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All-electric range and price are often considered two of the most important factors while deciding which plug-in electric car to purchase. Here we have a graphical presentation of both parameters for all EVs available in the US (or formerly available), ordered by range. Things aren’t as simple in the case of price, because we have different classes of cars (from base to luxury) with different market approaches (series production or compliance). Kia Soul EV with its 93 miles of range, in the absence of the discontinued Toyota RAV4 EV, offers the highest range after Tesla, yet costs less than $28,000. Because I believe the MB reverts to non-range charges after each full charge, where Tesla gives owners a warning not to consistently range charge, I think the EPA may hold them to report the 87 number. I didn’t realize the two Ford Energi entries have only a token electric range, and the same for the BMW i8. That means they would need to use 78% of the total pack if the new Volt weighed the same as the gen 1 volt which it doesn’t. As a bonus, with just 2600 made and no comparable competition at this price and battery range, its resale value is still holding around this price.
The Soul, RAV, and I believe the Teslas are tested at an average of 80% and 100% charge rates, meaning the EPA range is really 90% of the potential of the car. Counting cumulative miles over several trips with repeated charging, it’s possible to drive a Ford C-Max 185 miles mostly on battery power, altho using some gas to get that far. Second, my perspective (and that of the Volt owners you reference) is less nonsensical than your insistence on your exclusive definition of mpg.
The term MPG, or miles per gallon, refers to how far a car can travel using the energy in a gallon of gasoline. All PHEVs get the same $1,500 rebate from the State of California through the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program.

Another point to note is that Nissan has been running a $3500 mfg rebate on the leaf for about 9 months now. As far as the prior question on the CA CARB rebate for the 16 Volt, it should still be the same $1500 you get now (assuming you purchase or lease for 36mo+), plus you’d get the $7500 tax credit (if you pay enough in taxes). Another thing is that if the range of a Leaf is equivalent to the range of a BMW i3, the price graph indicates that going from a non luxury car to a luxury car adds 60% to the price. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The service, which users will see above the search results if they type "car insurance" into Google, will seek quotes from about 120 insurers, roughly the same number as other comparison services. Investing in a car is a big decision and so it needs proper amount of research which is why we have come up with smart car price comparison list. Everybody loves their cars, and most people just want their cars to be well looked after and loved. So, if you’re vacationing in New York and looking for car rental deals, you need look no further than Brooklyn.
Prices, on the other hand, include destination charge and tax credit (from few thousands up to $7,500 depending on model).
So, if you were to drive your Ford C-Max with exactly 1 gallon of gas in its tank, you could go 185 miles before it ran out of gas? EVs and PHEVs would be more attractive to more people if they understood how beneficial these cars could be for them. The CARB rebates will likely expire within the year if the state runs out of money in the fund. That in reverse applied to a Tesla Model S 70D means a 240 miles non luxury car could already be made for 43000$.

The modern-day web is full of sites that provide great information and mouthwatering images of both cars and motorcycles alike. Battery-electric cars ends at the i-MiEV at 62 and then we see a bunch of plug-ins with on-board engines.
After all, the EPA depends on the auto makers themselves to run the tests using EPA test standards.
The 66% DOD is by far the most conservative of all the EVs and GM has stated that from what they’ve learned they will easily be able to dig deeper into the new pack. Also many people lease and these prices aren’t always correlative to the purchase prices.
As the name suggests, the smart cars are really smart when you consider the real engineering accomplishment. Considered to be one of the highest crash ratings of present days, smart cars built with strong steel roll cage and are designed to distribute impacts evenly. If your city suffers from parking, maneuverability and traffic problems, then this is the car made for you. People who aren’t knowledgeable about EVs and PHEVs tend to underestimate the importance of their particular needs and circumstances. Google's service forces users to make each of these choices actively, which it said should reduce the chances of buyers ending up with a policy that wasn't right for their needs.

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