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If you are a volunteer driver of a passenger service, you might need to have a passenger (P) endorsement on your driver licence.
If you are a volunteer driver of a passenger service that is not an exempt service, you are required to have a P endorsement.
If you use your own vehicle for volunteer work (whether you carry passengers or not), it would be wise to check your insurance policy carefully.
The Driver Licensing Rule exempts certain drivers from holding a P endorsement in some situations, including volunteer drivers who drive a motor vehicle to assist an incorporated charitable organisation or a hospital, regardless of the size of the vehicle used.
Drivers may still need to hold a Class 2 driver licence and to comply with driving hours and logbooks requirements, depending on the size of the vehicle being driven.
Note that if the organisation you are driving for uses vehicles with more than 12 seats, the organisation will need to have a passenger service licence. The Operator Licensing Rule applies to the person (individual, partnership or company) who 'carries on' a transport service.
If an employed driver is using a work vehicle in their employer's transport service, the employer needs a transport service licence. If a driver is a self-employed owner-driver, the driver needs to hold a transport service licence. A key factor in determining if a passenger service licence is required is the number of passengers the vehicle can carry.

If the vehicle has seats for 12 or fewer people, then the owner or operator only needs a passenger service licence if the passengers are carried for hire or reward. Drivers of vehicles used in an exempt passenger service don't require a P endorsement and vehicles used only require a warrant of fitness (not a certificate of fitness). Section 12 of the Operator Licensing Rule contains the full list of exempt passenger services.
Tags: Auto Power-off, Battery Operated, CAS, Counting Function, Dual Range, LCD, Portable, Trade Approved. CAS SW-1C Digital Weighing Scale with Counting function is suited for multipurpose environments. If you would like to become a CAS dealer then please don't hesitate to contact a CAS representative directly. This rule flies in the face of what most Kiwis have learned for years, however it may feel more familiar for people from overseas where this rule is more common.
A catchy rhyme has helped most New Zealanders adjust to this new rule quite smoothly – if you are coming into a T-intersection (also known as a three-way intersection) from the bottom of the T, you must give way to turning traffic at the top of the T (or the continuing road), particularly those coming from the left and turning right across your intended path. Although many people initially complained about the impending changes, these rules now keep us in line with overseas standards and make turning at intersections safer.
If you don't, it could matter if you have a crash – the insurance company might decline your claim.

If the vehicle seats more than 12 people (including the driver), the owner or operator must have a passenger service licence.
Larger, heavier vehicles have more propensity to cause damage, so it’s essential to be responsible. At intersections all traffic turning right must give way to vehicles coming the other way and turning left. So far there has been no increase in accidents at intersections, signalling that Kiwis are handling the change well. You could also be held criminally liable if you didn't have the required passenger service licence or endorsement.
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The rule applies at T-intersections, cross roads and driveways where both vehicles are facing each other with either the same signs or signals or no signs or signals.

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