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In the world of $20,000 3D printers like the most recent professional desktop printer from Objet and the $1,700+ MakerBot Replicator, is there an alternative?
There is also a wiki with various recommendations on electronics to use, as well as detailed specs and CAD files pertaining to the platform.
Right now there are over 120 ORD BOT users, and you can get your own over at Inventables if they get enough pre-orders for another batch by May 31st. The Audi R8 has a racing pedigree, being the sports car that was developed from the successful racer Audi Le Mans quattro concept car.
The car’s fundamental construction revolves around an aluminum monocoque built around a space frame pioneered by Audi.
Inspection, nonetheless, is faster with 95 lasers inspecting the entire car in only 5 seconds to check if over 220 measurements fall within 0.1 mm of the design. SK Pang Electronics sell a wide range of gadgets and components, so when the Raspberry Pi got delivered they didn’t hang about experimenting with it. All components, including the Raspberry Pi, were mounted on a laser cut, transparent base with a specially cut hole acting as a handle for carrying the unit around. To overcome the problem SK Pang had to do some rewiring as the display required 12v, but the power pack only offers 5v. The other mod that had to be carried out was splitting the cable to the pack, thus allowing a second connector to be added for the Raspberry Pi board.
Adding a battery pack to the Raspberry Pi makes a lot of sense, and I’ve suggested as much to at least one case manufacturer.

Another project I’d like to see is someone ripping the guts out of an old laptop and fitting a Raspberry Pi inside instead. Discovered at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012: the ORD BOT, a 3D printer that is cheaper, faster, and smaller than the competition.
However, unlike the MakerBot, the ORD BOT can only print using one color at a time (for now, anyway). The platform will cost you $290 for the smallest one, called the Quantum, and $400 for the Hadron–the platform plus necessary electronics is still several hundreds dollars cheaper than other commercial 3D printers out there. The Audi R8 is hand-assembled by around 70 workers who work with some 5,000 parts, resulting in a daily output of just eight to 15 cars.
So it isn’t too surprising to see one hooked up to a battery and display in a makeshift portable workstation.
What they have done is combine a mini wireless keyboard typically used with a smartphone, a USB power pack, and an small LCD monitor usually found in the backseat of a car.
The difficult bit was figuring out how to power both the display and the Raspberry Pi from the single USB power pack. The 5v regulator was bypassed, but that can cause issues as the voltage protection is removed and the display could get damaged if not handled correctly. It means one less able to plug in, and with the amount of power the Pi draws, you could run it on a smartphone battery for quite I while I’d imagine.
The end result should look like a typical laptop without anyone being able to tell there’s a $25 PC running inside.

Anyone able to tell me the screen used though, wouldn’t mind a screen like that for another project.
But what it lacks in color it gains in speed: Its print speeds exceed 400mm per second and can reach up to a whopping 1 meter per second. And it looks the part.Scion FRS 2014 SpecsSimple surfaces and classic proportions give the outline of the FRS.
The ORD BOT comes with two different print areas with the largest, called the Hadron, being about 200 square milimeters.
Detail work at the nose includes a wide grille opening, sharply angled vents in the lower fascia, and smooth curves that flow into the hood and fenders.The fenders themselves are slightly flared, and also bulge upward from the hood line.
A simple side profile sees the roof sweep up and dive down again in a graceful arc, meeting the rear fenders and stubby tail.The cabin of the Scion FRS 2014 follows this sports-first, minimalist aesthetic, using carbon-look accents and durable plastics molded in flowing, simple lines. The engine doesn’t develop much torque at all, especially low in the rev range, with most of the power living toward the top of the 7,400-rpm tachometer.With 200hp, the manual-transmission Scion FRS rates 22 mpg city and 30 mpg highway for 25 mpg combined.
With the automatic transmission those figures move considerably to 25 mpg city, 34 mpg highway, and 28 mpg combined–much more on the target you’d expect for the FRS.Scion FRS 2014 Price and Release DateToyota has been cautious about pricing the Scion FRS 2014  so far, offering no factory options besides an automatic transmission, and the company is worried that a $30,000 price tag on a Scion would be a nonstarter with dealers. The earliest we could see a convertible debut is a year from now, but a debut in late 2013 or early 2014 is more likely.

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