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Originally Posted by Vahanam Last Week i checked with Hot Tracks for Maxpider and they did not have stock. OK, Today I will cover the Decoding of VIN number on Honda Cars based on the following article on Team-BHP: URL, Page 04 of that article is dedicated to Honda Cars.
Since I did a visit to the car in the yard in Jan and launch of the 2014 Honda City itself was in Jan, I did not find it crucial for checking the Month and Year of Manufacturing.
I went to my car and noted down the VIN number which was printed on a sticker on the Rear Door Window on the Right Hand Side (Window Behind the Steering Wheel). Now, the next step is to note down the 9th and 10th digit in order to identify the Month and Year of Manufacture of the Car. The next accessory I want to cover is the Neck Pillows from SpeedWav that I added recently to the car. I cannot yet comment on the durability of the pillows currently as these are still new but the quality seems to be up to the mark for the price paid and I would definitely recommend these for anyone who has neck pillows on their shopping list for car accessories. The noise-levels, lack of climate control and other features was a big turn off since these were some of features I was looking at as an improvement given that I was changing my car after a period of 9+ years.
And this would come into play more so at higher speeds where due to the 6th gear the rpm can possibly maintained lower as compared to the Amaze and hence making the City a more silent vehicle. But in the end the i-DTEC engine is what it is built to be, a light weight all aluminium engine with a focus on fuel efficiency so the noise levels are definitely high when compared with cars in the same class as the City such as the Verna.
If you are upgrading to the City, you have to consider the SV as a minimum variant and consider the V variant based on the specific needs in terms of accessories since some of these can be added as after market. Your thread has been extremely useful to me along with few other threads here in arriving at a decision to book the iDtec city VMT. Originally Posted by anilagdr I will be closely following all the postings here, to gain an insight into the various aspects of the car, that you and other friends are so generously providing.And as usual the pictorial explanation is superb and easy to digest.
Go to the website and enter the VIN Details and you are done, the details of the Car and Month and Year are all presented back at the click of a button! I must say Tumkur Road is awesome for a nice highway drive - I managed to keep the Car on Cruise control most of the time and kept the speed at around 80 kmph. The initial 80 km yielded a whopping 26.7 kmpl as per the reading on the MID I guess the combination of Cruise Control, no gear shifts and the lower speed of 80 kmph ensured this type of mileage.
After the initial run on the highway, I did take a detour towards Siddarabetta which is hillock about 25 km from Tumkur.
View My Garage ARTICLE: Find your car's date of manufacture (VIN) How do you know that your dealer isn't selling you a 6 month old car, under the guise of a new one? Knowing when your car was manufactured is critical; after all, when you have paid good money for a brand new car, shouldn't you be getting just that? Additionally, you can find a separate placard near the front left door, right bottom (near seat) that has 2 characters representing MONTH and YEAR.
Full credit goes to fellow members Ghostrider, Torquedo, keyur and Poitive for the findings. Originally Posted by SPIKE ARRESTOR The VIN code for mahindra vehicles consists of 17 digits, which is divided mainly into 3 sections.
I visited the showroom, spoke to the service manager, and to my complete surprise, he says, he wont fit any accessory which is not ford approved from his service centre. As you may see from my previous posts in the thread, had booked a Tit(O) EcoBoost within a week of launch, and given an expected delivery time of about 3 months.
A few days back, my dad calls the manager there, and the usual reply that they haven't gotten any EcoBoost yet and no idea when they will.
Also, they told that our car is here and the company won't be making any more of these and the production is stopping. As ridiculous as it may sound(Of course I know), has any of the guys also heard something like this? Originally Posted by arunphilip Ford doesn't run their engines in the plant, according to GTO's tour of the Ford plant (PICS : Ford's Chennai Factory.
Originally Posted by himanshuchadha Took delivery of my MarsRed EcoSport Titanium Diesel on 27th September.
