian transmission. P0801Reverse Gear Lockout Circuit Open or ShortAn open or shorted condition detected in the transmission reverse gear lock-out solenoid control circuit. P0833Clutch Upstop Switch PerformanceRationality error detected for clutch upstop switch performance. VW, VOLKSWAGEN, GHIA and BEETLE are Registered Trademarks of Volkswagen Werk AG and Volkswagen of North America. Once oily, the plugs have bad electrical connection and transmission goes into limp mode and starts showing fault codes. Check in engine bay under the battery if the steering shaft frictions the cables coming from Engine Control Module. If power is cut somewhere, then TCM may not have fault codes since TCM does not get +12V and is switched off. When the condition occurs the TCM will turn off all solenoids as well as the solenoid supply output circuit. When the TCM senses that the voltage has risen above 9.0 volts, normal transmission operation will be resumed. Once the TCM has entered this mode normal transmission operation will not resume until all DTC’s are cleared from the TCM.

Improper Ratio, Input Sensor Overspeed, or Engine Overspeed DTC’s will cause the loss of drive. Examples of this are, with the transmission slipping the controller will attempt to place the transmission into third gear and maintain third gear for all forward drive conditions. Others help us give you a better experience by giving us insight into how the site is being used, but will only be set if you consent. Addition to those mentioned, also P1242, P2210 and P2212 may occur due to data communication errors which result from broken Jeep gear shifter (mostly), Transmission Control Module (TCM) or wiring between Engine Control Unit (ECU) and TCM. About gearbox plug adapter you can look at tip 4.  If adapter is fine, then your car has a weak battery and you need to change it.
If the limp mode is caused by bad battery then you can upgrade the Transmission Control Module software at your dealer. If this occurs while the vehicle is moving, the transmission will remain in the current gear until the ignition is turned off or shifter is placed in the P position.
Another example is some of the CAN bus message issues if the TCM does not receive required information from the Engine Controller, then default values are used which may result in poor transmission shift performance. When transmission is in limp mode the relay that provides power to the solenoid group is switched off. This upgrade won't make your battery better, but does not allow TCM to go into limp mode cause of undervoltage.
You need to check if the fastening of the bundle of cables is intact and that they have not been rubbing against the steering shaft.
If you get +12V from those plug pins with ignition on, then fuses and wiring are fine and shifter board is broken.
Upgrading software does not make your battery new, it just does not let your car to go into limp mode for this fault.
Also check if the cables are fine - with time the isolation can crack and cables can go to short circuit.
As there is lot of cables in this place, then can be different fault codes - data bus, sensors, power etc.
If there is not +12V, then you should look at fuse F12 on top of driver legs and wiring between fuse box and shifter board. If the problem occurs while the vehicle is not moving the transmission will only allow 2nd gear operation.

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