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Purchase a digital-only subscription now for unlimited online access to local news and information. Urbanmusichq - the latest music daily, Download the latest music for free continue to download. Paul simon - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Paul frederic simon (born october 13, 1941) is an american musician, singer-songwriter and actor. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. I haven't even picked up my 1980 El Camino yet and already thinking about paint since the PO put a MAACO job on it. Anyways I am mostly looking for metallic blue photos if you guys have any of your El Caminos. While all colors can be very nice if done right I would ask myself what is the least amount of work. I do mobile detailing and custom work on cars for a living so black would stand out and look very nice for a company vehicle. I have black epoxy primer from SPi and plan to strip and prime the car once I get it running smoothly and all the bugs worked out.

I already know what black, white and silver will look like but I have only seen maybe one or two metallic blue ones on here so far. As for painting the door jambs, etc, I do not mind because I plan to pull the doors and interior out and all glass and POR15 inside the doors, under the cab and chassis and then epoxy prime the entire interior and even throw in some micro spheres (balloons) into the epoxy for insulation and sound deadening (Lizard Skin alternative).
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I used to do paint and body for a living and now do it on the side so it's no big deal to me but I do like to tear things completely apart and do them right.
The Maaco paint job on it now looks ok from 10 feet away but any closer and you will see all the defects. I think I am going to throw out the silver as a choice and have it narrowed to black, white or blue.
I was going to go back to original white also since it's simple and easy to keep clean but I am tired of having silver and white vehicles. I have a 68 Lincoln Continental that is black roof and silver body that I will soon be painting jet black the entire thing. White may be thrown out too but only because the primer I have for the car (2 gallons) is black and the best covering over the black primer will be black or blue of course.

I love silver though and even considered that as well because it looks good with tinted windows and black interior IMO.
This 80 El Camino I am picking up tomorrow has all it's trim around the windows, bed, grill, wheel wells, rocker, etc and they look great with some polishing. I think that pearl white with the tinted windows looks great and would look killer with the snow flake 17" Trans Am style wheels. Not sure if you guys ever saw the 79 Trans Am that Hot Rod magazine I believe did but they shaved a bunch of stuff and I think it's Year One who makes the old gold snow flake wheels in 17 and 18" or you can get them all polished with no gold center.
Gives it that older muscle car feel without the mullet style white trash look if you know what I mean haha.

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