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One is never prepared for a an automobile accident, but accidents happen daily, particularly in the busy streets of Miami. Most phones are equipped with a camera, take pictures of the position of the cars prior to moving them. Exchange information, including: insurance details, driver’s license number, and vehicle registration. Having all this information on hand will ensure that you are prepared to file a claim with the insurance company or hire a Miami personal injury attorney if necessary. Car accidents can range from barely any damage to the exterior of the car, to sustained injuries that take years to recover from.
Keep this checklist handy print it and keep it in your glove compartment along with your insurance and registration information.

Take a deep breath and remember that everyone is currently in shock, regardless of who’s at fault. If possible, move all the cars involved over to the shoulder or out of the main street to prevent any other accidents and avoid blocking traffic longer than necessary. Even if there weren’t any serious injuries requiring immediate medical attention, be sure to receive a full check up within 14 days following the accident. Physical and financial recovery from automobile accidents are already difficult enough to work through, if you take all the steps described above you can avoid further complications. Immediately after the accident, it’s best to prepare for the worst even if the damages seem minor. If there is damage beyond $500 in repair costs, injuries or death, you must call 911 to report the accident.

There are many injuries that may not be felt until several days after an accident and insurance companies in Florida will not pay for medical attention if medical attention is not sought prior to the 14-day period.
It’s difficult to immediately assess all injuries caused during an accident since adrenaline masks certain injuries.
Take a moment to note the intersection or location of the accident, and take count of any injuries, so that you may quickly inform the operator.

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