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The email address entered is already associated to an account.Login to post Please use English characters only. Each row of a table contains two cells: one showing the item code, and the other showing the item price. Specific cells, rows, and columns can be updated without sending Ajax requests for the entire collection. Use render=componentID where the component identified by componentID is in the same row as the action component. Instead of a specific identifier, any of the references could be variables, as demonstrated in Example 10.3, “Use variables to specify references”.
The value attribute points to the data model, and the var attribute specifies a variable to use when iterating through the data model. The first attribute specifies which item in the data model to start from, and the rows attribute specifies the number of items to list. The keepSaved attribute defines whether this iteration component will reset saved children's state before rendering. Columns can be merged by using the colspan attribute to specify how many normal columns to span.

Additionally, the detail part of the table can be collapsed or expanded through different modes.
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Components that cause the change can specify which part of the table to update through the render attribute. The action component updates the single specified component, as demonstrated in Example 10.2, “Update a single component”.

The header, footer, and caption facets can be used to display text, and to customize the appearance of the table through skinning.
By default, the state is reset if there are no faces messages with severity error or higher.
It requires no extra attributes for basic usage, as shown in Example 10.5, “Basic column example”.
The colspan attribute is used in conjunction with the breakRowBefore attribute on the next column to determine how the merged columns are laid out.
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