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The "M" appellation appears in the Infiniti car lineup to denote three mid-size car models from the luxury car unit of Nissan Motors. The M30, which was sold only in the US, was introduced in 1990 and was basically a Nissan Leopard refurbished with left-hand drive and more luxury features.
The Mini Cooper is another one among the many cars models from the Mini brand under the car giant BMW Group. The Ford Excursion enjoyed its reign as Ford Motor’s largest SUV for five years – from 2000 to 2005.
The Ford Excursion model was discontinued in 2005 to make way for a new version of the Expedition, which has extended its length. Due to GM's bankruptcy filed in early 2009, all Pontiac lines, including the G8 will be discontinued by 2010.

Toyota Motors has presented one of the best cars in the history of car models since the 1980s in the form of the Toyota Supra. The Toyota Supra has undergone huge changes since its inauguration in the late part of 1979.
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This rear-wheel drive sedan was released for the 2008 model year and filled the gap that the Pontiac Bonneville (discontinued in 2005) and the Grand Prix (discontinued in 2008) left in the Pontiac lineup. All of these models have the “inline” six cylinder engines, tracing its roots back to the Toyota 2000GT engine. The latest generation or the fourth generation model featured a well rounded body style and two engines.

Together with the Toyota Logo, the Toyota Supra has its very own logo until the year 1991 when Toyota introduced its current oval shaped company logo. This model has ceased any form of sale in the United States as of the year 1999 and the Toyota Company officially stopped its production in 2002.
The second was the twin turbo-charged 2JZ-GTE that can make a tremendous amount of 280 horsepower that largely surpasses the first engine.

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