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1997 Ford Escort, lot number 16156642 with primary damage Front end is for sale in KS - KANSAS CITY. The original 1968-70 Road Runner was quite a deal for muscle car shoppers; you got the same kind of absurd power as the Pontiac GTO and Ford Cobra Jet Torino, but cheaper.
The hood release was broken, so I didn’t get any shots of the smog-gear-strangled 318 or 360 that almost certainly lives in this car. Or if someone were to turn something like this into a restomod, I could easily see an Arrington Performance 3G 426 Hemi under the hood, with an Art Morrison chassis to take care of the handling. The reason one can take a ’68 belvedere and convert it to a road runner cheap is the tremendously large aftermarket that now exists. I can see the attraction, though, as this model has certain amenities the early road runners didn’t. Virtually every trim part, interior piece and body panel for the 60-70 models, and they are starting to make alot of those parts for 71-74 models since the popularity of those has started to take off over the past decade or so.

I would bet that at least half of the 1st gen road runners were ordered with power steering, if not more. Advertisecarsfree provides you opportunity to save your time and money and purchase Ford at a bargain price. Plenty of these cars survive today, but most of us can’t afford a nice one (though a Road Runner-ized Belvedere could be built on a more limited budget).
The crazy thing is how expensive car audio gear was back then; this radio was probably a $200 option.
1975 model-year cars are emissions-exempt in most states, so it would be easy to upgrade this car to proper power levels. One can get anything, from headliners to body panels to trim fasteners, directly shipped to your door over the internet. However starting in 1971 they started adding thick, hollow rubber bushings every place they could in an effort to increase isolation from the road.

However the aftermarket now makes full sets of solid bushings for them, as well as sway bars and other goodies. While it might make a theoretical cool ride, you’ll spend 20 years tracking down that missing tail light lens. This vehicle is sold at an auction, that is why there is no fixed price or the price can be very low!

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