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Bologna is home to the world's oldest university, the University of Bologna founded in 1088.
It's the second richest city in Italy in terms of GDP and ranks in the top five in terms of quality of life. Bologna is a vibrant and cultural city of Italy and has a big student population which as in any town always provides an energetic and thriving nightlife scene. There are numerous clubs in Bologna offering all types of music eras back to the days of punk and rock and 1970's disco fever. There are several cinemas and a theatre and opera called the Teatro Communale which is where for the first time in Italy, Wagner was heard. The city is linked to Milan, Rome and Bologna by the A1 and also has a train station with frequent services to Rome, Milan and Bologna. Bologna is the place where Spaghetti Bolognese originated from and red Lambrusco and Sauvignon Blanc are produced from the grapes from the nearby hills. The area called Via Rizzoli is where you will find an abundance of trattorias, cafes, restaurants and take away foods. We are confident that our prices are the best available, however if you find a better price, we’ll beat it - try us here!
We don’t charge credit card fees when renting with us, the price we quote is the price you pay at the checkout. USE OF MAPS: All original maps on this site may be reproduced on other web sites without modification, provided a link to this website is show alongside each map. British holidaymakers find Costa Blanca appealing because of the favourable weather conditions and the assortment of activities the place has on offer.

Many couples and families spend their holidays in Costa Blanca-->holidays in Costa Blanca as well as young groups of people. On your holiday in Costa Blanca, you'll be fully occupied by the many activities on offer enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.
Another reason that makes Costa Blanca a perfect holiday destination is the ideal weather condition best for year round activities. The city is accredited with having the finest cuisine in Italy which surely says something! These take in the porticos that the city is known for as well as quieter back streets where few people venture.
It has history and culture by the bucket load; from the oldest university in the world to the remains of its Roman past when it was a huge city by the standards of those days having over 30,000 inhabitants. Spanish cuisine is the most popular but you can also find other cuisines like Chinese, Indian and British. However, if you want to enjoy most of your holidays to Costa Blanca, try visiting the place in July and August.
We're not travel agents, so we don't add anything on to the prices you see, meaning you get a comprehensive holiday price comparison at no cost to you - great! Click on any of the images to enlarge and browse through the rest by clicking on the left and right buttons on the top side of the pictures.
There are plenty of shopping choices available with all the main large Italian stores being present along with both flea markets and antique markets. I'm am now on newsletter list and looking forward to next discount, one in time for Christmas would be great!
It's also admired because of the beaches that feature golden sand and stunning blue seas, some of which have been awarded the European Blue Flag because of their cleanliness.

To ensure a most memorable holiday, unmissable activities include water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, parascending, scuba diving, snorkelling and sailing.
However, if you're not keen on splashing around in the water, you can try your hand at a round of golf on the many courses located in the area.
Many people that have holidays in Costa Blanca enjoy the exceptional nightlife that offers live entertainment, karaoke, cocktails and live music from various clubs and bars. Therefore, before deciding to spend your holiday in Costa Blanca, you should know first the best time to go there. Costa Blanca holidays are best for those who seek a peaceful and tranquil holiday destination. The hotels offer all-inclusive packages that will enable you to save some money to spend on your travels. Costa Blanca is very accessible, with many modes of transport enabling you to reach different the beautiful resorts that make up this region.
Costa Blanca is also home to it's own theme parks, including a safari park and a water park too! Costa Blanca offers plenty of activities for children by visiting the Aqualandia, Terra Mitica and Mundomar. Aside from the beaches and dining places, you can also enjoy shopping for any items such as designer clothing, electronic goods, jewellery, small crafts and souvenir items. Be sure to visit these parks to ensure your holiday to Costa Blanca will be one to remember!

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