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I feel, the only negative - if the car is in good condition - is that it has already changed hands 2 times and my friend would become 4th owner. Originally Posted by callvvijay Guys, my friend is looking out for a used Santro and he has got the below quote. After 2-3 years, being a 4th owner, he shouldn't expect anything more than 60-65k for this car. Well if your answer is no to all of the above questions then 2.2 seems a decent quote (I would start from 2lakhs because everyone is bitten by diesel bug, and resale value of petrol cars have dipped down a lot).
Hi guys, what would be the ideal price for a silver Honda City Feb 2011 registered in Gujarat?
The car has done 21,000 kms in the past year and is the fully loaded V model along with premium 3M sunfilm on all windows and front windshield. Originally Posted by neon hii can any one tell me the price for a 96 model maruti esteem, i have found one in my city which has 4 alloys(not brand new) with appolo tyres(good condition), fitted with xenon head lamp kit, racing type rear bumper and side skirts(front bumper is the esteem stock), car is in almost good condition, interiors isn't very fancy, has a kenwoon stereo system(cd player) installed in it, engine seems to be in a good state, has done 1L+ kms. Just know that if you do buy it, it would demand a lot of attention from your (money and time wise). I am selling my Swift VXI (2008 - petrol) model and i have a list of prospective buyers coming today.
Originally Posted by creative420 I would strongly suggest that you stay away from this car. A colleague of mine is getting a group discount on Honda City - kindly pm me if you are looking at buying the city.
ALso one of my colleague who is shopping as well, is interested (if he can get over his Linea TJET craving).
Originally Posted by Trident I got an offer of 8.9L for Honda City SMT including Honda Assure + road tax from Pride Honda in Hyderabad. 34k cash discount + free insurance + free kit toyota accessories kit 7000+ free sunfilm+ free double din music system worth 10k. Originally Posted by RavenAvi The Mitsubishi Outlander is available till the end of October with an offer of ?subsidy of fuel? worth Rs.1 Lakh!
Originally Posted by RegularIndian Took delivery of Honda City V on Friday, 21 Oct 2011 in Gurgaon. Originally Posted by ajay_satpute Sorry for a stupid question, but what is the meaning of Subsidy of fuel worth Rs 1l lakh? Originally Posted by indivic Sorry to hear about the mishap, guess there are too many such sadists out there. Did you read today's newspaper reporting one such moron settling ablaze around 70 luxury cars in Europe.
I have read your City thread and must admit a tonne of very useful information..same for Bluevolt too!
Originally Posted by RegularIndian Took delivery of Honda City V on Friday, 21 Oct 2011 in Gurgaon.
Some details:[*]Skoda is giving away free insurance with Skoda shield on Skoda Laura Diesel. Originally Posted by nawabnabeel Can you please give me some more information on vento trendline diesel? Please note that no offers are available on either the Polo diesel or the Vento TDI Highline.
I know that typically AutoMartIndia does charge a premium without adding too much value to the car.
Also wanted to know if its worth going for a used CRDI which has done 63000 + kms and does the car have any specific problems (have read of some fuel pump failures after 80KKm, is this true ?). View My Garage For Alto 25000 kms is fine but 2.5 lacs is bit high, however Alto has good resale value but ask for not more than 2 lacs. View My Garage I strongly suggest to go to show room, and look for folks who are buying swift, by a upgrade.

