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Visitors are positively NOT welcome - I was welcome enough on my first visit, by my second visit things had changed! We pay top prices for all scrap and salvage cars Preston, we cover the whole of the UK and are here ready to give you instant cash today!!, simply fill the simple web form in below or give us a call on 0161 408 3109. All we need from you is your V5 or the vehicle registration document, if you don't have this don't worry give us a call on 0161 408 3109 and we will explain what to do. Then we start the process of breaking it down and getting rid of all the parts in accordance with government guidlines..

His yard deals pretty much exclusively with scrap from the East Midlands RAF bases, and as such all kinds of things can turn up. If you like the quote from us then the agent will come and collect your veicle and give you cash! Seems usually to have a lot of stationary engines, generators, and apron equipment, but relatively few gas turbines. Memorable arrivals in recent years have included the principal components of several Matra Martel TV guided air-ship missiles, and a large quantity of Plessy Solent gas turbine starters from Phantoms.

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