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So, no longer do you have to find and get to a breakers yard, especially difficult if the reason you are going there is because your car needs a part to get it back on the road! We have over 2 Million parts in our computerised warehouse backed up by a National Network that can deliver your order within 24hrs, becoming a one stop shop for every used vehicle spare.
The cheapest way to find authentic, fully operational car parts is with the help of breaker yards. Britain's car breakers buy old cars that no longer work, salvage them and make their parts and accessories available to customers.
In the past, customers were restricted to using only their local dismantler, but that's all changed now thanks to our comprehensive network of breaker yards. Some of us know who the more regular posters are on here but for the beneift of those that don't I thought you could all post a reply with your real name, where you're from and which Triumphs you own. Tina Lacey also my husband AndrewLocation: OXFORDCars owned as per my signature,  Love working on the stag,  I like to be hands on especially the engine bay. I know, I've been there and you're the closest fellow CT member to where I live!There's still a few more who haven't come forward. Ash Meson (as per user name!!)Located in sunny Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.1 x spitfire 15001 x spitfire MKIV1500 actually belongs to my dad but it sits in the garage waiting for me to blow the cobwebs off it occasionally!My MKIV is a very late one and sports a tuned 1500 engine, nice induction roar through those ram pipes thankyou very much!
Adam Sindrey, 17Port Talbot, South WalesTriumph dolomite 1300, soon to add a sprint or 1850 to that list.
That reminds me of a chap when I was at school (a year or so ago now;)) who used to think it was cool to smoke cigars.
Sorry, no offence intended, it just reminded me of a pretentious 15 year old kid smoking huge cigars as if he was some kind of tycoon.
It's the CT local group - The Plough located in Crews Hill.It's a great meet - not anoraky or cliquey at all - next one is the 19th September. Howdy my name is Justyn i live in southampton and in my collection is1979 dolomite 1300 in my garage having extensive bodywork alterations1979 dolomite1300 on driveway awiaiting new engine (got engine just need time)1979 dolomite 1300 on nextdoors drive just bought of Ebay awaiting mot (this week hopefully)modern car=vectra 2000 auto estate with loads a bits to make it go quickerHongdou 125cc  motorbike (2002) just used for offroading2003 astravan  1700 td(why? James,Probably best to contact Dave L, I remember that the camera man was in the Lester's 2000 with Dave as the pass. HelloRob CampbellSelsdon (South London)1971 GT6 MKIII - Just completing complete Restoration1965 Vitesse 1600 Convertible - Started complete Restoration - Chassis completed then the GT6 came along! Hi to all of you on the forum,I am Theo Boonen from Belfeld, a small village in the south of the Netherlands. Martin Bellinger from Bromley in north west Kent (very near Dave Tongue).Own a '68 1300FWD single carb in wedgewood blue. Welcome Carol, take no notice of Jase, he owns a dodgy GT6 convertible- its not a real one!Loads of TR7 owners on here and some of them are real beauties.
Hi Paul from Wellingborough, Northants.I have a 1500 Spit which is Inca yellow and has a brand new MOT (hooray!!) and a Java Green TR7 FHC which has a brand new starter motor.
Jason,  the bike was a 40th pressie from mrs mowerman that went slightly (!) over budget, she ended up only buying the forks, I bought the rest.
Gone are the frustrating days of phoning around different breaker yards hoping eventually to find the car parts you are looking for, and then having to drive and pick them up.
Quotes are sent by text to your mobile phone or emailed directly to you for you to decide which is the best supplier for you, all from the comfort of your own home or workplace. No longer do you have to then search and climb amongst the many dirty cars in the yard on a cold and wet afternoon, only to have to return home empty handed!
Please select your car make, model and year details from the menu below or simply enter your car registration and we will look it up for you.

