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The Fast and Furious is probably one of the biggest American media franchises that includes a series of action films which center on illegal street racing and heists along with a combination of various other death defying stunts and situations that made it pretty successful. After the tragic loss of Paul Walker, a legend in the Fast and Furious movies and also in real life, the last F&F movie is soon to hit theaters globally, presenting. While there have been various updates and eager fans updating their versions of the upcoming movie, here is a list of the possible vehicles that would make you want to watch the Furious 7 even more. Although the Veyron 16.4 is racing towards the end of its production line, the 1000 hp hyper-car is mostly likely to appear on the big screen.
Call this a driver’s best hope and the opponents worst nightmare, this hyper-car from Mclaren conquers the roads. The Furious 7 does not completely stick on to the new age speed demons, the Dodge Viper SRT-10 is comparatively an old school ride.
One of the more popular faces in the Fast and Furious Series, Vin Diesel does an exceptional job as a rider and an anti-hero who stole the show in the original Fast and Furious movie. A CIA agent, a hunk and a WWE superstar, Dwayne Johnson plays the role of a CIA agent with a task to track down Dominic Torreto. Since, the Bulked up Dwayne cannot fit into Ferrari’s and similar super cars, he prefers pick up trucks.
Paul Walker started off with a Nissan GT-R from Fast Five and ends with a modified blue GT-R that is powered by a mighty 1000 BHP. Here is a video showing Paul Walker’s Personal Car collection, May his soul Rest in Peace.
Like many others, I have been waiting for the release of Furious 7 ever since the closing moments of the Fast & Furious 6. The real reason that we watch Fast & Furious is for the bespoke and highly modified cars. With Furious 7 being the highest grossing Fast film ever, surely there can’t be any reason for there not being a Fast and Furious 8. We have a focus on strong photography, and engaging articles about performance, luxury and interesting cars. One of the surprise celebrities to be part of the newest film of the famous action series Fast and Furious is pop star Iggy Azalea. Vin Diesel was doing an interview for French station Sky Rock FM recently, promoting his newest Sci-Fi movie, Guardians of The Galaxy. The action super star revealed that Australian pop artist Amethyst Amelia Kelly, best known under her stage name Iggy Azalea, joined the cast of the newest movie of the famous series.
As readers of this website, you’ll undoubtedly be wanting to head out to see the latest instalment of The Fast & Furious series of movies which officially opens this weekend. Thanks to Chrysler Middle East, we saw a preview showing last night, and if you like ‘Car-nage’ on an epic scale, you will not be disappointed.
And there’s over 400 cars used in the movie, a large proportion of which met a spectacular end – ‘All cars were brutally harmed and abused in the making of this movie’ the disclaimer should read. The ruining was done by a combination of 80 stunt drivers, movie technicians and special effect specialists. A large part of the movie was filmed in the UK and Spain and one of the drivers included former Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins. He had the privilege of drifting a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona through Piccadilly Circus – and yes that really is the famous London landmark, not a movie set – as well as racing the Dom’s 2010 modified Challenger against O’Conner’s Nissan GT-R in the opening sequence. This was filmed on a tight and twisty mountain road high above the coast of Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands – done for real and which he claims was one of the most exciting bits of driving he had to do for the film.
Much of the action in ‘London’ was filmed across the UK including the night stuff in Glasgow, Scotland, action on Lambeth Bridge, plus Dale Street in Liverpool City Centre and the Queensway Tunnel in Birkenhead. The tank sequence was filmed in Tenerife and well over 100 cars (nobody remembers the exact number!) were run over or destroyed during its filming. Another British driver employed by the producers was rally ace, Mark Higgins, who became a YouTube legend after his famous 250kph save in a Subaru WRX STI on the Isle of Man TT (if you’ve never seen it, watch it now, you won’t believe it).
Unsurprisingly the fearless Higgins did the Escort jump – the first attempt of which put the car headlong into the ground and on its roof, and the second of which – with slightly less speed – still left it banana-shaped but successful.
