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The AAN engine manual and Bentley both say that the engine serial number is located at the back of the block, exhaust side.
Here is a photo of a 3B head, showing the number stamped into the rear of the head, exhaust side, near cylinder 5, as per the AAN diagram. Using that diagram, I was able to find my engine number on the head (still haven't found the one on the block). No,the only differences were the options that you could order,such as CFiber or Cruise Control. Mercedes Vin Decoder Online at Website InformerMercedes Vin Decoder Online was used to find: .
How do you decode European Mercedes Benz vin numberWhy is your Mercedes GL450 horn going off all by itself? Mercedes-Benz Forum - BenzWorld Model GuideFind out where your Mercedes was made, factory name and a lot more. Free VIN number decoder for Mercedes-Benz carsCheck Mercedes-Benz VIN with decoder service, which is providing information about cars for free. What to Look For When Test Driving a Certified Pre Owned MercedesThese electronic accessories are common areas of concern with used Mercedes cars. Used Car VIN Lookup - ZimbioOne way of saving money is buying a used car instead of a brand new car. VIN Check - VIN Number Search - Free Vehicle History ReportGet a VIN check and perform a VIN number search on any used car to reveal a free vehicle history report. In 1964, Northern General caused some excitement in the bus industry by purchasing Routemaster buses for their long distance stage carriage routes. It was re-purchased by Northern in 1991 and was on-loan to Go-Ahead Northern Bus Enthusiasts’ Association (GANBEA) . In 1992, it was repainted in the present red and cream livery, and in 1994 it operated service 40R to Victoria Docks, London for the Routemaster RM40 celebrations. Thanks Trent - The mechanic said the cat insides were a little loose and it needed repalcing soon so i assume it has a Catalytic Converter. Thanks - I will try email Mercedes global - germany - I tried the Sydney Mercedes stealership a few days ago with no luck. Ivanerrol wrote:List your VIN number and DR Diesel maybe able to run a check for you.Salutte! Sorry - have been pre-occupied pulling out my wood centre console and re-gluing the top wooden piece that holds it down back on - the rest of the clips etc look in tact. The VIN will be on the firewall in front of the drivers side, the engine number at the rear of the engine as you look down to the connection with the gearbox.

It certainly is - but like you said fixable - and a lot of little things i'm sure other owners never bother to fix.Re: Wipers - thanks for the advice! FD's rarely breakdown unless you have a lot of K's up or the car has been sitting idle for a long time and gunk has built up on the inside.I would be doing all the peripherals first. CheersIt has a new dizzy cap and leads - unsure about the coil and rotor button - i'll get onto that.
I know it sounds crazy that i haven't actually measured it, but i think mine is quite good around town, but then i don't tend to tromp it too much (unlike the amg that always seems to encourage me to do so!). This way you could check to see if you have a "numbers matching" engine and head pair (if anybody cared).
Car History Report · How Our Free Vin Check is better than Free Carfax Lemon Check ? It was re-registered as EDS 508B and later given the number it now carries, PCN 762, another Gateshead registration from the same period.
They were the only company outside of London to buy the Routemasters, and these vehicles went on to serve the company well for around sixteen years. The number PCN 762 was transferred from Royal Tiger coach 7012 to  provide an authentic Gateshead registration for the vehicle.
They were fitted with Leyland 0.600 engines instead of the AEC AV590 and a standard worm and pinion rear axle to give a higher rear axle ratio for the long trunk routes for which they were purchased.
By then it had been renumbered 3083, in Northern’s fleet renumbering process of 1975. When the car was personally imported into Oz, no doubt the speedo face was changed to KM.2. BUT i am yet to find the engine number (going by car facts report) - this is on the to do list this weekend ;PYes it does have the double snorkel. True the Australian ones were the crappy 185kw version, which is why most 500 imports have more go.
I have one here right now for a rust repair and they have tons of power and to many in Germany etc these are very collectible and well worth keeping. It was sold dealer Wombwell Diesels, near Rotherham in November 1980, and on to Stevensons of Uttoxeter Ltd (Yellow Bus Service ) Spath, in  January 1981. 89 560sel euro spec - tri headers, 10,0 engineI went to the trouble or ordering a oxygen sensor for my 560 as the car is quite thirsty. Might be some other issues i guess but if it wants 98 and is not too thirsty will just leave it at that for now. As the post 1987 220kW engines were RuF engines, the Cat could have been added later, just to add a bit more confusion to the pot.Seems odd to look like it's been converted, yet it had correct headlights for RHD according to your data card!

I eye balled the unit and it looks like it has been wacked a few times underneath and it plugs into the cat.I noted there were 3 wires. I am hoping this goes some way to fixing the thirstyness of the 560 (yes thirsty even for 560 standards! The radio might just have been designed for and originally only for the US market so the name stuck. Still proving tough to nail down where it came from (sounding more and more like a UK car - RHD headlamps, additional blinkers and speedo in miles).
However they will be personal imports only in this country (usually with a few more options unavailable in Oz as well).I'm guess the carsales info only takes Aus delivered cars into account so I wouldn't take that as gospel. The only other thing is to get onto your local MB dealer and see if they can attain the vehicle data card (if you don't already have it in the back of the service book).
I have repaired the wooden part on the glovebox (wooden blocks at the back had come unglued).
Engine mounts that need replacing are contributing to this though and are on the list of to-do's. She also barks a bit out of the exhaust when you back of the accelerator and let her revs pull her down to a slower speed.
The rear footrests weren't nailed down and there would be no obvious signs if they were removed. I am not too worried about the $$ re: fuels consumption - more so just want her running properly.
The car's a few years old now so no doubt they've been left somewhere.So, I'd be inclined to think it is Japanese if it has Japanese writing all over it, which also means it was built as RHD. Check to see if they are one solid log, or if they are separate pipes that join together further down the exhaust system.
Can take pics if you like.I'm a little stumped as to where to go next and dont trust places like midas to advise me. I'm getting the interior all back up to spec before tackling the outside which has a few scuffs hear and there plus trying to source some new rims (no luck today).

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