So, them giving you a 7 character VIN is fine - you can determine the month of manufacture from it, and this is how they will refer to your car in unofficial documentation (official ones will have the full 17 characters). Finally, your Duke looks like its the offspring of the EcoSport and the Figo - those colours all seem to tie in! Originally Posted by bagha Got them from saddles in bangalore.I have been assured that they have taken care of the air bags by providing a weak stitching in that area.
Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review Has anybody got the leather seat covers from Karlsson's in bangalore for their Ford Ecosport ?

While the concerned automobile industry body SIAM is working on a voluntary recall policy for car manufacturers in India, manufacturers such as Tata, Honda, Maruti Suzuki, Toyota and BMW have recalled their products in the recent past to rectify defects.
The next car maker making its entry into the list is Ford.  Ford India has initiated a recall for tow of its popular products, Ford Figo hatchback and recently rechristened Ford (Fiesta) Classic.
Ford suspects that Figo and Fiesta cars manufactured between September 2010 and February 2011 could have a fault in the rear twist beam and power steering hose. We have initiated a voluntary pre-emptive Field Service Action to inspect certain batches of Ford Figo and Ford Classic models for potential issues related to the Rear Twist Beam (RTB) and the Power Steering Hose (PAS). All Ford Figo and Ford Classic petrol-engined vehicles manufactured from September 2010 till February 2011 will have the PAS Hose replaced as a precautionary measure and to ensure the long term durability of the vehicle.
Some Ford owners could also get official emails from Ford itself for a free checkup and replacement. Note - 10th Letter of Chassis Number Denotes Year of Manufacturing for below car manufacturers.
Here's Picture for Finding Chassis Number for Maruti Suzuki Cars so as to Decode Manufacturing Year. I bought Ciaz RS SHVS and on inspection of car prior to billing and registration found that there was defect in paint work on the bonnet and dent was there.
I got suspicious and also found out that the plant sticker for QC inspection of car is torn and found to be old or repasted and printing of numbers alao damaged and nit full mentioned aome portion was missing since stickwr qas torn, whereas as per dealer manufacturing date of car is only 4-5 days old. Also, my dealer says, that they only have 17 digits of the chassis number as of now, so is he lying or he is being true?. As per your suggestion 9th letter is month so if see ' D ' which means April is make month.
I am looking to purchase Maruti Celerio of 2015 make car, I'm not able to figure out the manufacturing month & year of a Car. Thanks for this useful, information in the thread, I have purchased Maruti Ertiga on 31st March 2014, After going tru post last two digit in my chassi is MD means Dec 2014 so i was given old car but dealer told its Jan 2014 Car first he lied and i doubt car like Ertiga which was in so much demand how come its 4 month old also i suspect if i received the Fesh CAR, Tody i have launch the complaint with MAruti head office any other option to raise complaint and what process hold i follow now.
The VIN number given by my SA in Ford does not match according to the decoding which is given by you above. I asked him for the VIN number of the Figo which i am about to pick up and your decoding doesnt seem to apply here. Originally Posted by mail.jaiswal Can you help me decode this VIN - bk14325 ins 4236 He has given the 11th to 17th characters of VIN.
I could not confirm this, but noticed this on newer vehicles during my visit to the dealership through from Dec, to Feb and found these matching with my assumption. A humble request on my part for all February or post February Chevy (any model) owners; I would be really thankful if you may PM me your car VIN.
The reason being: I am planning to buy an Optra Diesel and the Feb make VIN that has been shared with me is a bit strange. You are correct as far as the 9th and 10th digits are concerned but have a look at my post from yesterday, there seems to be a change in the 6th and 7th characters for cars manufactured in Feb and might be there for cars manufactured after Feb.
So just wanted to confirm from all the new Chevy owners(those who have bought in Feb or later) if the 6,7 characters are actually alphabets instead of numbers. However, please do keep check on accuracy as only a few good digital ones are able to retain accuracy over period of time. Out of the 17 characters the 9th and 10th characters are the ones of interest to detect the Month and Year of manufacture of the car. Since I had sometime today, I decided to go thru this as more of an academic exercise and self-learning to figure out the VIN on my 2014 Honda City. Also, another thing which I would like to add is that the i-DTEC engine on the City takes sometime getting used to.
