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Because of its nature as a free, easy to use classified ad site, many people post their cars for sale on craigslist first before trying a fee-based site. As you can see, there are more than a few options available online for finding a cheap used car. This shouldn't completely replace a trip or two to local dealers to browse their selection, but it will enhance the efficiency of your used car search greatly. There are thousands of listings available that are easily searchable, allowing you to locate the vehicle that fits what you are looking for, and has the potential for a low selling price. It is a huge classified-ads style website, broken down into individual sites for large US cities or regions.

Their search engine will sort vehicles by year, make, model, price, and location, making it easy to narrow down your search to a few likely vehicles.
This means that once you find the vehicle you would like to buy, you must place a bid on it. Unlike CarsDirect or eBay though, the listings are not arranged in an as easy to search manner.
This, along with the sheer number of vehicles listed will aid in your search for a cheap used car. You can combine these sites, along with many others to find a vehicle that is right for you at the right price.

With the vast database of used car listings, you are bound to find a car that fits your needs, wants and budget. However, you must pay close attention as the bid goes on, as there are likely other people interested who will try to outbid you. Despite this, craigslist is one of the best sites on the Internet to find great cheap used car deals.

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