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At some point we’ve all run across an advertisement on TV from a car dealer pitching some form of incentive. These deals usually come in the form of rebates (cash back) or a low annual percentage rate (APR). According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, zero percent financing offers are only available to consumers with the highest credit scores. The zero percent incentive may also result in a higher monthly payment because of the payment terms. While the zero percent loan saves you interest, the larger monthly payment could wreck havoc on your monthly budget. You might also find that manufacturer rebates offer more savings than zero percent financing.
Questions: Have you ever been pulled into a zero percent financing offer only to have it backfire?
We plan on buying used, most likely from Craigslist, so it won’t be a problem personally, but it seems that we know a lot of people buying a car right now, so now I know more and can point them in your direction. 0% always sounds like a good idea, but if you aren’t responsible it might not be the best decision. The information provided on Luke1428 is for informational and entertainment purposes only and the opinions contained here are our own. Per FTC guidelines, Luke1428 is required to disclose it has financial arrangements with and may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, reviews, affiliate programs or otherwise. Ita€™s car-buying season and if you read this column often, you know that when it comes to vehicles, Ia€™m a fan of buying used and paying cash. Zero percent loans are a good deal for car dealers, because cars are such a huge purchase that ita€™s a way to get people to buy. Understanding the potential savings means you should actually factor zero percent financing into your car shopping. And one final warning from your humble columnist whoa€™d rather see you buy used and pay cash: dona€™t let a zero percent financing deal lure you into buying a more expensive car than you can really afford. Elisabeth Leamy is a 20-year consumer advocate for programs such as "Good Morning America" and "The Dr. Well, zero percent financing has a few restrictions, and those restrictions prohibit about ninety percent of all car buyers from the program.
For folks with steady cash who wish it paying top price for a new car, zero percent financing certainly places them in a new car without the extra interest payments and without losing a huge chunk of cash at one time.
Here’s where the pencil and the calculator come in handy because in the world of automobile financing, there is more than one way to buy a car. Say you took the dealer’s rebate, lowered the initial price of the car by three to five thousand dollars and then found financing at a bank or credit union at around seven percent?
Every case will be different, but know that the zero percent financing option is out there and have no fear in exploring it. The car dealers and financiers have read their history and still feel the sting of the economy from 2008.
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So if there is negative information on your credit report it could keep you from receiving this special incentive. With most traditional auto loans, borrowers can secure a loan they can pay back in three to five years – maybe even up to seven. And because the length of time to pay back the loan is so short, car dealers often require a substantial down payment, sometimes as high as 25 percent.
A rebate offer will most likely come with a higher APR but don’t let the higher interest rate deter you.
Zero percent loans are always reserved for people with an excellent credit score, which starts around 750. Auto manufactures can afford to offer a zero percent rate because the cost is incorporated into the price of the car. A little homework ahead of time and some discipline at the car dealership may save you money in the long run. I love collecting baseball cards, running my rental real estate properties, going on vacations with my four kids and hearing my wife talk about all the cool things CPAs do at work.
The owner makes no representations as to the accuracy, validity or completeness of the information on this site or that found by following any link on this site. Luke1428 may be compensated should readers choose to click on advertising links on the various pages of this site. After all in other businesses a€?0 Percent Interest!a€? is a come-on with potentially dangerous consequences.
A new analysis by Edmunds says a zero percent loan can save you as much as $3,554 compared with a typical auto financing deal! If youa€™re trying to choose between two different makes and models, perhaps you can break the tie by going with the one that has a free financing deal.
Zero percent financing means walking into the showroom, selecting a vehicle, determining the price, signing the loan papers, and rolling out with a brand new car. One last warning about the zero percent financing option: Read the fine print very carefully and understand what happens if you are late with a payment or miss a payment. Rest assured that they will present no financial product that will allow them to lose money.
Once the dealership finds out the status of your credit they will say you don’t qualify for the zero percent rate and then try to switch you to a higher APR.
A zero percent deal however usually requires a borrower to pay back the amount in a shorter amount of time, most always less than 36 months. If the dealer gives you a choice to either take the rebate deal or take the zero percent financing deal, run the numbers through an auto loan calculator. So even if you have a good rating, say around 720, you may find that zero percent financing offer balloons to two, three or four percent once you talk to the car dealership.
These may be last years’ models the dealership is trying to get rid of or brands that are selling slowly. In other words, they mark the vehicle price up to cover the cost of the interest they are losing on the loan.
Personal finance is unique and involves risk so do your own research and consult a certified professional advisor before making financial decisions.

To give you an idea, the website did the math using a $28,000 loan at 4.31 percent for 67 months.
Elisabeth is also a professional speaker, delivering talks nationwide on saving money, media relations, and career success. Zero percent financing makes money for the dealer by making the buyer pay the premium price.
The right financing may be able to net you the vehicle with a lower over all cost, including the interest. In most cases, a late payment will void the deal, and a missed payment will jack-up the rates and apply finance charges retroactively, which means a good deal can quickly transform into a nightmare with the flip of a calendar page. Zero percent financing sounds wonderful, and it helps brings buyers into the showroom, but when most buyers discover their inability to qualify for the program, the dealer has the golden opportunity to present alternative financing and ultimately achieve a sale, which makes zero percent financing one of the greatest marketing tools ever devised. The lowest APR a manufacturer could offer would be zero percent, which means you pay no interest on the car loan. Because you have new car fever you accept the higher interest rate and end up not getting the deal you intended, which results in you paying more.
You may find the rebate offer (coupled with a higher APR) would save you money over the zero percent APR offer. Typically, if you sign up for zero percent interest on furniture, you have a year to pay off the loan in full.
Elisabeth receives her best story tips from readers, so please connect with her via Facebook, Twitter or her website, to share your ideas. One manufacturer brings it out and suddenly the race is on for all the other makers to come back with something similar. Then they also need income, steady income, and high enough to make the payments, and the payments can be very high. Throw down enough cash at one time or high payments over sixty months, and the dealer is happy to waive any financing.
Shop around for better financing deals at your bank or local credit union and be willing to take any rebate offers instead. If you dona€™t, then not only are you charged interest, the interest is retroactive to the date of your purchase. You’d think most folks would do it and fill their garages with new cars every other month. And they must agree to the limited models the dealer offers for the program, and they lose eligibility for any rebates, and as a reward for qualifying, they must pay the price the dealer sets. The numbers on a Ford Fiesta or Toyota Corolla will be far lower that on a CadillacCTS, and the better deal may be with the credit union for the Ford or the Toyota but going with the dealer financing for the Cadillac may be cheaper.

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