There are some cases reported on this forum (would be available in the archives) in which the True Value guys had reversed the odometer and passed off high mileage cars as low mileage ones.
My dear friend, try searching in admag or free-ads, If you know a good mechanic, inspect the car and buy directly from the seller. Assuming you are willing to spend 2.5 lakhs, why dont add some more money and buy a new alto?? Car Leasing Concierge offers the best luxury car lease deals as well as the best new car deals for financing in NY, NJ and CT. Originally Posted by car_crazy1400 Thank you Sahil; that is what I have been suggesting to my dad. Besides the engine I think the only big difference between the two besides cosmetic changes like bigger alloys is that the 350 comes with air suspension. Do try and bargain hard if you find a 2012 350 lying in a dealers yard, those move very slow off the floor. With the recent trend of indians to go for a new launched cars, how well still the dealers will get response on these offerrings..
Most of the cars mentioned in the article have been available at discounts for quite a long time now. Yes, we are having discounts for most of these from dealers, but this in news with figures, after quite time now, I just wanted to discuss its cause and effect from our Indian car market.. Skoda Rapid did offer me a whopping 100K discount for their top version in Beige Color and 140K for their top version in RED Color. Re: General Motors to hike car prices by upto 10K General Motors India has said that it will increase prices of its entire range of cars by up to Rs 10,000 from the first week of June. GM's entry level offering presently, is the 1.0 BS3 Chevrolet Spark variant, priced at Rs 3,31,447 (ex showroom Delhi). Chevrolet has been battling with sliding sales figures, the Beat and Spark hatchbacks have posted a decline in Year-on-Year sales of 56% and 68% respectively (for month of April). GM is also offering a 'Loyalty Discount' on its Chevrolet vehicles to the tune of Rs 10,000, till the end of May. Whenever a vehicle is introduced, OEMs keep price as low as possible to attract customers and after 6 months or one year they show their real colors by increasing price atleast 10%. So I am hoping that atleast those who use their cars once in a blue moon will not need a Diesel anymore. In offer 2 - Large Amount of around 25 lac or so payable at end of 36 month so basically either you sell your car to pay off or get it refinanced for further period unless you save that much money .. However, at this point these discounts won't do much in the long run as these cars depreciate big time once a new model is launched.
Originally Posted by damager21 Looks like Tata is already facing the heat due to low demand for Bolt. Originally Posted by nikhil0405 What kind of discount can be expected for a ford classic titanium petrol? Exchange Discount on Maruti Ritz (Petrol) Rs 17000 The Bangalore newspapers talks about upto Rs 45,000 discount on Petrol Ritz.
One of the best city hatchbacks and with this kind discount on offer, is it a necessity to go for diesel Ritz even if the running is high ?
Originally Posted by Turbokick Can somebody explain me what exactly is this 'exchange bonus' ?
And no damage other than 5-6 mm dings and scratches on bumpers thanks to fellow errant drivers of the city. It's a 16 year old car and plus a lot of them are going for 25-30K (with about 1L+ on oddo) these days as no one is really picking them up. The agent was willing to give reverse parking sensore, rubber floor mats and 3M tinting for free. In July I had got quotation for the same vehicle from Pride HONDA Hyderabad (I moved to Bangalore 6 weeks ago) for 10.5Lakhs.

I mean please also share the total amount spent by you including insurance, road tax and Registration!
Please check with your nearest local dealers and see if the scheme is available with them as well, or not.
Besides why dont you for a new one, the difference in EMI wont be much especially if you will be buying the used on Finance and the interest rates are higher on used cars. However, after visiting Dakshin Honda today, had no choice but to cancel the i20 booking and go for the Amaze Petrol.
Government really hates the automobile market in India and wants to make sure that both consumers and manufacturers suffers. GM has said that prices are being increased as a result of increased logistic and transportation costs (due to higher Diesel prices). The most expensive vehicle offered by GM India is the 2.2 LTZ AWD BS4 Captiva, priced at Rs 24,59,866 (ex showroom Delhi).
We were recently looking for a Hyundai elantra, the dealer initially told us that only 25k exchange bonus is being offered whereas Hyundai was offering 60k! Why is it like the person exchanging his old car with a new car gets the advantage and the normal costumer doesn't get the benefit ? All the dealers i have talked to so far are not agreeing for any discount over and above the advertised offer for Ritz petrol (which includes - 20000 Gift Cheque + 2500 Corp. However, he is planning to keep this car for 2-3 years at least which will reduce the resale-dent quite considerably!
But before I could make my decision (waiting for T-BHP verdict) the bookings have been closed. Skoda Laura Petrol is discounted at a special price of approximately 11 lakhs (ex-showroom price in Delhi). Search in otherused car dealers you can buy alto easily also search in internet that should help you get direct sellers. To pave in the new launches on cards..or to clear existing, before new launches of cars being applauded ?
Skoda Superb (Manual) Petrol is being offered with Skoda shield and free insurance plus an extended warranty of two years. So you can as well go and talk to prospective exchange folks offer them 10K more than what they get in maruti exchange and then spend max 10k in sprucing it up.
The diesel models of Ritz come without any discount or offer however, the special Edition Ritz Dazzle Diesel comes with MGA worth Rs. Here in Delhi they're offering me 3.4L including corporate discount on the 320d Luxury Line. I was only interested in petrol( since my annual mileage is going to be around 3000 kms only) engines only. Could you please PM me the dealership name and representative who offered this discount in Mumbai?
Saw an ad in manorama 2 days ago stating up to 30K discounts - this might include exchange bonus too. The Dual-din ICE, power windows, central locking and slightly better interior trim is all the Eon offers more, while the Micra offers relatively much better space and more powered engine. I had also read in some other sources that they have stocked up to 10K Nano's at the factory which must be in addition to what the dealers already have in their backyard.

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