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In this episode of Fraud Files we focus on the owner and the manager of a body shop in Hialeah, Florida. DES PLAINES, Ill., May 26, 2015 — If leading the pack as a pace car at the Indianapolis 500 is any acknowledgement of a car’s connection to performance, then Chevrolet Camaro’s eight trips around the track is second only to the Corvette’s record of 13. Although the Corvette’s pace car showings are more numerous, its first appearance was in 1978—25 years after its 1953 debut production. From 1975 through 1989, drivers from various circuits (Indy, NASCAR, Formula One) raced against each other driving identically-prepared Chevy Camaros in the International Race of Champions* (IROC). Market conditions caused Chevrolet to cease Camaro production after the 2002 model year and it remained dormant until 2010 when it re-emerged in its present—and popular—fifth-generation version.
The top five years for Camaro thefts were 1989 (35,881 thefts), 1988 (33,975), 1990 (33,576), 1987 (32,110) and 1991 (31,291). As always, readers should note that inconsistency and inaccuracy with vehicle theft reporting may impact the accuracy and reliability of this data.

While the threat from this kind of scam is very real, consumers can protect themselves by following these tips. They were arrested and charged with insurance fraud and grand theft following a three year investigation. The Camaro’s first Indy 500 appearance was in 1967—the same year it was introduced to America. For several years, Chevrolet produced a Camaro IROC-Z28 model in recognition of its IROC competition. Chevrolet is looking for even greater results with the all-new, sixth-generation 2016 Camaro which will be available later this year.
Although theft data from 1967 is available, confidence in pre-1981 theft records is low due to the inconsistency in reporting protocols and vehicle identification number (VIN) systems in use prior to 1981. The top five model years for Camaro thefts were 1984 (54,533), 1986 (53,422), 1985 (43,238), 1982 (37,687) and 1987 (36,225).

Whether it’s for a few hours or several days, exposure to water is unhealthy for a vehicle’s electronic components. When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated standardized VINs beginning with the 1981 model year, that year became the benchmark for reliable data used in all Hot Wheels Classics reports. With the count of damaged vehicles from Sandy already at 230,000—the risk of flood vehicles entering the commerce stream as used vehicles is high. Even as programs like NICB’s VINCheck and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System have come online since Hurricane Katrina to prevent this sort of fraud, the possibility still exists for individuals to take flooded vehicles and resell them to unsuspecting consumers.

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