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Tesla Motors has a new model pending, the Tesla Model E, according to a trademark application filed earlier this month.
Model E due around 2015When the Department of Energy set up loans to Tesla in 2009 – loans, not Detroit-style bailouts – Tesla talked about producing a range of electric vehicles: urban delivery vans, convertible or roadster (similar to the first Tesla, the Roadster of 2008-2012), minivans, and a smaller EV-sized like a BMW 3 Series, Acura TL, or Chevrolet Cruz.
Tesla needs a mass market car to growIn a market rebounding to 16 million sales this year, there are still only a couple hundred thousand high-end premium cars sold with list prices at or above what Tesla charges. A 12 year old could make it in the ev business if he got 35,000 in taxpayer money for every 100,000 car sold, like elon does in his political donor kickback company. If Tesla is really clearing $35,000 profit per car then I am going to guest that they can trim enough of their cars to get one in at $30,000, I expect E will be sold in several class, 100 miles, 200 miles and the 300 miles versions, I expect 300 miles will sale for a maximum of $30,000, after tax deductible is included. Exactly how long will the laptop lithium ion batteries last until they swell up out of their casing, whats a used car worth that costs 1,000 $ a tire, to replace, requiring a battery no longer made ? I bought an apple laptop in 2009, last year I had to replace the battery, the apple agent said it was normal, that its lithium look up the Lithium coefficient of expansion. Most things manufactured are designed engineered and manufactured by teams of manufacturing personnel, Theoretical physics bachlor degrees are not even hired by actual engineering desingn, manufacturing, marketing companies companies .
Elon MUsk is a political donor kickback bankruptcy artist trained in toronto the bankruptcy expert training grounds.
To discover the real value of things I often search EBAY, where I found 3 Teslas for sale, before I stopped searching there were no bids at any price for new or used teslas. The Roadster batteries which are inferior to the modified Model S cells have ALREADY lasted 5 years from 2008 to now.
Your off the wall, wacko opinions show the world that you’re a racist, ignorant bigot who makes up their mind without hearing the whole story or any of the facts. Warranties are as good as the company who write them….his can you honor a warranty if you are no longer in the business ? I can’t afford one for a couple years anyway, so that gives me time to watch the company and see whether it thrives or withers. You wont find second hand Teslas for bargain prices, in fact they’re so in demand that second hand prices come close to or even higher than retail price.
3 months later, giving Leon’s PR Stuntsters like yourself time to show more lies on the internet about the political kickback recipient bankruptcy expert elon as an entrepreneur when he is a thief. Some Chinese guy spent $400,000+ to get a Model S shipped to China before they were introduced there because he couldn’t wait.
Tesla’s hold their value very well with all of the original 2008 Roadsters retaining more than 50% of their purchase price. But unlike the bike in the movies, this Batpod is sized for the man’s 10 and 12-year-old boys to enjoy. Check out the videos to see the bike in action along with some kids that aren’t big on safety gear other than a helmet.

Most believe this will be the downsized, economy Tesla with a price in the neighborhood of $30,000.
Just for accuracy, it’s the Mercedes Benz B Class that has the Tesla drive train in it. It’s also far easier (and more effective) to scrub the emissions from a single powerplant that to install systems on every single car produced. Is that some sort of threat from an internet psychiatrist, it is you the elon musk political donor recipient using our working class taxpayer money to fund his eventual failed ventures, reading what you write, totally absent of premise I am thinking the little boys in white coats have already taken you away.
The model S and the signature model S were different cars – signature is just their high end spec version. I particularly like the gadgets that he had to play with in the Dark Knight trilogy like the Batpod and Tumbler. It would seat four or five with the same comfort you’d expect in an economy car — pretty good if the economy car is a Honda Civic, snug in back if it’s a Ford Focus. But I would say that even $10k for battery pack of $30k EV is not a deal breaker – no expansive engine or transmission required etc. Even if EVs are 100% coal-powered, the total pollution output is still less than an ICE-age car’s.
Many EV owners have put solar panels on their roof making their cars completely zero emissions. The Model S batteries are expected to last just as long, if not slightly longer than the Roadster batteries due to the improvements to the cells and the battery management system.
Do some real research instead of reading junk written by crazy, racist, ignorant, anti-EV people.
The cheapest used Tesla Model S I could find in my cursory search was a tad over $70,000 for a 2012 model. Right now, $30,000 gets you a comparatively spartan EV from other automakers and the assumption is Tesla wouldn’t hurt its brand with a cheap interior.The Model E would most likely be an electric vehicle only. Multi-car families might find it could be the second or third car, so long as there’s one big SUV or sedan for long trips. Then there’s the fact that the US only produces 39% of its power from coal, which means EVs are FAR cleaner than gas vehicles. Also, most EVs are charged up at night using energy that’s normally wasted, meaning their net effect is zero.
This is obviously conjecture at this point, but Tesla is one of the few car makers that gets a lot of things right, so I can’t imagine them screwing this up.
Tesla’s plans in the past included small combustion engine range extenders as on the Chevrolet Volt but no such cars were built and Tesla’s current plans are for EVs only. It’s in the trademark office category of “Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water,” but we’ll assume this not a competitor to Terrafugia and the Model E will remain earthbound.

Instead, Tesla is working on better batteries, quicker charging, replaceable batteries, and more charging stations.Tesla has the look of a winner (no missteps so far)Some automakers’ EV sales have stalled, others have done well, and Tesla has done well in virtually every aspect. You can’t grow market share with cars that cost more than $65,000 entry point of the highly rated Tesla Model S.Tesla currently has a model lineup one car deep, the Model S, a five-door hatchback with a starting price twice that of the average car sold in the US.
In California, the Tesla Model S outsells every model from Porsche and Jaguar (also Lincoln, Land Rover and Volvo), with 4,714 Teslas registered there in the first half of 2013.
The Model S got the highest possible ranking on the US crash tests and Tesla, not content with that, issued a press release that its interpretation makes Tesla safer than the other top scorers. A second model is announced: The Tesla Model X crossover with three rows of seats and room for up to seven passengers. Tesla also got the highest rating in a Consumer Reports road test and won a host of car of the year awards, including from Extreme Tech.Tesla sees itself as much a tech company as it is a car company with production facilities in the old GM-Toyota NUMMI plant in Fremont, California. Price isn’t announced but expectations are that it will fall into the realm of the Model S. USA Today notes Wall Street values Tesla more than Google based on revenue: $20 billion in valuation (market cap), or 10X expected annual sales. First production was pushed back a year and Tesla now says while we’ll see some Model X’s in 2014, volume production won’t happen until 2015. Tesla said the push-back was to insure Tesla will be able to produce 20,000 Model Ses in 2013 and to underscore Tesla’s commitment to profitability.
In other words, when you say Tesla, investors see sizzle as well as steak.Tech has been good to Tesla’s bottom line in ways beyond creating desirable cars. It has worked with Mercedes-Benz (A-Class EV), Smart Fortwo (EV), Toyota (RAV4 EV), Freightliner (Custom Chassis Electric Van). Because it sells only zero-emission cars, Tesla banks environmental credits it can sell to other automakers. Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times says Tesla profits by as much as $35,000 for every Model S sold.Tesla has suffered just one recall of about 1,000 cars for a weak rear seat latch. It also got into a public feud early this year with The New York Times over whether reviewer John Broder followed Tesla’s review procedures and kept proper notes. Times public editor Margaret Sullivan concluded there were “problems with precision and judgment but not integrity” on the writer’s part.

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