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While many articles are written about the beauty and sentimental value of having a personalised number plate on your car, which are all indeed true, a less advertised benefit to having a personalised number plate is to protect your car.
According to British Crime Survey figures, published by the Home Office in October 2010, it was revealed that there were 479,000 reported incidents of car crime in the 12 months to June 2010. This means that there are a number of stolen cars on the roads that unsuspecting buyers will purchase. Thieves who steal a car can give it a new identity by copying a similar car already on the road.
But whatever the reason for buying a personalised number plate, you are less likely than not to have it stolen. AboutSpeedy Registrations is the market leader in personalised number plates and DVLA registrations. If you were lucky enough to be issued one of the first JGR registrations in the Sunderland area, you now have an asset which is worth several thousand pounds.
If the owner of the cherished number plate JGR 9 is fortunate enough to own two vehicles, he or she may want to contact us about 9 JGR.
This entry was posted in Personalised Number Plates for Sale and tagged 9 JGR on March 28, 2012 by James Saperia. Successfully helping British motorists acquire their ideal personalised number plates for over fifteen years, James Saperia is the Managing Director and founder of Simply Registrations.

In addition, according to the Crime in England and Wales Quarterly Update from the Home Office, the number of vehicle-related thefts rose by 7% in the year up to September 2011. Those that know how can easily clone a car and your car, if stolen, may never be found again. The thief can disguise the unique 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the stolen car and also use a stolen logbook to legitimise the car’s identity. Every car that is used on public roads are required by law to display a vehicle registration plate. Think about it – a thief who wants to steal a car won’t necessarily want the car to stand out.
We sell number plates from DVLA, our own extensive stock as well as client owned registrations.
A quick car history check shows that the registration JGR 9 is currently registered to a BMW 325 coupe.
I am sure 9 JGR and JGR 9 would look fantastic as a pair of personalised number plates, side-by side on the driveway. This effectively means if you want to secure 9 JGR at the lowest possible price, you need to come to us and buy it direct.
Why not call James right now on 0113 288 7553 and secure the personalised number plates 9 JGR for your car.

The company is situated between Leeds and Wakefield and serves motorists all over the United Kingdom.
It is highly likely that there may still be some original JGR registrations displayed on cars in the North East of England. Obviously this is not the vehicle it was originally issued to, but it could be that the owner had the foresight to keep hold of the registration rather than letting it go with the car it was issued to. Our stock registrations are advertised by other respected cherished number plate dealers, but they have to buy from us in order to supply to the interested buyer.
All our stock registrations are offered for sale subject to availability, which means you need to get in touch first, before somebody else decides to take action.
Have a quick look at some of the cherished registrations available for sale, there could be one that is perfect for you.
It takes a good eye witness to remember all the digits and numbers of a regular number plate.

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