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The new, track-oriented 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 appears ready to take a serious run at our Best Driver’s Car title.
The test covers everything from the exhaust port back and all the emissions systems in between.
Some people have made a big flap over the check-in procedures at the test centers, calling them over the top or that they make you feel like a criminal. ASE’s testing contractor, Prometric testing centers, performs testing for a number of vocations that make life and death decisions.
Once you’ve been checked in, the administrator will walk you into a room with up to 30 people taking tests. The testing program is easy to navigate and displays the remaining time you have to complete the tests. My tactic was to answer all the questions quickly and flag questions I was not sure about or the wording was tricky. While the price for the tests may seem expensive at first, the certifications are good for five years. These pages were created to highlight the fascinating possibilities of gryo-stabilized vehicles. If you have a site or page that deals with this topic and would like a link here, let me know.
Air injection systems: Know how check valves and reed valves work on aspirated systems and how a malfunctioning valve can change exhaust temperatures and emissions.
Acetylene torches: Make sure you are adjusting the regulator and valves in the right sequence and following all recommended procedures.

Turbochargers: Know how the lubrication systems work and how to prime a newly installed unit. Oxygen sensors: Learn about converter efficiency and how the emission monitors trip an efficiency code.
EGR valves: To pass this test you have to understand the drivability characteristics of an open, partially open or inoperative EGR valve. For any undercar shop that specializes in brake, chassis or exhaust work, having a specialist on staff should be a great selling point with customers.
I had to place my belongings in a locker, turn my pockets out and had a metal detector waved over my body.
ASE test takers are treated no different than people taking civil service, medical or CPA exams.
Below is a short review of the testing experience for those who are getting ready to certify or recertify. You will sit in a cubical with a computer and scratch paper and they will provide you with headphones to help block out the noise. No one was going to stop me from working on cars if it expired, or take the old certificate off the wall. As the car is lapping the track, the voiceover goes into the details on the 911 GT3, like its track-optimized seven-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission, and its 3.8-liter 468-hp and 324 lb-ft of torque F-6, which redlines at a sky-high 9000 rpm. The video then goes into detail on its sport exhaust system, direct injection, and more.The second video gives us a look at the minor interior changes Porsche made in turning the 911 Carrera S into the 911 GT3.
Some of the questions will give scenarios where one of the reed or poppit valves are stuck either open or closed.

Talking with some technicians, experiences can vary according to the attitude of the person conducting the check-in procedures.
The video touts the GT3’s instrument panel-mounted display, and the 911’s optional Sport Chrono pack, which is able to store and (in combination with the PCM infotainment system) export lap times to be analyzed later.
Younger technicians who have only worked on fuel injection systems may find the questions confusing. The video also shows off the new 911 GT3’s standard SportDesign suede-wrapped steering wheel, and new paddle shifters, which have a 50-percent shorter throw than compared to the 911 Carrera.Porsche has also confirmed to Car magazine that the 911 GT3 RS will arrive in 2014.
The typical question will give you scenarios where the vacuum hose has come off the valve, or the bi-metal spring is no longer working. Like the 2014 GT3, the RS model will retain the PDK transmission, since having a manual would require different suspension set-ups, and Porsche Motorsport doesn’t have the resources to develop both versions.
The 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 already makes more horsepower and torque than the outgoing GT3 RS, but falls just short in horsepower and torque of the low-volume 2012 GT3 RS 4.0 model. To distinguish the GT3 RS from the regular GT3 model, look to the wing: the report suggests the RS model’s wing will be even more extreme than before. A titanium exhaust system will also make its way to the next GT3 RS, which is expected to arrive in the first half of 2014.

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