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America’s Exceptional Era began after the end of WW2, and 1972 was its last full year.
Without rehashing the obvious, the Exceptional Era earned its name because Americans’ incomes and purchasing power were growing exceptionally fast, as were its cars. The 1971 Eldorado, as the standard bearer for the whole ’71 GM line, was living proof that the end was nigh. The bulging hips with that vertical vertical transition trim, the horizontal line emanating from the front wheel, the humped rear deck lid, etc.. The Eldorado coupes of this vintage have just never been able to step out of the hole of their own making for me.
And I’ve harbored a similar grudge against the convertible, by association and because most of them seem to be the later ones with the dreadful bumpers. So here I am, confronted with a car that’s been the object of my derision for so long, and what happens? From the right angles, this car is still a lot more crisp and edgy than the bloated bulge-mobiles of my mind. The Eldo’s interior obviously shows effects of the twin evils of safety regs and bean counting.
I once momentarily had an ambition to be a Professor of Half-Vinyl Roofs and Roofing Materials. I did an entire dissertation on Medici velour and a term paper on the differences between Valino and Tuxedo grain vinyl tops. American excellence at the top began June 6, 1944 (to me), definitely by August 6th & 8th, 1945, and ended in September, 1972 with the introduction of the GM Colonnades and the beginning of the disappearance of the pillarless hardtop in mid- and larger cars.
Regarding the fixed rear windows, I’m sure that costs were a factor, but the thinking was also that buyers should spring for air conditioning.
It’s not especially about the disappearance of the pillarless hardtops I harp on, but the fixed windows. When I was 10, our neighbor directly across the street bought exactly this same color Eldorado coupe for his then wife.
A few well-chosen parts would wake up that 500 and make it walk while still keeping it it whisper quiet. Are you sure the driver doesn’t constantly bitch about the Dukes to his sheriff-crony? Only thing this cadillac needs engine-wise is a rebuild to take it back to 10:1 compression to take it back to the 400 gross hp and 500 torques. In convertible mode, I like this Eldo, however my kudos will remain with the 48 to 53 models and especially the convertibles of that era. Paul, you make a good case for this beautiful Caddy convertible being the poster child for the end of a fantastic era. I always wonder why the generations up to and including mine all had some unique culture — music, clothes, etc.

Like the music today either sounds like Grand Master Flash from the late ’70s or psychedelic rock or Stevie Wonder on a disco beat. Then again on the other hand, youth without a prominent rebellion was perfectly normal before the industrial revolution. I was just a kid – 10 in 1975, but I remember the sense of scarcity and limits, against which you had cars like this.
But in later years, I see that these cars (in their original design) are sort of the end of the line for the classic GM longer-lower-wider school of design.
The guys at Lincoln caught the beginning of the next wave about this time, and the Marks always outsold the Eldos. I would agree that 1970s Lincolns look and feel more substantial than comparable Cadillacs. Even if the hardware on a 1970s Cadillac is unique to the marque (and I don’t believe that all of it is, aside from the steering wheel), it is still not superior to what one finds in a contemporary Lincoln (or, apparently, a contemporary Ford).
A friend has a mint-condition Diamond Jubilee Lincoln Mark V, and I would take it over a contemporary Eldorado any day. Cars had superior radios when long distance AM reception far from cities was important, and cars put out lots of ignition noise.
The length and proliferation of antennae was directly proportional to the reception provided. All the better if they were over six feet long and in parallel at a 60 degree angle protruding from the rear fenders.
You might find it hard to believe but just because you are low on budget does not mean that you cannot afford a new car.
The used vehicles are always offered without discounted prices in order to encourage the customers and buyers. Today, it is not possible to meet with the fast moving life without having a fast moving vehicle. If you need a safe family car, it should have come with dual airbags or other safety features. This information is usually updated on yearly basis so people can have updated version every year. The OPEC-induced energy crisis of 1973 was the catalyst that ended it, although that probably gives it too much credit, It was inevitable anyway.
Hardly like the rather brilliant knife-edged 1967, but not without enough interest to keep me walking around and looking longer than I’d have expected.
I would and will never buy one again until the fixed windows go away, which means I buy either a convertible or a sedan. As someone who grew up in the 1970s, I remember that having an air-conditioned car was still a big deal and a sign of status.
We wanted to pull up to the school or local shopping mart and have everyone see us get out of an air-conditioned car. But since the ’80s everything is just recycled endlessly, with nothing new happening.
In many ways they didn’t get the kind of opportunities or variety of choices many of us were able to access. Certainly when I left home at 16 without any familial support it was a big deal, but $100 studio apartments and minimum wage made it possible.
Though I have had some financial help from my folks, but I have pondered buying an RV to live in to save on rent and commuting costs.
I also rather listen to stuff like Deep Purple, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and Blue Grass than pop. Disco era was the start of the downfall in music, and early 80’s MTV era music was, for the most part , pretty weak.
I had a 77 New Yorker Brougham, which was really a 75 Imperial without the rear disc brakes. To get into one and ride around in it will remove any good feelings that you may have over these. All classic cars are basically valuable and have high price, but that also depends on the condition of the cars and the maintenance.

