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While foreign automakers Honda and Toyota topped the list (an ongoing trend since 2000) this was the first time nationally since 2002 that more domestic makes were stolen than imported makes.
Rockland County, NY - Ramapo Police are urging residents to lock their vehicles after a total of six vehicle thefts within the past five days. In all three instances, the vehicle owners left either their keys or an electronic key fob in their unlocked vehicles. Given the unusual number of thefts in the area, police are suggesting that residents take sensible precautions.
My locked car was stolen years ago, from a parking lot, in the downtown area of the city, which I live in. We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription.
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Requesting Freedom of Information from 42 police forces across England and Wales, Intelligent Car Leasing was able to use the car theft data provided to distinguish which areas had the most cars stolen per head.
Major cities saw more cars stolen than anywhere else, with Greater Manchester and City of London topping the list of highest thefts per head. Devon and Cornwall were at the other end of the scale as they suffered the least car thefts along with Hampshire, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and North Yorkshire. The study also revealed that overall the number of instances involving car thefts has declined over the last 10 years.
Also, a decrease in the value of used car parts means that stealing a car for its components is less commercial than it once was. Even though cars are harder to steal than ever before, motorists are urged to follow simple rules to minimise the risk of their car being targeted by criminals. Brazil has delayed until next year plans that will require all new vehicles to be equipped with GPS-based anti-theft vehicle tracking systems. The country’s National Traffic Council (CONTRAN) issued a new resolution November 24 that says all new passenger cars and trucks will require such telematics systems by the end of 2011.
The controversial measure was first announced in July 2007, after CONTRAN had been tasked in 2006 with establishing a system to deal with Brazil’s growing car-theft problems.
A deadline was set for the end of 2009, but implementation was delayed as the measure met with strong resistance, including legal challenges.
Under the new timetable, fitment of the telematics systems will be phased in in the course of 2011 with passengers requiring a 20 percent fitment rate on May 1, 2011, a 70 percent rate on October 1 and full implementation by year-end. The consultants estimate that, in 2010, Latin American revenues from vehicle location hardware sales and services for fleets and consumers will total nearly 1.5 billion dollars. With the rise in recent car theft in the area, I thought I should share these important tips on how to prevent them. The news comes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has found that July and August are the most popular months for auto theft. Like most education projects, this one involves reminding the public about the prevalence of car theft and showing drivers how to avoid becoming victims. A trio of juveniles crashed a stolen Toyota Corolla near the University Avenue Caltrain station in downtown Palo Alto on Friday morning, police said. July 4th Holiday Kicks Off Hottest Season For Vehicle Theft And National Vehicle Theft Protection Month. Joins Forces with International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) to Help Educate Owners about Protecting Their Vehicles.
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Classic car owners are renowned for their unswerving commitment to maintaining their pride and joy in the best possible shape, but even if you've got a classic car sitting forgotten at the back of the garage it might be worth more than you think. The National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) top 10 most stolen vehicles list is one list it is pretty safe to assume we’d all rather not see our vehicle listed on. Many older models are stolen for their parts, which are then sold individually, while newer cars that are stolen are often resold as a whole with a fake vehicle identification number (VIN) and are sometimes shipped and sold out of the country. The good news is that vehicle theft appears to be on the decline, with preliminary 2010 FBI crime stats showing a 7.2% decline from thefts posted in 2009.
We suggest following some basic car theft prevention tips to avoid making your car an easy target for car thieves. TrueCar doesn’t just show you the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), which is just the starting price for negotiations. The good folks at Vandergriff Toyota Arlington remind you to be suspicious of any deal that sounds too good to be true. When buying from a private individual, make sure the title and registration match the name and address of the person selling the car. Ensure the vehicle identification number (VIN) plate on the automobile dash is present, secure, and has no loose rivets. Ensure that the VIN plate has not been repainted and the numbers stamped in the plate appear to be original factory numbers. The VIN on the dash must match the vin on the registration, title and federal safety inspection sticker on the drivers door. Make sure the federal safety inspection sticker, located on the driver’s door or door jamb, is securely in place and none of the numbers appear to be tampered with. Use special license plate locking screws to make it hard for thieves to remove your license plate during a robbery.
Check the inspection and license plate stickers to be sure they are current and issued by the same state.
If the seller provides you with only re-made keys, not original manufacturer’s keys, for a newer model car, be suspicious. What goes through your mind when you’re woken up by a car alarm in the middle of the night? The industry experts have put down to advances in vehicle identification and key verification technology.
Aside from the most obvious steps such as hiding valuables from sight and never leaving your car running unattended, drivers are advised to keep their car parked in their garage or driveway or failing that, in a well-lit area in view of CCTV. As a result, the market for vehicle tracking systems is expected to grow rapidly in coming years.
Driscoll & Associates, a US research and consultancy firm, Brazil’s vehicle theft rate is four times higher than in the US. Driscoll estimates that about 1 million fleet vehicles have GPS systems on board already, with 60 percent of these operating in Brazil or Mexico.
Driscoll said more than 3 million cars are equipped with stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) or telematics solutions that include security and convenience features. And so, LoJack Corporation and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators have launched a nationwide education effort called National Vehicle Theft Protection Month. Don’t make your car a more desirable target and attract thieves by leaving valuables in plain sight. If you have a garage, take the time to use it rather than parking outside where your vehicle is more vulnerable.
By locking both the garage and vehicle doors, the chances of deterring a thief greatly improve.

Remove the electronic ignition fuse, coil wire, rotor distributor, or otherwise disable your vehicle anytime thieves may have extended access to it. If in doubt about plate authenticity,check with a new car dealer who handles the same model or contact a law enforcement agency. The situation is similar in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, and in several other Latin American countries.
I immediately walked over to police headquarters, presented my license, registration, and proof of insurance, and filed a report.
Many vehicles are also stolen on cold mornings when the owner leaves the vehicle running to warm up. Etched VINs and can assist police in identifying your vehicle in the event that it is stolen.
By completing all paperwork at the time of sale, you avoid giving the thief extra time to obtain fraudulent documents.
A recent study conducted by Intelligent Car Leasing has they identified the areas most at risk of car theft.
If you leave items in your vehicle and they’re visible, the chances your vehicle will get broken into increase greatly. So place those items in a safe place before you get to the park, beach, baseball game, etc. For example: the suction cup on your dashboard, might tell thieves, that you have a GPS system in your vehicle.
The cop at the desk was not nice, and he implied that it was my fault, when he stated "Did you leave your keys in the car".
Upon returning, check the tires, spare and battery to insure they are the same as those you had when you parked. Panic buttons, back-up batteries, flashing parking lights or headlights, and automatic engine disable features are also recommended. Valuable items that thieves target are GPS units, MP3 players, credit cards, money, packages and so forth. It’s not uncommon, for thieves to walk down a row of parked vehicles, looking for unlocked doors. If you can’t take the items with you, secure them in a safe place in your vehicle, like a locked glove compartment or your trunk. Marcus Atkinson, marketing director of classic car insurance company Hagerty International, says some postcodes are more prominent with regard to insurance claims. My car was impounded by the cops, and I had to make numerous calls to get those incompetent cops to release my car. These tend to be inner cities in the West Midlands and north-west, as well as London and the south-east. Then, I had to arrange for a tow truck to tow it, to a body shop where it remained for a month! Some owners worry that a modern alarm will change the look of their vehicle, but Keith says that alarms can be hidden. If the car's worth more than A?10,000, Keith also recommends considering a tracking system.

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