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A proportional brake controller senses when and how your tow vehicle brakes by means of an accelerometer or an internal inertia-based sensor.
A time-delayed brake controller applies your trailer's brakes when the brake pedal in your tow vehicle is engaged. A time-delayed brake controller doesn't rely on sensing the braking motions of the tow vehicle.
Most time-delayed brake controllers can allow the brakes to pulse on and off when the hazard flashers are activated and the brake controller is set aggressively. Braking performance: Time-delayed controls always send the same braking power to the trailer brakes.

Otherwise, you will need to run a wire from the brake connector location, underneath the vehicle, through the firewall, then to the desired brake control mounting location.
Ground (usually white): This wire is connected from the brake controller to any reliable ground location. Brake switch (usually red): This wire can be found at the switch at the top of the brake pedal. If a custom wiring adapter is not available for your vehicle, then you'll have to install the brake controller with a universal wiring harness. Note: Vehicle manufacturers change wiring configurations regularly, so use a circuit tester to verify all connections.

Some vehicles with factory tow packages already have a wire for this connection, and it would run from under the dash to the rear of the vehicle.

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