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Brazil not: The Renault Oroch is built for South American markets, and is unlikely to have been built to pass tough local standards. 8cyl 5.4L ENGINE Coupe BODY TYPE 74,000 km ODOMETER Reluctant sale of my 2007 Black Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby. This Beautiful All Black BMW X3 xDrive20d boasts a range of luxury and added premium features for a comfortable ride. A real honour to our local guys and gals that shows the high esteem in which they are held. Was custom designed and built at BMW Brighton, VIC, delivered in December 2013 for 2014 use. Drive anywhere for more than two or three minutes and you are almost guaranteed to share the road with one. And that's really not surprising, as the Hyundai i30 is topping the new car sales charts so far in 2016. Yes, and there’s a lot more to it than this necessarily brief explanation gives.Anyway, enough of the theory. As the financial year drew to a close, the Hyundai also knocked the Toyota Hi-Lux from its place as the highest selling vehicle year-to-date. We were able to spend a number of hours at the Driver Training Centre at Mount Cotton, near Brisbane doing comparison tests between the just superseded Mazda3 and the revised one.

This consisted of driving the two cars over the same course, first on the wet skidpan, then on sections of the road course.Note that the Mt Cotton facility is not a racetrack, rather it has been designed to simulate real Australian country roads. There are no runoff areas and quite a few places where you can hurt the car, and yourself, if you make a mistake.The testing was done by setting the cars on constant speeds using the cruise control. No accelerating or braking was required so the ‘both-feet-on-the-floor’ technique was used.The old Mazda3 felt fine, turning in with a fair bit of precision and not needing a lot of wheel movements to make it handle neatly. The top of the dash is finished in soft-touch plastic and the brushed silver finishes on the centre stack and doors are a classy touch that make this cabin seem less low-rent than some of its competitors.The layout is neat, tidy, clever and functional. Anyhow we managed to resist that and let the Mazda do the work.)Then it was into the new model. For a small car there is a lot of space inside, even when it comes to catering for your phone, wallet, keys and other paraphernalia that make up our daily lives.
Less movement of the steering wheel was required to turn-in and there was no need to make any corrections at the speed at which we were traveling. We are talking about real speeds here, enough to squeal the tyres at times.What does this mean in real life driving? Though the shape of the little i30 is arguably stylish, the rear three-quarter visibility is hampered by the large C-pillars, the slant of the rear windows and the small, narrow and high rear window.There are mounted controls on the steering wheel, including for phone, volume and cruise control.
It means that drivers with little training (which is the great majority of them thanks to the very basic requirements set by Australian governments) are less likely to panic and overreact if something happens to them unexpectedly on the road.Just in case you still get it wrong the latest Mazda3 has even more safety technology than before.

However, little time was spent pondering that conundrum.The air-conditioning system is the basic manual set-up, with dials and buttons mounted on the centre stack. No climate control or dual-zone, in fact there are no air-vents in the rear either.Rear seat passengers are essentially left to fend for themselves, with no USB or 12V points, no cupholders and no centre armrest. It’s got quite a big boot for a car this size – 378L with a full-size spare under the floor.
To compare that to its major competitors, the Toyota Corolla hatch only has 360L while the Mazda 3 is even less generous at 308L.The loading lip is a good height too and there a deep drop to the floor. It’s compliant over some of the dodgier Sydney roads that we spent time on, and if you do get a bit of speed up or give it a bit of stick around a corner, the i30 feels quite composed. There are three steering modes – not something you’d generally be looking for in a base model urban runabout. Sign up in a few easy steps to get your daily fix of fashion, beauty, health, travel, food and entertainment.

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