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Vehicle identification numbers (VINs) help combat fraud and are the main way we identify vehicles for registration and other processes. Some vehicles already have VINs assigned and attached overseas before they get to New Zealand.
A person must not remove, erase, alter, deface, obscure, destroy or obliterate a VIN or chassis number. The easiest way to identify the year, make and model of your car is to read off the registration ticket, located at the left bottom of the front windscreen of the car. The right and left sides of the car are determined from the point of view of being seated inside the car, facing towards the front of the car. The chassis number, also known as the frame number, is written on the factory chassis tag of the car. The next step is to measure the pitch circle diameter (PCD), which refers to the diameter of an imaginary circle drawn through the centers of the bolts. In the case where your wheel has a 5-bolt pattern, measure the distance from the back of one bolt hole to the center of the second bolt hole, as shown in the diagram. When purchasing mag wheels, the stud pattern, rim size, rim width, offset, and center bore specifications are important to ensuring proper wheel fitment for your car. The stud pattern of a wheel will have to be measured manually and the stud pattern of the wheel must match the stud pattern of the car.

The center bore (also known as the hub diameter) is the diameter of the center hole on the face of the mag wheel, expressed in millimetres (mm). Some aftermarket wheel manufacturers have wheel identification stickers, located on the inside of the wheel wall, which list all the wheel specifications.
If possible, try the wheels on your car before purchasing to ensure the wheels fit nearly on your car (brake clearance and no guard rub).
Tyre manufacturers emboss the size of the tyre on the side walls of the tyre, this is usually a series of numbers accompied with a few alphabetical letters.
The first three numerical characters correspond to the width of the tyre, followed by two numerical characters which correspond to the profile (also known as height) of the tyre.
As from July 2012, the Japanese Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport introduced new documentation for used vehicles exported from Japan. CBA-ABCD03 is the industry model code and 0001 is the variant number (both circled in red).
1HZ is the engine model code and 4530kg is the gross vehicle mass in kg (both in double green circles). The following example is a translation of the completion inspection certificate above that includes a type designation number (type approval number).
If you are having problems locating factory chassis tag, the chassis number is also written on the top of the front strut towers or on the fire wall.

If it is not possible to identify the lens number of the light due to the damage, the light on the opposite side should have an identical lens number. In the case where your wheel has an even number of bolts, measure the distance from the center of one bolt to the center of the opposite bolt.
If the center bore is smaller than the size of the axle, the mag wheel will not fit properly. A type designation number has four or five digits, and is also referred to as a type approval number. The lens number is often found embossed on the lens of the light, however, there are examples where it is embossed on the housing.
The easiest way to determine how many wires your door mirror has is to remove it from the car body and count the number of wires attached to the electrical plug.
The offset of a wheel (often written as ET) is the distance from the plane of the hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel. However, if that is not possible, the number of wires can be determined by the features the door mirror has, such as electrical retract ability and mirror heating.

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