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Written for Post Office Money by Your Mortgage magazine, this guide will see you through the homebuying process and help you find a path through the mortgage maze. All rod licences cost the same as last year and with a full licence you can get up to a yeara€™s fishing, ending on 31 March 2017. The industry is fuming about the tax grab after it lost a battle in the Federal Court that had been running since September last year. The Federal Government will take a third of any manufacturer discount on cars priced more than $60,000, as part of sweeping changes to the tax rules on hidden dealer rebates introduced today.
Under the new tax, a car with a "factory bonus" discount could actually end up being dearer than a vehicle sold at full price. Industry figures show Toyota customers already pay more Luxury Car Tax than buyers of BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes and Audis because it sells so many LandCruiser four-wheel-drives and Tarago people movers -- and most German cars priced up to $75,375 get an exemption because they’re classified as “fuel efficient vehicles”. But changes to the LCT rules that came into force on May 1, 2014 mean that if a car company offers a dealer a cash-back bonus of, for example $4000, the customer will only get $2680 off the price of the car.
Discounts offered from a dealer’s profit margin won’t be subject to the tax, which means dealerships will be under more pressure to trim their already slim margins. The changes may see car manufacturers change the way they invoice vehicles to dealers, to side step the new tax. For example, rather than offering a $4000 “bonus”, as it is called, car companies may simply reduce the invoice cost to the dealer. Under the old system, the 33 per cent LCT was paid on any amount above $60,316 on the manufacturer’s list price (which already includes 10 per cent GST), any accessories that are added, and the dealer delivery fee.
Under the new system, LCT will still apply to those items, but it will also apply to any hidden bonus or “dealer incentive” that may be on offer.

The car industry has questioned why the tax only applies to vehicles priced above $60,316 and repeated calls for a review of what it describes as a discriminatory tax.
Tax office figures show LCT generated $441 million in revenue in the 2011-2012 financial year, a 7.9 per cent decrease from the $479 million received the year before. At the time, Toyota Australia’s executive director of sales and marketing, Matthew Callachor, said the LCT was “inefficient, punitive and poorly designed”. LCT was originally applied at 25 per cent, but was increased to 33 per cent in 2008 by the former Rudd Government.
The example below, prepared by Polk Australia, which provides the online price calculators for most car company websites, shows that under the new system a car with a $1000 discount could actually be dearer than a vehicle sold at full price. To declare SORN you can do this using your V11 tax reminder or V5C Registration Certificate. If your vehicle was registered on or after 1 March 2001, you pay according to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and type of fuel used.
With the recent rollback in vehicle registration fees, the Alachua County Tax Collector’s Office predict increased incoming traffic from residents with soon-to-expire tags.
Clients wait in line at the downtown Gainesville branch of the Alachua County Tax Collector’s Office.
Alachua County’s Chief Deputy Tax Collector John Power said the mailing department received over a thousand renewals during the holiday weekend. Combined, all three tax collector’s offices in Alachua County received 1,205 renewals Tuesday, and are expecting more this week.
In 2009, vehicle registration fees were increased as part of a law signed by former governor Charlie Crist as a way to help a state budget shortfall. Senate President Don Gaetz, one of the Republicans who voted for the higher fees in 2009, said because Florida’s economy is prospering this would be a good time to save money.
Scott is also looking into reducing other tax increases that passed in 2009, such as increases in the cost of a driver’s license and car title copy.

Hundreds of holes have been drilled into Newberry Road as part of a 3-mile long, $6.2 million construction project.
The Stratford Office of the Tax Assessor will help you out if you received a car tax bill from Stratford, but don’t live there.
Among the issues caused by the DMV computer system upgrade was that an estimated 50,000 motor vehicle owners statewide received bills from incorrect municipalities. Letter from your town’s Registrar of Voters Office showing as registered to vote in your town prior to Oct. Vehicle owners will also be asked to fill out a DMV change-of-address form to make sure that the DMV has your proper address moving forward. Stratford residents who did not receive a motor vehicle tax bill, but should have, should visit the Stratford Tax Assessor’s Office or call 203-385-4025. But in June 2012 the typically conservative Toyota called for the LCT to be abolished completely.
Your insurance needs to be valid from the date your vehicle tax starts or the date your vehicle tax is issued – whichever is later. 1.  However, the Alachua County Tax Collector’s Office, along with others across the state, agreed to keep mailing offices open for Labor Day for those with birthdays on Sept. Rob Bradley said his and the Florida Legislature’s goal is to give Floridians a choice on how to spend their money. As a courtesy, the Stratford Tax Assessor’s Office will mail completed change-of-address forms to the DMV for those who received tax bills in error.
By law, Florida motorists must renew vehicle registrations on or before their dates of birth.

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