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The MOT status and history checker that can be found here is fairly self explanatory, and can be used to check that an MOT certificate for a vehicle is genuine.  The date of the last test, the mileage on the vehicle at the time of the test, and the expiry date of the test are all provided, allowing you to confirm that the MOT certificate presented by the seller is above board. You can also check the details of every MOT test carried out on the vehicle since 2005 (when the system was computerised).  Full test details can sometimes uncover mechanical issues as they developed over time, whlle checking the mileage at each MOT can help you make sure that the vehicle has not been clocked. A vehicle history check also identifies cars that have been reported as stolen ? which remain the legal property of the original owner ? as well as those that have been insurance write offs, which may therefore be unsafe to drive. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
The MoT ensures that your vehicle meets the minimum legal safety level and therefore it is very important to ensure that a vehicle is compliant if you are considering making a purchase. It has been estimated by VOSA that during 2007 857,000 vehicles in the UK were MOT Non-Compliant and in 2008 677,000 vehicles in the UK were MOT Non-Compliant.
We would like to acknowledge that MOT information is sourced from the DirectGov website as maintained by VOSA (An Executive Agency of the Department of Transport in the UK) and is being re-used in this report under Crown Copyright rules.
In 2005 the MOT Scheme was computerised and recently it has been made available online by VOSA.
This Audi is a great looking car and is a total one-off car in Factory Red, you just don't see these for sale and when they do pop up they are gone before you know it.
It has been looked after in the past as the service book all up to date and the car itself is in good condition inside and out. It was the previous owners pride and joy which shows as it has been well looked after and the service book is all up to date. Sweet 2 Eat BakingA UK baking blog featuring cakes, cupcakes, cookies, desserts & more!
All had been fine, but trying to register the vehicle in his name with the DVLA had proved somewhat difficult.
The officer himself said that the criminals are so good at faking the documents that he himself had been in the same situation a few years back.

They’ve taken the van and all the documents away for further inspection and will be running fingerprint tests on everything.
What’s worse is that we’re still paying for the van as we took out a loan to purchase it, and for what? I hate posting anything negative, but sometimes life hands us lemons, and in our case blooming catering sized crates of lemons.
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If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. We can also provide you with the full MOT history (where available) but please be aware of the limitations as outlined below. Without a current MOT certificate, it’s illegal to drive your vehicle or renew your road fund license. Vehicles between 3-4 years old were found to be the most Non-Compliant whereas vehicles 12 years old or greater were found to be the second most Non-Compliant. Do you ever feel like sometimes you’re cursed because it just seems it’s one thing after another?

They asked for the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) twice, then asked us to send photos in of the VIN number.
If they can fool a traffic police officer that checks these cars and vans on a daily basis, what hope do we have?! I remember heading to the deli each week with my well earned paper-round wages and indulging in a sticky-fingered iced bun. Stir with your hands or use a dough hook on low, then add the remaining water to form a dough and knead in the bowl for around 4 minutes.
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And now the MOT testing system has been computerised, police and mobile camera units can check remotely whether your vehicle has a current MOT or not.
However, please note that the VOSA database on MOT only contains details on vehicles MOT’ed after 2005 andwill not contained details of vehicles tested at a centre not connected to the central computer system. Please note that the VOSA database on MOT information only contains details on vehicles MOT’ed after 2005 and will not contained details of vehicles tested at a centre not connected to the central computer system.
Soon after, a mobile police vehicle ID van turned up, and it turns out that the van we paid around ?5,000 (around $10,000) had been previously stolen then sold onto us. Enjoy this deliciously fluffy iced sweet bread on its own, or fill with whipped cream and jam.

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