I was looking for something exactly like that as my current ones aren't good in cushioning. Automotive manufactures around the world use a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that can be decoded to reveal the Month & Year of production. Told him that, first tell me the VIN and then all the documents will be dealt with, which he agreed. My Dad was performing surgery, so a staff person jotted down the message.couldn't ask the caller any questions. It isn't big and I am attaching a picture of the bold Mars Red elder sister with a subtle Sea Grey Figo.
The company is recalling identified batches of Figo and Classic for suspected problems related to the Rear Twist Beam (RTB) and Power Steering Hose (PAS). The company is also inspecting all the units of both the cars manufactured between January 2008 and December 2010.

Completed MBA from one among Top 10 Management Institute, he has worked for 8 yrs in Corporate Sector - Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank. But since the vehicle is in transit, hence not able to see the last 2 digit after the special character. Many of the VINs encode info like day of manufacture, but for Scorpio, there is a sticker on the windshield which reads like, for example: A 24 02 (white color sticker). For further reference, is it possible for you to share how you obtained the additional information.
This would be helpful for other guys i come across who would want to obtain this information. I have given the link in which everyone can check the production date of VW, Audi, Skoda, Ford and may others.
Then I drove on the same Highway (NH7, Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway) all the way to Lepakshi in AP and drove back. They are easy to fit and can be mounted by pulling the elastic and putting it onto the seat and ensuring they fit between the Head Rest and the Seat. Apart from comfort the neck-pillows also are supposed to add safety to the passengers in case of whiplash injuries. From my test drive of the city, I felt the noise level to almost close, city being on the lower side though. Driven at the right RPM (up to 2100 rpm) range I find that the engine noise is definitely negligible although the moment you start to rev the engine beyond this point and you do get the noise back. Each car has a unique VIN that is usually stamped somewhere within the engine bay, or around the passenger compartment. In total 1,28,665 cars have been recalled out of which 1,11,000 cars have been recalled for rear twist beam defect and 17,655 units have been recalled for steering hose problem.
As per Ford, the only solution to this problem is replacing the PAS hose of all the Figos and Fiesta Classics for free. On this dealer first said there nothing and on pursuance accepeted the defect and suggested that another car in same colour in my model is not there and henec he will get the bonnet replaced with same color of other car with him. Since 2014 City is not launched in some global markets, they mentioned it will take quite some time for the mats to arrive. The road was ideal for use of Cruise Control and used it effectively to maintain constant speed of 90 kmph. This maybe a similar behaviour on the Amaze as well but I cannot comment since I only did a test drive. The twist beam is a part of rear suspensions setup which is prone to breakage in some of the affected cars. At MyCarHelpline - you can get in thousands of reviews, latest information updates on Automobiles with Personalised assistance through Forum. I need to know the details and also if there any way to reset the same in RC book if its original Month and year is Jan 2014?!!
As of now the new tyres are holding the air well and I guess checking once in 3 weeks will suffice. With the same 4 people onboard and drive on the near straightline highway in Cruise Control mode most of the time, the FE increased to about 24 kmpl!
Ford is exporting EcoSports with the EcoBoost (ie they import the engine, build the car, and export the product) from India. Breaking of the twist beam makes the rear suspension loose its stability and affect the drivability and handling of the car. Why would they stop making the model I was talking to a source at Ford today who said that surprisingly the EcoBoost, despite being a petrol had solid demand. Could you please share the cost of the dolphin seat covers and whether they dismantled the seats to fit the covers or were they able to put the seat covers without dismantling the seats? The steering hose problem is related to the potential leak in the power steering fluid hose which may make the power steering ineffective and may also cause fumes in case the fluid drips on hot exhaust-related components. The set covers really look premium and look very similar to the leather ones in Titanium + models.

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