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While over 68 countries have a reciprocal no visa agreement with Brazil, residents of others such as Australia, Canada and the United States are required to obtain a visa for entrance into the country.
Any person needing to travel through Brazil en-route to their final destination country must apply for a transit visa. Those in possession of UN travel documents entering Brazil in an official or diplomatic capacity should apply for this visa. Specific visa types may require additional information such as a work certificate on company letterhead that has been signed and stamped by the company president or a university or college certificate for those applying for student type visas.
Brazil has several different categories of visas that are required depending on the purpose of your visit.
This includes those vacationing in Brazil or anyone visiting friends and relatives in the country.

The individual must prove the ability to transfer a minimum of 6,000 Brazilian Reais to Brazil for visa issuance. This visa also applies to the same group of individuals offering scientific and technological assistance to Brazilian institutions. Passports must have a minimum of two blank pages, and all previously used pages must be copied and presented at the time of your application. Once the visa has been authorized, the actual round-trip ticket and an additional copy of it must be presented. For those needing to travel sooner, same day visas may be obtained in any location with the exception of Beirut.
Fees may vary depending on your country of origin and reciprocity agreements that may be in effect, so it is a good idea to check the above mentioned website for updated information. A transit visa is not required for those making connecting flights or some other travel layover in Brazil, but the travelers are required to remain in close proximity to the transportation center being used. If more than two dependents are involved, a minimum of 2000 additional Reais for each additional dependent must be transferred.

The Consular Authority in Brazil reserves the right to request additional documentation at any time. Also included in this category is any individual who is going to Brazil to participate in an athletic event or artistic competition.
Technicians receiving training on equipment manufactured in Brazil, exchange students, amateur athletes and those seeking medical treatment in Brazil should also apply for this type of visa.
Please note that no one applying for a tourist visa can accept payment of any kind for services rendered or contests won.

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