If they want to spend a bit money, they can have the guide book and list sent to their homes. Most of all the Eldorado, which had a decidedly retro quality to it, invoking Cadillac styling cues twenty years earlier. This is a 1972, the last year before whatever originality it had was badly marred by the five mph cow catcher bumpers that appeared the following year.
But then it was a rather exceptionally hot day; one whose effect could well work either way. If I remember correctly (and I may not) they left enough growth potential to eventually take it to 600 cubes. I saw the air force changing, it was not the same service I joined in 1969 and by early 1973, it was the perfect time to get out when my four years were up in September, 1973. I am nearly 25 by the way and going to school to get a good paying job so I do not get stuck in constant poverty or lower middle class like so many of the people who live where I moved from. And my parents’ car had the optional power antenna, not the antenna embedded in the windshield that was the standard set-up for most GM cars during these years.
Classic Car Value Guide markets are always crowded and full of buying and selling transaction. Quitting while at the top may sound noble, but who really pulls that off, at least in modern history? I was twenty three, and the guys wailing and clamoring over them wore white belts and matching shoes.
It was a painful era; shag carpeting, heavy dark furniture, harvest gold appliances, and doo-hickies like these everywhere. Within a few years after the 500 CID (8.2 L) versian arrived in 1970, it would start shrinking, going down to 425 cubes (1978), and then quickly all the way to 368 cubic inches in 1980. It comes down to sensible, practical design and utility and passenger-friendliness, simple as that, and I make no apologies for my stand on this. But there are important things to consider before buying a used car, so you can get the best one for yourself.
If it will be your main vehicle and be driven wherever you go, we recommend that you choose a car with low mileage. That’s why there’s the so called classic car price guide that provides information to the buyers and sellers.
The 500 twisted plenty of torque to give an adequate facsimile of performance to its target demographic. Another important thing to consider before buying a used car is beware of low mileage numbers.
But inevitably it came, one year after this Eldorado was built, and America’s never been quite the same since. Buyers bid up the prices to ridiculous levels, only to see their investments wiped out, especially when Cadillac started offering convertibles again a few years later. It’s basically as it is; a guide so the price can actually be higher or lower than what’s written in the guide.
So if you are offered a car that looks old but with low mileage, you have to be more cautious with it. Well, such a good condition rarely happen because people usually use their cars up to certain miles before thinking of replacing them. If the car is being maintained well and the owner has regular care and treatment, the price may be higher than the guide.
If you notice certain cars driven on the highway a lot, it means many people like those cars. After all, the car is in perfect shape so the buyers should be willing to spend more money.
On the contrary, when the car is in poor condition, of course the price may be lower than what’s written in the guide.

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