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A giant mechanicial grabber lifts a car in the air, where metropolitan police officers check cars in a breakers yard in Harrow, North West London, after a rise in older cars being stolen and crushed for their scrap metal value and then being shipped overseas.
Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. Do you ever pull up next to an older white Chevy Caprice on the highway and wonder if it is safe to pass him because you do not know if it is an unmarked police car or an older patrol vehicle sold at auction to a normal civilian? GM has unveiled a new 355hp Chevy Caprice police car based off of the, you guessed it, Pontiac G8 Zeta platform used to also underpin the new Chevy Camaro. Surely you didn’t think GM would totally scrap a “good thing” and that thing being the Pontiac G8. DENVER – An all-new Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) will join the ranks of law enforcement departments across North America in 2011. Chevrolet made the announcement at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police convention, in Denver, Colorado.
Engineers worked on several iterations of the seat, testing a couple of versions in the field to get real-world feedback from police officers, who used prototype seats in their cruisers for a month. The Caprice PPV is based on GM’s global rear-drive family of vehicles that also underpins the Chevy Camaro.

To enable more room for interior equipment, the standard radio can be relocated to the trunk, allowing for an in-dash, touch-screen computer to be used. 1976 – The 9C1 order code is given for the first time to a full-size Chevy police car package. 1986 – The Caprice name replaces Impala, as the car is updated for the mid- and late-1980s – including the option of a powerful, 5.7-liter small-block V-8. 1994 – The 260-horsepower (194 Nm) LT1 V-8 engine is offered in the Caprice 9C1, making it one of the fastest full-size police cars ever offered. 1996 – Caprice police car production ends, as GM’s full-size, body-on-frame car architecture is discontinued. Our Case CX-290 excavator with a magnet attachment is used for handling ferrous material throughout the yard.A  Whether we are unloading customers, loading trailers, or cleaning up and sorting our piles, the magnet handles it all. Pretty soon we won’t have to worry about trying to figure this out because there will be a new sheriff in town driving around in his 2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police car. It’s a modern, full-size, rear-drive sedan that will offer both V-8 and V-6 engines, as well as a host of specialized equipment and features.
The Caprice PPV will be available for ordering next year and will hit the streets in early 2011.

High-wear materials were chosen to stand up to long hours of everyday use, while breathability, long-term durability and ease of cleaning were also important criteria.
It uses the longest wheelbase of the architecture – 118.5 inches (3,010 mm) – along with a four-wheel independent suspension that delivers responsive high-performance driving characteristics that are crucial in some police scenarios. It is backed by a six-speed automatic transmission that is performance-calibrated for police duty.
Police departments have used Chevy sedans as police cars for decades, ordering them with basic equipment and powerful V-8 engines – including some special engines that weren’t available in regular-production models, such as the 1959 Biscayne that was offered with up to 315 horsepower. Salvage.A A  An elevating cab, 70 foot boom reach, and precise movements are just a few characteristics that make this an amazing machine for handling scrap metal.

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