Of course to capture all the action on film, even the camera cars have to be quick and included a Nissan 370Z used on Fast Five plus a Subaru WRX, a Porsche Cayenne, a supercharged Cadillac Escalade and a 500bhp Chevy ElCamino! He obviously has a vast collection of cars himself, some of which are stored by Dennis McCarthy, who is probably the most important person not in the movie. Most of the cars were done at his performance shop in Burbank, California, and nearly all used 500bhp Chevy LS3 V8 crate engines, including the Daytona (a replica) and the some of the Mustangs (sacrilege I know!), as well as the Flip cars and some of the other stunt cars. It actually makes sense, since using the same engine and transmission for the movie cars means that parts are interchangeable on location. Dom Teretto (Diesel) drives a 2010 modified Challenger seen at the end of the previous movie, Fast Five at the beginning of the film. At the end of the movie he has a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, a genuine classic featuring a massive HEMI motor, independent suspension and a Jaguar rear end. Brian O’Conner (Walker) starts off with his silver stock Nissan GT-R from Fast Five and ends with modified blue GT-R ramped up to over 1000bhp.
During the action he drives a 1970 Ford Escort RS2000 – replicas built from six Mark 1 Escorts all stripped of interiors and fitted with roll-cages but featuring the original 2.0-litre engines. Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) gets a 1969 Anvil Mustang featuring 850bhp from a 520 Jon Kaase Racing Boss Nine engine driven through a Tremec TKO 600 5-speed transmission.
The villain, Owen Shaw (played by Luke Evans) drives a 2006 Aston Martin DB9, and also the incredible Flip Car which basically rams into other cars and flips them right over itself. Luke Hobbs (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) makes do with the armoured Navistar MXT Truck he had in Fast Five. Other cool cars spotted in this edition included a replica red and white Ferrari FXX, a Ginetta G60, a Spyker, a Ferrari SP1 (based on a Ferrari 430 Spyder), a Jaguar E-Type which was actually the hugely expensive modern replica, Eagle Speedster, a 1967 Camaro SS and a Koenigsegg amongst others, with even a glimpse of a Subaru BRZ.

A fleet of E60 BMW M5s were used and destroyed in the first London chase sequence – 12 in fact all with the ABS and traction control unplugged. Considering that Chrysler supports the franchise, the big climatic scene features a pair of Dodge Chargers (as did the finale of Fast Five) one of which magnificently and triumphantly bursts through fuselage of a crashing aeroplane, and an Alfa Romeo Giuletta. Now I’ve reviewed this car and it is brilliant, with truly astonishing potency from its punchy 1.4 Turbo, but in the movie it proves instrumental in downing a gargantuan Russian cargo aircraft, okay there’s more to it than that, but it’s about the gist of it.
That’s you’re lot from us, but we’re bound to have missed some cars, so once you’ve seen the movie, tell us below a) what you thought of it and b) which other cars were in it.
And if you’re a fan of the franchise you’ll be please to know that they’re hurrying through the next edition – F&F 7 will be out in July next year and this time some of it will be filmed right here in the Middle East, so watch out for some high octane action on a street near you soon! In the Fast & Furious movies, Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) has had a tempestuous and ongoing relationship with the 1970 Dodge Charger. It's the right car for the evolution of the Toretto character from a street racing punk in Los Angeles ripping off semis full of electronics in the first Fast & Furious movie, to the natural leader of a multiethnic family of highly competent international heist-meisters. For those of you cloistered off so that you don't know NASCAR, the Daytona was an aerodynamically enhanced version of the Charger built to compete on such high-speed superspeedways as Talladega and, yes, Daytona. Built in response to Ford's long-nose Torino Talladega fastback, the Daytona was immediately successful on the track.
