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Focal, Audison, Mosconi, Hertz, Rockford Fosgate, Exile Marine, MTX, Wet Sounds, JVC, Kenwood, Clarion, Escort, AntiLaser Priority, Stinger Radar, Beltronics, Compustar, Thinkware, BlackeVue, Lukas, Metra, Parrot plus much more! If you want to make good money and not have to work that hard with none of the above, motorcycle sales is where it's at. I'm in sales and let's just say I made at least double of what is on that report Posted via RS Mobile What dealer are you at where the SM make at least 90k a year?
Originally Posted by josayeee i do the taxes for 3 of my buddies who work in the mall selling cell phones full time. Bottom line: A Toronto car salesman salary could be very attractive and top performers can expect to earn as much as than $60,000 per year – or more. About the Salary Survey Data in this survey is based on over 368,000 individual salary records. Average Car Salesman salaries for job postings in Tampa, FL are 14% lower than average Car Salesman salaries for job postings nationwide. You can include this smaller version of your results on a webpage by cutting-and-pasting the code below. If you go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics which records the income of practically every legal profession in the United States and sort through the classifications and numbers the average car salesman salary is $43,790 a year.
Unfortunately the car sales profession is known for high turnover, which is often caused by people that think they will give car sales a try. Unless you are interested in becoming an average car salesman you shouldn’t be concerned with the average salary. So lets get down to what you really want to know which is the average new car salesman salary. The second month as a newbie is where the rubber meets the road and your earnings come from commissions. Obviously there are many factors when trying to determine the possible income and salary of a car salesman. The average car salesman salary is not average, but it’s one of the best things about selling cars. Sign up on the right to receive updates and get notified of new posts and information for the Car Sales Professional.
Automotive sales industry had treated me well between 2002-2008 as sale person, F&I Dir, Int Dir as well as GSM . It really depends on the dealership about when you get paid, but there is usually a weekly pay and the commission for sold units gets paid weekly after the deals after the deals are funded. A quick question about when most car salesmen get paid – If you get a salary + a commission, when are they usually paid out? A car salesman plays a crucial role in the running of a dealership, in which he or she will be the individual responsible for closing deals with buyers. The exact roles of a car salesman vary from dealer to dealer and brand to brand, though in all cases share at least some similarities. Working as a car salesman, the amount of money you make each year will be determined largely by your job performance. So comes down to how well a salesman can build rapport, product knowledge, service, after sales service, etc etc etc.
You make like a couple hundred on an entry level car depending on the discounts and profit margins.

Most guys are in the $30,000range and only a couple are near $100,000 - and they work 6, sometimes 7 days a week, usually 10 hour days. However this number is not very specific because it includes other automotive professions and similar industry sales positions. Many people looking for work are often lured into trying out the car business because they heard the work is easy and the money is great.
When you start as a new and inexperienced car salesman you will probably receive a fixed amount for the first month in order to help you get the feel for selling cars. If you are starting to catch on and sell a few cars you should be able to increase your monthly income about $1,000. The Spiffs amount can vary from dealerships to dealerships from extra $50 Cap Trick all the way to $500+ for a Hat Trick. I have seen sales who never made more than $24k a year and natural sales person who average $45k-$75k a year. They are essentially the primary and the most direct link between the brand or business and the customer. Some will be in charge of selling used cars, some specialize in new cars only and then there are those that sell both. In some cases, sellers are not paid any kind of standard wage or salary at all, but instead work only for commission, though this is comparatively rare.
It all comes down to the contract negotiated between the dealership and the employee, which could mean a salary is paid with no commission, no salary is paid but high commission is offered or perhaps both a salary and commission are paid out. However there are a few things that need to be cleared up about this subject and that’s the reason for this post.
I have a hard time believing that amount, but if you think about it and consider the turnover rate I suppose it could be the average if you remember what average really means. However selling cars for a living is not so easy and the potential to earn big money is obtainable, but you need to work for your commissions by selling cars. A car salesman income depends on several factors, which include commission, bonuses, contests and spiffs. Its all depend on your likability, self-motivation, honesty and excellent customer services. Their job is to convey the car’s most beneficial qualities, answer all questions the buyer may have, arrange test drives, discuss finance options and generally make sales happen. And while the media may portray car salespeople as pushy, aggressive and generally quite corny individuals you might not take seriously, real life car sellers are in fact consummate professionals.It’s their job to match the buyer up with their ideal car in accordance with both their needs and their budget, in order to facilitate a mutually beneficial outcome. The simple fact of the matter is that because cars are sold with negotiable prices, it’s up to the seller to bring the dealership as much money as possible. Which one represents the better option all depends on a variety of factors, such as how many sales the dealership makes in the average month and whether commission paid is 1%, 5% or 0.05%. There are so many industries that are expected to waver over the coming years in terms of job security and career opportunities – car sales job opportunities, on the other hand, are expected to accelerate a full 17% or more. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. You see the word salary makes many people think that the car salesman gets paid a fixed amount every month, but that is not the case because most sales people get paid a commission based on their sales. You could visit the page how much money do car salesmen make for some firsthand information and experience levels from car salespeople across the country.
These people trying out car sales are one of the main reasons for this turnover because they change their mind before they make it 90 days.

