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When buying a used vehicle, few things are as important as the vehicle’s history and maintenance service records. Fortunately, most used cars being sold by dealerships will come with a free vehicle history report provided by CarFax.
A CarFax report contains a lot of useful and important information, and being able to read and understand it is just as important as obtaining it.
This section contains the information about the make and model of the vehicle, including VIN, body style, engine information, standard equipment and safety options. Information on the vehicle’s mileage, including whether a vehicle’s odometer reading is off due to a new engine or tampering. Additionally, you will find information on any manufacturer recalls on the vehicle and whether they were completed, as well as warranty information for the vehicle (including the details of original factory warranties and their expiration dates). This section will detail every major event, maintenance record, and recommendation of service that has occurred during the vehicle’s history. This entry was posted in Other Vehicle News and tagged accident reports, car ownership history, Carfax, Carfax report, damage reports, how to read Carfax report, maintenance records, manufacturer recalls, title history, understand Carfax report, vehicle history by Tischer Acura Nissan. The Chevrolet Sail boasts of an inspiring presence and is a perfect match for those who prefer to stand out.
The Chevrolet Sail blends elegance and comfort with such refinement that it will leave you enamored. Adds a stylish dimension to the interiors while creating an individual appearance that’s unlike any other! Groove to the rhythm of any road with the Chevrolet Sail’s ‘2-Din Audio System’ with Bluetooth® enabled music streaming and mobile hands-free function that make your journey even more fun. The 2- DIN audio system with Bluetooth®^ enabled Mobile Music Streaming and Mobile handsfree for the ultimate music experience. Chevrolet Sail comes with a 2 DIN Audio System with Bluetooth® that brings in a different display, Tiny Dancer & FM2. Now get into club mode while playing foot-tapping numbers from an audio console that rocks you with an icy-blue illumination.
An AUX input as well as a USB socket makes sure that you can play songs from whichever source you like, be it your MP3 player or a pen drive. The 1.3 l SMARTECH turbo-charged diesel engine mated to the premium F17 transmission is a powertrain which delivers 75 PS of power with 190 Nm Torque.
Coming in with a set of active and passive safety features, the Chevrolet Sail is indeed a safe bet. I live in Florida but was visiting family in California before I was to start a new job in, of all places, Kuwait.
On a really cool note, my two girls were born only seven days apart on the same assembly line in St. Back around 1980 or so, when I was 9, I saw this B5 blue, white-striped 340 Demon with white interior sporting Cragar SS rims and raised-white-letter tires. The next day two buddies of mine, who are Mopar enthusiasts, and I took a trip to meet the Duster’s owner. Like a lot of folks out there, I always wanted a muscle car but could never spend the money on one for some reason. Mine is a 1973 Challenger Rallye 340 with the Slap-Stik 727 automatic and one repaint of the original Dark Silver Metallic. My wife kids me that my pristine 1974 Buick Apollo with less than 17,000 original miles and factory air is an un-muscle car.
I found this 1972 base Nova coupe in the Northeast in the summer of 2014 with 36,404 actual miles. The Nova’s restoration and assembly were done by Carolina Classic Car Restoration of Burlington, North Carolina.
The story of my Camaro began in the 1980s when I used to sit at the end of my parents’ driveway and watch the local car enthusiasts race up and down the road tuning their cars.
My brother had bought a 1967 Camaro at about the same time, and my dad was restoring a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop. All the aforementioned led to a car whose engine runs smoothly and strong, revs freely and quick, produces 331 hp from the back wheels, and is a joy to drive, in true Pontiac spirit. Appearances can be deceiving, so knowing everything you can about the condition of a used vehicle, before purchasing it, is essential to making the best decision. CarFax provides detailed information about a vehicle based on its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
We have provided details below on the key areas of importance and things to keep an eye out for when looking over the CarFax report for a vehicle you are thinking of purchasing.
The most important thing in this section is to make sure that the 17-digit VIN matches that of the vehicle you wish to purchase.
This section will provide you with information from the National Highway Transport Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute. For each owner, it shows the year the vehicle was purchased, the length of ownership, where the vehicle was owned, estimated annual mileage and last odometer reading.

It includes information on total loss, structural damage, airbag deployment, signs of odometer rollback and any other damage reported to an insurance company. The Chevrolet Sail embodies the bold pioneering spirit and ingenuity which has become the hallmark of Chevrolet. Aggressive and macho, with a front styling based on Chevrolet’s Dynamic Sculpture Design philosophy, its wide stance lends it unbeatable grace.
Enjoy rich sound on the radio, through CD’s or stream your music through Bluetooth® from your phone.
Pair up to 5 phones with the audio system via Bluetooth®^, and stream music directly from your phone. The USB port also allows you to charge your MP3 player simultaneously, giving you endless hours of playback. Low inertia valve train with hydraulic lash adjusters reduce maintenance hassles and the extraordinary common rail fuel injection system provides an extremely fuel efficient engine that gives a mileage of 22.1 kmpl. Its Safe-Cage Design with a 3-point force dispersion structure with in-built crumple zones and side impact beam in doors provide enhanced safety for the cabin occupants. Dual airbags cushion the front seat occupants in the sedan and provide protection during high speed front impact.