So there's already plenty of legend behind the Daytona even before it shows up in this movie. Keep in mind that a production as large as Fast & Furious 6 needs multiple examples of every onscreen car to keep filming no matter what the contingency. With its extremely long nose and ridiculously high rear wing, an original 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona would be ill suited to cinematic stunt work, and at more than six figures for a good example, way too expensive. In fact, the entire front clip of Toretto's Daytona is one piece of fiberglass fabricated at McCarthy's 20,000-square-foot shop in Sun Valley, California. The most impressive features on Toretto's Daytona, however, are its perfect stance, glorious maroon paint and slick details like the shaved rain gutters. To simplify construction of all the film cars, Dennis McCarthy's shop standardized several mechanical pieces across several cars to facilitate servicing and the availability of spares. Suspensionwise, the front end uses Reilly Motorsports' "AlterKtion" coil-over system in place of the stock torsion bars, and the tail is held up by Reilly's "triangulated four-bar" system, which mixes coil springs and five links together.
Get into a Toretto Daytona, turn on the electric system, hit the start switch and the thing roars to life as if you were sitting in a small-block-powered drum with an aftermarket exhaust system — which is essentially what you're doing. For more features, photos, and videos of all the cars in the Fast and Furious movie franchise, click here. Paul Walker was a good-looking, rugged, sexy guy who died all too young, (at 40) while racing a hot car much like he did in his Fast and the Furious movies. Paul Walker’s mom, Cheryl, a model introduced her cute little boy to acting when he was just two years old.
But nonetheless, if the Viper is powered by a 500 Horse power producing V10 engine, this is definitely one tough competitor. Son of a race car driver, a racer car driver himself, he is the leader of his group, a fatherly figure, a great brother and one of the favorite action starts in the Fast and Furious series. Sadly, Paul Walker is no more and his presence is strongly going to be felt in the Furious 7 movie.
Meet me on a good day and i'll definitely narrate my story (with a cup of tea and hopefully some delicious pakoda's) on how writing scripted my life.
As we are all aware, losing Paul Walker in November 2013 was a real shake up in the Fast & Furious franchise. Along the way the Fast family unite when they meet a shady government official called “Mr. If you watch the film expecting Fast and Furious’ over the top the action scenes and crazy car chases, alongside lots of explosions, then you wont be disappointed. Without giving away any spoilers, I don’t think that there could be a better ending to this film. The Furious 7 film will not let you down, there are a selection of insanely modified and rare cars in this film. I know that Universal Pictures have, quite rightly, taken a moment to show this film, Furious 7, to be a tribute to Paul Walker, and I don’t want to take away from the moment by talking about the sequel just yet.
The news came out recently, in an interview Vin Diesel was doing about his new Guardians of The Galaxy movie. At some point the reporter asked him which song the movie star would chose if he had to dance on it.
Vin Diesel isn’t the only one excited about the new cast, considering Michelle Rodriguez posted a photo collage on her Facebook that includes a pic of her posing with the tall blonde.
The tank itself, whilst modelled on a Vickers-Armstrong FV 4201 Chieftain was actually a fake riding on a heavy-duty truck chassis.
It probably helps that the series’ main star Vin Diesel (playing Dominic Torreto) is into his muscle cars, particularly 70s metal, and that Paul Walker (Brian O’Conner) is a total car nut who hobby races and even owns his own performance tuning shop. He claims 500bhp is more than enough for the movie cars, although some were tuned up to over 800bhp.
This was a replica, built from a $5000 rust-bucket that was bought, stripped, sandblasted and rebuilt for the movie. Four were used, all heavily modified and custom-built fitted with the aforementioned Chevy V8s and Kilgore GM Turbo 400 transmissions. In fact nine Mustangs were used, some of which were actually 1970 cars modified to look like 69 models, and the stunt cars were all fitted with the LS3s. American-built, these are bespoke cars inspired by lightweight classic Lotus race cars but fitted with big V8 engines.
But in this sixth film, cleverly titled Fast & Furious 6, he doesn't have a '70 Charger at all.

It's a more sophisticated and sleeker machine for a character who has grown more sophisticated and sleek (in a Diesel-like way) over the 12 years since the series started.
Those enhancements consisted of a longer, sharklike nose, blisters on the top of the front fenders to allow the car to settle down over its tires, a flush-mounted rear window in place of the regular Charger's tunneled backlight and, of course, the tall rear wing to generate downforce in the clean air up there.
