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Corsa utility green colour sport pack,18inch rims, bullbars chrome finish, vehicle has no parking space in my yard hence am selling it.
The average mileage of Corsa is 143A 858,578ml, whilst the most common years of registration for Opel Corsa Sport Midrand for sale are 2006, 2009 and 2008.The average price in Midrand for your Corsa query is R 59A 985,29.
I agree with VGTI - On a 6R polo the Cross Polo Rims would go well with the car, OEM and all.Having said that, the CX-R rims are hot. Volk Racing CE28N The Volk CE28N is a high-end lightweight, one piece forged (monoblock) aluminum wheel that will give your car a true race-like look while helping to reduce your unsprung mass.
With a difference of R 57A 000 between the cheapest and the most expensive vehicle available.

The BBS CX-R's will look more aggressive but too really bring the wheel to life some body work would do justice like that in the link, nothing RICE. The strength and lightness of the Volk TE37 is legendary, and had been assimilated into the specifications of the new Volk Racing RE30. The Volk CE28N 10 spoke design comes in three finishes including: Titanium Silver, Mercury Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Formula Silver.
Please check our application guide or call one of our Volk Racing fitment experts at Wheelstudio today for your best fitment options. The GT line of wheels are all 2 piece designs, with a forged center piece that can come in a myriad of colors on a beautifully polished barrel and lip that will set your car apart from all others.

Volk Racing wheels are in such demand, there can be as much as a three to six month waiting period for them.

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