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Originally Posted by Unfettered The experts can not reliably predict ALL the factors in every crash. Originally Posted by unicknn ok people on 355nation know more about crash testing and safety then professionals that crash and study cars for a living. My point and the OP's point is We'd much rater be in ANY type of accident in anything other than a smart car.
Yes Nick has a point they do have to pass crash test standerds to be sold in the United States but I don't want to be in one in even a fender bender.

Originally Posted by Lone Star Blaze true Forrest, but they have to put their own twisted spin on the subject matter. ARLINGTON, VA – The Nissan Frontier has the strongest roof and the Chevrolet Colorado the weakest among 5 small pickup trucks, all 2010 models, that recently were tested for rollover protection by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. My truck against a semi or train is useless, but I would have an advantage over the smaller, lower vehicle. Plus the dummy’s head came close to moving around the curtain airbag during the impact by the intruding barrier.

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