And with Buddy Baker behind the wheel of Chrysler Engineering's number 88 car, on March 24, 1970 at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, the Charger Daytona became the first NASCAR racecar to run a lap beyond 200 mph. And particular cars need to be built in particular ways to deal with particular stunts or appearances.
Compared to a production '69 Daytona, the Toretto Daytona's nose is almost 12 inches shorter overall and somewhat taller in profile.
But because the wing is lower, the trunk lid now hits the bottom of the cross-piece when it's fully open. So Toretto's Daytona, like several other vehicles in the film, is powered by GM's 6.2-liter LS3 V8 rated at 430 horsepower. The braking systems use Brembo calipers at all four corners, with a second set of calipers for the rear wheels hooked up to a separate braking circuit so stunt drivers could induce some sideways attitude when it was needed.
Forget everything Dodge did originally except the door handles; the car is finished in custom-made aluminum panels, a roll cage, AutoMeter gauges, simple switches and a pair of Premier Racing Products low-back seats.
And when the exhaust system heats up, so does the cockpit, even when the side windows are down. Thanks to rack-and-pinion steering, there's even some road feel that was completely absent back when Dodge built the original. He left behind his daughter, Meadow Rain, his former girlfriend, and numerous fans all over the world who were heartbroken that a sexy, down to earth guy who starred in many movies over his short life, and numerous TV shows, (Who’s The Boss, Highway to Heaven, Throb,) died so young and in such a tragic method. The successful franchise earned 2.3 billion $ as of October 22nd 2013, making it Universal Picture’s biggest franchise of all time. Teaming its 5.9 liter V12 engine with 510 horses raging up with fury under the hood, the DB9 produces 457 lb-ft of torque and goes from 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds. This ultimate machine is better than a honeymoon and provides no compromise ride control and comfort. Brian is sent off with the most dignified of endings that both tributes Paul Walker, but also is fitting and relevant to the character that has developed over the years. The music video is pretty much a summary of the end of the film and a montage of some of Paul’s highlights from the Fast franchise.
But from watching the film the storyline can go on, the fans want more, and I’m sure Paul Walker would not want the fun to stop either. So this isn't about just one Daytona, but seven built to portray Toretto's fictional machine. And the movie car's nose has fixed headlights under Plexiglas covers instead of the original's pop-up units. Fortunately, there's no scene in the movie where Dom needs to ferry luggage to the airport or bring home enough mulch to plant a garden.
And forget the rear seat altogether, as that space has been taken over by a pair of Magnaflow mufflers exiting out each side through holes cut into the quarter panels.
Walker was in demand almost from the moment he stood in front of the bright lights of Hollywood, starring in a TV show or movie every year from 1986.
Available in a six speed auto transmission version after the recent elimination of the more sporting manual transmission version, this new super car is much more than your desired fantasy. What else would you expect when you combine 2 V8 engines at the crank and power up a 16 cylinder hyper beast? This car was introduced in the year 2008 and has done wonders for the company and racers throughout the globe. Aston Martin cars have mainly been associated with the Bond films, this time things are going to be a little different. The song is truly tear jerking and just 3 weeks into the film being released it has received over 75 million views on You Tube. Soon after, Iggy also posted an image of her having fun with her new on set colleague, posing next to what looks like a Ford SVT Raptor.
But no, director Justin Lin insisted on the real thing wherever possible, so they’re mostly all actual cars. He was supposed to star in several more movies in 2014, and 2015, but he never had a chance, due to his untimely death.
The viper is a fine addition to the Furious 7, depends on how well modified this car will be on the big screen. The aggressive body parts found on the Dodge are sufficient enough to give it a green card into Furious 7’s racing tracks.
Right from the DB5, Vanquish, Vantage and the DBS, Aston Martin has a strong presence in most action films. In other words, we might just be up to some hardcore off-road hotness in the new movie, to bad we have to wait until April next year. Different gear ratios were installed in different Daytonas depending upon what each was going to do during filming. The Furious 7 is definitely going to be in Statham’s favor, if he drives the Aston martin.

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