Your drive, ambition and desire to earn the big bucks selling cars can earn you a car salesman salary of six figures a year.
As such, they need to be extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and determined – especially as the car sales themselves may generate healthy commission for the salesperson. Trying out your luck as a car salesman is easy as no specific qualifications are needed, but making a life-long career in the industry is extremely challenging. The higher the price the buyer agrees to, the more commission goes the way of the salesman.This can make it an interesting balancing act as while it may be tempting to sell a certain model for say $35,000, it may in fact be a better financial move to sell it for $32,000 and sell more units.
What’s more, car sales represent a national career and pretty much work the same way no matter where you are, you gain the kind of skills that go with you wherever you choose to put them to use.
Sure there are some dealerships that pay their sales staff a weekly flat salary and a fixed amount for each car sold, but this is very rare and it usually includes a average car salesman income figure that would embarrass a car sales professional. They want automobile salesmen that are driven to sell more cars and make bigger commissions. One salesman could sell cars at one dealership and another person sells the same number of cars at the dealership across the street and their earnings could vary greatly. Competition between dealers is huge and unless you can make your own dealer, brad and cars stand out from the crowd, you won’t last long at all.You might not need a high level of education to get into the industry, but at the same time certain character traits are mandatory. On the whole, therefore it is very difficult to put an exact figure to the annual salaries of car salesmen, though chances are a newcomer will start out earning in the region of $15,000 to $20,000 while an experienced and successful seller could easily top $80,000.
However it will increase the next month as you learn the car sales profession, improve your skill and techniques.
You can go here to learn more about car sales commissions and the car salesman salary payscale. You need to be extremely confident, you must have courage in your convictions, you need to know how to build a rapport with strangers in an instant and you must be always friendly and approachable no matter what. You should really be focused on how to be the best car salesman because that’s where the money is made. When you know they really give a shit about you, more concerned with their business or economic times, not knowing that four car salesman are starving to death and 3 are making all the money.
In every dealership it’s always that 2 or 3 salesmen making all the money and especially one. I had so many months that nothing means nothing, (the greed took me over) all the bonus and fam broke me in.
And it felt like someone took a baseball bat and beating me to death, but it felt good to make $67,000 that month. When I first started in car sales,I took a different approach, yes I know the Joe Verdes and Cardone and training, but more on how car sale were in the 40s and 50s .
Such steps, but these steps are very important, if I forget a build rapport with a customer, then I loose gross .. Don’t have them on the right car even when the customer says they know what they want , and you laugh about it when they had spent 6 hours and asking for the sale many times and no sale. I have to say most of all the sale that I made the most money is were people really liked me.

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