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There is no cost to use the interface, however; you must agree to send your service information to CarFax on a scheduled basis. CFQVLOC --- Contains your location id as the 3 digit customer number assigned by MaddenCo and then your store number. You will need to set up the FTP parameters for sending the data using FTP Control Maintenance located on the Other Maintenance Options Menu from the File Maintenance Menu. The Local Library is your data library, DTA999 where 999 is your customer number from MaddenCo or QS36F if you have your own System i. For the initial setup with Carfax, two menu items are located on the Carfax Menu accessed from the Vehicle History menu.
During initial setup, control key CFSNTLYN is updated with the store location that is sent to CarFax. When viewing Vehicle History, CarFax Service History is available for vehicles with a license and state or VIN# using the Carfax History function. The option will not be available if the Carfax control keys for Service History are not setup or the vehicle does not have a valid license and state id or VIN #. For ASP customers that have their own website, control key URLIPADR contains the IP address of a customera€™s system for redirection of the URL. When using Carfax to look up vehicle information, it is possible that more than one vehicle will be returned.
When scanning the VIN number you should add the CarFax VIN option to the scanning device menu.

With the CarFax interface you can start a work order by scanning a VIN or entering a License Plate and state.
If the VIN is found in the vehicle master file, an estimate or work order will be created for this vehicle. If the VIN is not found, a call will be made out to carfax and capture the Year, Make, Model of the Vehicle.
If you have the white pages interface turned on, control key VEHPHNWP set to Y , the phone number will be looked up through the white pages web service.
With the VIN and Phone information, the vehicle is created and an estimate is started for this customer. If the VIN is found through CARFAX but the Phone number is not found through White Pages, the estimate or work order will be created with the VIN# and the vehicle will be created with the VIN and phone number entered. The Smart Device interface works the same as the hand held interface and is available for IOS and Android. New York State license plate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)What Are The Rules With Respect To License Plates In New York? Venha conhecer nossa loja pessoalmente ou acesse a pA?gina de produtos e confira alguns dos nossos itens. Once integrated, service providers can enter a vehicle license plate and state, and have the vehicle identification number (VIN) automatically populated into the MaddenCo system, along with the vehicle make, model, and year. You should have all control keys setup and FTP Control Maintenance completed prior to setting this control key. This is available on a hand held unit with telnet capability as well as a smart device that has a telnet app loaded.

After the initial data is sent by menu options, when control key CARFAXYN is set to Y, the Daily Update will automatically send the Carfax data. When the carfax lookup is successful the vehicle year, make, model, VIN and engine information will be filled in. Keep Your License Plates And Vehicle Registration Current Through The NY DMV To Avoid A Traffic Ticket. The license plate cannot be visibly displayed and has to be securely fastened in the front and rear of the vehicle.A A  If a person is caught driving without a license plate in New York he or she will be charged $2. These fees vary by state, but are generally higher than states that require only a single rear plate.There are different types of license plates, such as a vanity plate that a vehicle owner can buy.
Pay the license plate replacement fees, $18 for standard plates (this includes fee for duplicate registration documents as well). Learn more about: License Plate Laws.Choose from 1000s of New York license plates at CafePress! Shop Now!Information on obtaining license plates & placards for New York.How Many States Require Front License Plates?

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