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The offer to first lien holder is written where the details of the financial company are mentioned and it is addressed to them. In it, the buyer states that the property will be purchased for the sum which is mentioned and this amount is lesser than the mortgage value which is currently held. It also states the net amount which will be given to the financial company and all the costs will be borne by the purchaser with regards to the closing. It also states that as the purchaser needs to order the funding, the details including the acceptance is needed in writing or a faxed version is acceptable as well. Lastly this gives details of the loan raised and the borrower’s name as well as the property address. The property supports a purchase price of $84,500 and this is less than the current mortgage balance.

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In it, the buyer of the property informs that they have a contract to purchase the property and they are buying the property with cash and therefore they post the approval from the finance company intend to schedule the closing. The reason for the short sale is due to the fact there are one or several of the below mentioned factors such as termites which have caused extensive damage, damage to the roof, structural damage, repairs which exceed a certain amount, the house is not fully air-conditioned or that there are leaks or there are plumbing concerns.
It also states that the property will be purchased in an as-is condition and there will be no contingencies and no compensation is to be received by the seller. We intend to do this with cash, and would like to schedule a closing pending your acceptance. We will pay all closing costs, purchase the property “As-Is” where is with no contingencies, and the sellers are to receive NO COMPENSATION from the sale!

Players can now reacquire the vehicle for free along with its mods till the next title update so act fast. Pick up the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special now for the main meat of the content though. Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use.

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