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Very important: The shine effect shown on the plates below is for illustration purposes only. To mis-space or mis-represent the digits on number plates is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 1971. When using our plate builder one of the styles of text you have the option of choosing is '3D Text'. So you want to find out who keeps parking in your space, or find out who owns the car that keeps lurking around your house? So you struck out at the DMV, or don't want the hassle of going down there, and a private investigator is way out of your price range? So if you don't have a friends that are police officers, and you have a personal rather than professional or criminal reason for your research your best bet is the internet.

There is no free license plate directory or search unless you know a police officer who will do it for you. New red, blue, green and yellow dispatch numbers allow you to color code your service jobs. Be sure to enter your registration number as shown on your Tax Disc, Log Book (V5) or DVLA document V796 (available in pdf on the web). However, you must give them a reason that you are requesting the information and according to the standards of the DPAA it will have to be legitimate. Either yourself or the person you're buying for must already own the registration number you will use. Reasons include a criminal or civil court procedure, if you are a licensed private investigator or insurance company.

It is up to the DMV's discretion to give the information to you and they may or may not consider your reason legitimate. This article will detail the different methods you can use to find out a driver's name, address, and even the Lien Holder with just the license plate number.
The fee is $3.30 for just the license plate info, more if you want title information or a certified copy. Most of these domain names are owned by Net Detective and they will charge you a ridiculous fee and just end up selling you software.

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