Our part finding system is a leading online resource for getting you results on quality manufactured parts at used and reconditioned prices. As a leading UK Supplier for all cheap car spares, we have in stock myriads and millions of Car Parts online right now for you to find. The UK's car dismantlers recover vehicles from a variety of sources in order to provide motorists with affordable components, thereby avoiding the often unnecessary expense of purchasing from a main dealer or a specialist automotive store. With us, customers can search the network for a specific part without having to visit the various locations around the country. Been a member of the Club for 18 months or so, but since I've been renovating her for that long, I've not made it to any meets yet. I would have thought these forums would be haunted by greasy, spanner wielding beardos, but it seems we have quite a few lay-deez around.
Oh, they say they'll look after them, and for a while they will, giving them what they want all hours of the day, grease, oil or Penrite Semi-Fluid in hand, lavishing attention on their beloved trunnions.
We'd all be 'round the back having a ciggy and he'd light up something from Castro's private stash. During that time, I have owned several Triumphs, although my current collection consists of just three : an original Spitfire 4, a slightly modified Herald 1200 Coupe and a very tidy Vitesse 2 Litre Saloon. Enjoying driving it during summer (what summer?) to get to know it, about to start collecting parts for winter project. Yorks Area Organiser (Disorganiser?) We meet 1st Wednesday of the month at the White Swan, Deighton (A19 just south of York). I will be moving to Devon very soon around the Exeter area ish so will be looking to set up an area meet intrested? Come on, there's still a few of you that are yet to come forward and make yourselves known to the rest of us. The other two members of the Spitfire Aces are Jonathan Binnington and John Davies who took part in the 10cr.
Is the worst Triumph I have ever owned, appears to be made out of 3 spitfires welded together very badly.
I own a couple of Dolomite 1850`s and also a 1300 fwd.They are all great fun and help keep me poor. In nice clean condition following a lot of time, trouble and money by myself and the previous owner.I love driving the car and will be buried in her!Currently 'hovering' over a 1500FWD as well. Welcome Paul, there can't be that many Java green cars left - along with Magenta it's one of those colours that people either love or hate, not in the same league as gusset brown but you know what I mean. This invaluable service enables you to save time, money and effort by linking you directly with the car breakers who sell new and used car parts and have the part your looking for and deliver it straight to your door.
All parts are guaranteed even though they most are used; and customers are known to save up to 80% off the price of a new part from a mainline dealership. And no longer do you need to waste an afternoon calling around breaker yards with the hope that they have that one elusive part.
Once you have told us about your car, you can start looking for parts and retrieving quotes directly from car breakers and scrap yards for free.
When a car or van is dismantled the OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are removed from the vehicle and placed on the shelf. Simply select the part category from our list below for you to find the exact part you're looking with the best prices and guarantee times on the net. Functional spare parts often have many years of working life left, so it's a sensible option to re-use them.

The relevant part will then be dismantled and mailed out to the purchaser's home address or directly to their local garage or mechanic. I could put a few more real names to forum names but I'll give you a chance to make yourselves known.
Should be ready in two weeks time - especially as she's booked on the ferry to go to Le Mans - and I can't wait!
So although I am not a club member I hope you guys will give me some advice when I need it. Green thing, lurking in a lock up, unleashed sometimeOld cars : 1980 Dolomite Sprint, 88,000 miles, now sold on to another young driver!Thinking back, wish i'd never sold that Sprint. Have just had the engine restored professionally(September 2005) and thinking about taking her off the market (had her up for sale for a while there).
The competition was a knockout competition filmed in one day with 15 teams all tasked to build a machine to propel tomatoes in rapid succession at a target, they ranged from elastic bands to a massive compressor mounted on the back of a landrover. All you then need to do is enter your vehicle details into our 'hassle free' search system. Once every vehicle's useful components have been stripped for re-sale, the cars are crushed using specialist heavy duty machines. It's a simple and effective process that means our customers have access to a huge selection of parts for every make of car. The racing was fantastic especially the triumphs with Jon and Andy's nearly race long battle. Also a growing (at an alarming rate) collection of other assorted vehicles clogging up my driveway, the road outside my house and the road outside my neighbours house.I'm in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Daughter has finally left home after 21 years so I can now spend all my money on the Spit 1500 as I have a 'eurobox' for work. Due to remote location I did not think that there would be much point to joining CT but thought I would join my local Classic Car club instead. I feel abit inadequate when is see how many classic triumphs people own and me with just the one! The standard and quality of the parts can still far outweigh new aftermarket parts that can be cheaply made. Maybe you guys can tell me if there is any sense to that thought process or would I be missing something. Echoing Mike Hardwick's comments below this forum is without doubt the best around and if the car is still with me next year when my current membership runs out (with another 'waste of time joining' club) this appears to be the club to join. They filmed us building it prior to the competition, and filmed mine and Jonathans convertable GT6's - hopefully they'll end up on tv too! The manufacturer parts due to a higher build spec can also mean greater safety and security for your driving experience. Our Car Breakers will then contact you with prices and guarantees that are totally un-beatable.

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