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It’s a relatively new science in the car insurance world, but works on a number of different metrics which let the insurance company see whether you are a safe driver or not – which will then let them offer you a lower annual rate.
This then lets them track your driving behavior, and if you are conforming to their rules regarding safe driving then your insurance premiums and costs will be downgraded.  Of course, if you drive outside of the agreed hours then it’s likely that you will actually have to pay more – so you need to decide if this would really work for you. GPS tracking-based insurance is a good option for younger drivers.  Whilst they might baulk at the idea that they cannot drive at night time, this is probably countered by the fact that they can reduce their car insurance payments which are typically very expensive for young and first-time drivers. Expect to see this kind of insurance deal being offered more and more in the future.  With the price of GPS technology rapidly falling, as well as the devices getting a lot smaller, it’s something that more car insurance companies will soon start to adopt. Tim Robson road tests and reviews the VW Golf GTI Performance with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.The seventh generation Golf has been with us since 2012, and has spawned a pretty wide range of models since.

You can option up your base GTI with enough parts to make it look like a Performance, but you'll miss out on the key elements that set it apart.The GTI Performance's diff and bigger brakes are well worth the extra $3500 outlay, given that an aftermarket LSD is at least $2500 on its own before fitting – and it won't be as good as this one. If you want to save money then ask your insurer if this is something that they currently offer.
Lately, it's been the turn of the most sporting of all the Golfs to go through a bit of a purple patch when it comes to limited editions and special versions.The GTI Performance falls between the base GTI and the range-topping R, both in power output and price.
The 19-inch rims are a nice bonus as well.As with the regular issue GTI, the Performance is a civil, compliant, well appointed hatchback that's got a bit of a naughty side to it.
A manual option might have been nice, but it's definitely not a deal breaker.Is the GTI Performance the Golf you'd pick?

That brings larger front rotors, vented rears and red-painted calipers.The main option is the Driver Assistance Package, which adds adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitor with rear traffic alert, city emergency braking and park assist, along with active occupant safety (pre-tensioning belts and door locking).

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