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On our wedding anniversary (hooray!!) we opted to surprise each other with separate activities. The castle museum itself didn’t actually have a lot to offer, but the audiovisual work that had been done was excellent and we learned a lot of history.
We had planned to stay for dinner, but since it was only 6pm, dinner would start until at least 10pm, and we were gross from the heat of the day, we opted for a siesta at home and tapas in Murcia.
Cartagena is only 45 minutes from us, and I can’t wait to go back and walk the city more just to be in what feels like a new and old uniquely Spanish city.
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Murcia, if you have not visited the region of Murcia in Spain it is time you took a good look at what you are missing out on.
Lets take a look at some of the Murcia attractions and you will soon see that it is no wonder Paramount a Los Angeles based company chose Murcia for it’s first European Theme Park.
The Mar Menor, one of Europes best watersport playgrounds, a thin strip of land dividing the little sea, (Mar Menor) and the Mediterranean. Sierra Espuna, situated in the very centre of the region of Murcia, with more than 25,000 hectares, forming part of the Andalusian ranges and stretching between Mula and the Guadalentin valley. Condado De Alhama, sits conveniently in the middle of all this, only 20 minutes from the beach, 20 minutes from the mountains and 20 minutes from the city. The season is long in Murcia otherwise known as the Costa Calida which means the warm coast and has been recommended by the world health organization as one of the healthiest place to live in Europe. So before you book your holiday this year, take a look at Murcia, and at Condado De Alhama Golf Resort. This entry was posted on Monday, January 24th, 2011 at 20:45 and is filed under Murcia Regional News.

Jon took us to the lovely Calblanque beach down the coast of Mar Menor and I had opted to have us go kayaking on Mar Menor. Again, I can totally see why Spaniards and foreigners alike go to these charming beachy towns, with long waterfront walks and beachfront cafes.
Dominated by modernist and Art Nouveau-style facades, I couldn’t help but keep my eyes moving above me, barely paying attention to what was in front of me. Thanks to the Tourist Office recommendations, we opted to visit the Concepcion Castle, with a fantastic 360 degree view of the city. The museum there was apparently newly opened and of course I was thrilled to see that they have temporary and rotating modern art exhibits in the main entrance.
People are also attracted to the area due to its 300 days of sunshine each year and an average temperature of 22?C. Well, unfortunately I can’t say that our lack of writing is due to an overwhelming influx of inspiration.
But for us, the beach is crowded and we prefer the tiny, gentle and clear coves of the Mediterranean. It probably wasn’t the best activity to do at 12pm in the heat of the day, because we climbed the hill and arrived at the ticket desk dripping in sweat. The Museum management could have easily left this an outdoor-blazing-in-the-sun site, since it’s basically an archeological dig in the middle of a neighborhood. Similar to Los Angeles in America, Murcia can offer you, Mountains, Sea, city and rural life. Spend the day visiting some of the historical cites, enjoy the many tapa bars or simply find a seat and watch the hustle and bustle of the city pass you by.
Given that it is SO hot in Spain in August, the country essentially closes and everyone goes to the beach.

The reception was fabulous and the gentleman at the desk helped us figure out how to get the most out of our visit and packaged 3 museums together for only 18 euros for the two of us. But instead, they built a very cool modern and open air ceiling with a mixture of steel and wood to compliment the ancient stones of the baths. We’ve been on both a Monday and Tuesday, and on one day, there were lines to go to the beach because the car park was overflowed. Being able to see the floor foundations, original marble tiles, and even remnants of murals and frescoes was incredible.
It can also offer golfing enthusiasts some of Europes best golf courses, like the one at Condado De Alhama, designed by Jack Nicklaus. We have had the pleasure of visiting some of our surrounding areas which include the Mar Menor and the ancient Roman port city of Cartagena (not the one in Colombia…). The course at Condado De Alhama is a signature course and although new, has already been named as one of the best golf courses in Spain. Upon our arrival, we walked right up to the water, which is, because it’s an active port, a built-up approach.
I will say that it’s a great place for families, given that the lagoon is so shallow and warm. Thinking it’s a busy commercial place, one would figure that the water would be murky. But no, the water right in central Cartagena is perfectly blue and clear with little fishys swimming.

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