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The new Audi A8 - a car the German car confidently predicts will further enhance Audi’s reputation in the upper luxury ranks and help provide the basis for a further lift in volume to take its worldwide sales over the one million mark for the first time by the end of 2010.
In its previous three incarnations, Ingolstadt’s flagship saloon built up an impressive reputation for style, performance, quality and overall engineering prowess. But with highly regarded rivals like the Mercedes-Benz S-class, BMW 7-series, Jaguar XJ and Lexus LS460, it will need to do more than its predecessor to really make an impression on luxury car buyers in these economically straightened times. In the metal it looks striking and far enough removed from its predecessor to leave you in no doubt that it is a brand new model. No official figure has been made for the car driven here, but Audi claims it hits the scales up to 200kg under that of its direct competitors.
As expected, the big new Audi’s best work is done at a steady cruise where the engine’s 405 lb ft of torque and the gearbox’s long gearing combined to provide relaxed and near silent progress at 75mph.
But although the A8 3.0 TDI encourages a measured driving style, it also possesses a good turn of speed through the gears.
The steering is characteristically light at low speeds for ease of maneuverability around town. The A8 is different to most of its established luxury saloon rivals in that it feels better the harder you drive it. It is not until you really begin to throw it around that the limitations of sticking a heavy engine up ahead of the front axle line show through, and even then mild oversteer is quickly quelled by a long list of driver aids. For all of the A8’s improved dynamic ability, however, it is the interior of the new Audi flagship that remains its biggest drawcard. I don't know, Autocar are getting really sloppy - this is about the A8 but the pictures are clearly of an A4.On second thoughts, one of them looks more like an A6 than an A4.
Personally I think Audi sees its anonymous styling as a trademark and an asset, so more a mark of discretion than lack of imagination.
This is obviously much to the advantage of SEAT, but it is quite shocking seeing a current and previous A4 parked next to each other.
The 488's incredible engine and handling and open-top experience make for something very special indeed.
The Isuzu D-Max is starting to show its age; after a drive in the range-topping Blade version, is it still competitive?
His latest adventure may be the one that treats him the roughest – not by putting the character through any emotional or physical wringer, but by making him relatively, well … boring.

The reunion of Damon with The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass, Jason Bourne brings the former secret agent out of the shadows once again after a self-imposed exile following the events of 2007’s Ultimatum.
In his return to the franchise, Greengrass covers a lot of familiar ground – some of it too familiar. Along with Damon and Jones, the film also brings back franchise cast member Julia Stiles as Damon’s former CIA handler, Nicky Parsons, and introduces Oscar-winning The Danish Girl actress Alicia Vikander as CIA cybersecurity expert Heather Lee. Like each of the previous installments of the series, Jason Bourne finds its titular protagonist taking on a powerful government agency with connections to his past, and his quest for the truth sends him around the world, fending off other operatives and nameless agents while always staying one step ahead of his pursuers. As for Damon, his new take on Bourne is noticeably world-weary and tired of all the spy games he’s been forced to play over the years. In his role as the director of the CIA, Jones does well with a character that’s essentially a retread of the villainous agency power brokers played by Brian Cox and Chris Cooper in previous installments of the franchise, but lacks anything to make his character stand out. Jason Bourne’s action scenes are the most significant departure from previous installments of the franchise. The first few chapters of the Bourne franchise received a lot of praise for the impressive, close-quarters fight sequences that had Damon’s character dispatching attackers with brutal efficiency, often turning anything within his reach into a weapon.
After a lifetime of absorbing punches, kicks, knives, and bullets, Jason Bourne no longer seems to have the time – or energy – to engage in the sort of extended brawls that were such memorable sequences in the first few films. The highlight of the entire movie is a wild car chase through the streets of Las Vegas in which Damon pursues an operative driving a stolen SWAT truck. A visibly distraught Salman stepped out of his car and tears began to well from his eyes the moment he began to walk towards the venue. So it is no great surprise to find these factors at the forefront of the fourth-generation A8 which is planned to go on sale in the UK in the spring. The exterior styling is highly technical and full of subtle nuances that don’t really become apparent until you see it up close. So much so, that it should now be considered an automatic inclusion on the short list of anyone in the market for an up-market four-door. The upgraded engine is particularly impressive from 2000rpm through to 4000rpm, where it provides a satisfying surge of acceleration. But it weights up nicely at speed and, with the rack now mounted lower down in the engine bay and ahead of the engine, the responses are noticeably sharper off centre even if the ratio is much the same as before. Audi says it has focused a good deal of attention at improving ride quality and it is evident the moment you set off down the road for the first time and experience the terrific refinement.

Find a deserted back road and you discover its body control is superb given the overall mass. In terms of driveline refinement and overall dynamic ability it is now close to matching its rivals.
A definitive verdict will have to wait until we get the chance to put it up against the S-class, 7-series, XJ and LS460. I have always liked the A8, but can't help but wonder about the reference to the 4th generation, surely this is the third?
Despite Bourne’s efforts over the course of the first three films to expose the secret projects that turned him and other soldiers into brainwashed killing machines, a new series of classified operations – and some surprising revelations about his family – put Bourne on a collision course with the CIA and its director, Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones). The action scenes were filmed in a way that made them feel uniquely personal, and that sense of intimacy differentiated the Bourne films from the typical action thrillers that relied on effects-driven spectacles.
Two major sequences bookend the film, and they’re both fantastic, complicated scenes that give the movie some much-needed shots of adrenaline.
Rajjat, who was the CEO of Rajshri Productions as well as Sooraj Barjatya’s cousin, breathed his last on July 29.
There’s a newfound air of control and quietness about the way the advanced underpinnings operate. You can confidently carry big speeds through to the apex and thanks to four-wheel drive there is sufficient front end purchase to give it a pleasingly neutral cornering character. Personally I think its styling is clean but forgettable, very much like all the Audi range. In the first sequence, Damon navigates the narrow streets of Greece on a motorcycle during a full-on riot, evading government operatives as protestors hurl Molotov cocktails onto the streets and crowds of armored police forces attempt to pacify the crowds.
Amongst all those from the film fraternity, it was Salman Khan who couldn’t hold his emotions and broke down upon meeting Sooraj Barjatya at the prayer meet on Sunday.

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