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Thousands of flooded vehicles will be pulled out of the water after Superstorm Sandy, most of which will likely be declared flood-damaged.
Checking for water damage is an important part of buying a used car or while evaluating collision damages, as it can be difficult to tell if a vehicle has water damage as a result of an accident, heavy rainfall or a natural event.

Thank you Cartell for saving me from making a very expensive mistake on the first week of the new year. Clearly it is not a problem if a car is imported but if it has less on the odometer 2 years later, that is! Just enter in your work address and we will show you how long it takes to get there on every property you look at.

As was the case with previous storms like Hurricane Katrina, there’s a chance that some of these used cars could be transported out of the region and across the border to Canada, where potential buyers might not know to check for or ask about a flood status.

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