Mine is just to change hoses, rubber, and filters and drive her on sunny weekends as it was built to do.
The driver was at a stop sign, and when he saw the look in my eyes he wound that 340 up tight and dropped the clutch.
Except for the aftermarket wheels and tires on it now it is 100 percent original (and yes, I have the original wheels). There were at least 20 Grand Nationals at the time in the back lot, all with different options. The body was treated to a meticulous paint job in PPG Mystic Green Metallic by Dave Hodgens. There were a couple of early Camaros that specifically caught my eye, and my dream of owning a 1969 Camaro was born. A passion was forged after that first run down the quarter-mile that still burns deep today. It’s a genuine Ram Air car, one of 321 four-speed manuals built, with three previous owners and 101,050 miles on it. A CarFax Vehicle History Report will tell you the vehicle’s registration history, title information, service and repair information, recall information, accident history, and more. All of this information is critical to the integrity of the vehicle and should be looked over very carefully. Again, this section should be given special attention as it describes how the vehicle was maintained by previous owners and where exactly service was performed. Stylish and classy, this car is packed with superior boot space, luxuriously new interiors and a SMARTECH engine. Elegant wide-angled, jewel-effect tail-lamps and wrap-around head-lamps adorn this dazzling beauty.
Glide comfortably over pot-holed roads, thanks to its well-tuned suspension that not only gives it stability while on the highway, but also agility while driving through the city. The centrally-located fuel tank fortified by cross-structures is an added protection in case of an impact. This is the real world, and these cars belong to men and women just like you who love their muscle cars and are willing and capable of spending the sweat equity it takes to keep them on the road. I bought it off the Internet a few years back and have been proud of all the work I have done to it. He had found the car in New Hampshire, and it didn’t look like it had gotten much street use.
The car had been a long project for someone for 13 years, and it didn’t get very far.
The car came with the original build sheet, Protect-O-Plate, owner’s manual, interior, glass, spare tire, and jack. The glass, trim, dash, interior panels, and trunk were all original and restored to OE standards.This build was completed in just 11 months thanks to simultaneous development of the chassis, body, and interior work. I purchased my Camaro at age 14 for $900.I bought it sight-unseen over the phone, and my dad drove the 850-mile roundtrip to Rhode Island to trailer it home. With an incredible charm and unmatched grace, the Sail Sedan is as fascinating to look at, as it is to drive.
Adjust the OSRVMs electrically at a touch of a button, turn on the air-conditioning to enjoy a cool breeze in the harsh summer and grab on to the leather wrapped steering wheel, all while sitting comfortably in plush leatherette seats that provide excellent driving and riding comfort. Features mentioned and accessories shown will vary by model and may not be a part of the standard equipment.
He removed the roll bar and put the rest of the (original) interior back in it, and had gotten it running. I bought this silver bullet after it was frame-off restored back to almost completely original.

I looked for some time before picking the one I really wanted.My cousin Jim was the service manager at the time, and he let me test-drive the one I had chosen.
Also, I researched and purchased nearly every part necessary to complete the project once the rolling chassis arrived in North Carolina.The project was truly a complete transformation. My dream car was not much to look at, but having spent all my money, there was no turning back.
But a caring and understanding wife makes it possible for me to make three or four trips a summer. I had her in Germany cruising the Autobahns for a couple years.Anyway, 11 days before I was to leave for my new job, I saw a Fairlane for sale in Corona, just down the road.
It retained the numbers-matching motor, about 90 percent of the original paint over mostly rust-free body panels, and the original vinyl roof, rug, and white interior with rips on the driver’s seat only.
It currently runs around 18 pounds of boost without detonation (with premium fuel) and is a nice street car.
As the third owner, I decided to transform this Nova into a full frame-off Pro-Touring restoration.The rolling chassis and suspension system were built by Schwartz Performance of Woodstock, Illinois. Oh yes, we had a good time.My wife had been talking from time to time that it would be nice to have a pony car from the 1960s as a summer fun car.
As I left, crushed, I asked him to please not sell the car to someone who wants to chop it up or make a race car out of it.Lucky for me a classic car guy is a car guy no matter, Ford or Chevy. It filled up a two-car garage of just parts, so the name of the car became known as the Box Car.I did a body-off restoration on the SS396 that took one year to finish. The chassis included coilover shocks on all four corners, cross-drilled disc brakes, rack-and-pinion power steering, and a Moser 9-inch full-floating rearend. A carb swap, some plug wires, timing adjustment, a pair of radials, removal of the electric push-pull fans, and a radiator recore got the old girl roadworthy. Yeah, they didn’t come with big-blocks and had lower compression and an uglier sad-mouth grille. The current powertrain consists of a 350 small-block, a Turbo 350 transmission, and 3.73 gears. Some buffing over the black lacquer paint, even as scratched and dented as it is in some places, made the body pop big time.
Since the restoration the car has gone 34,000 miles and has more than 500 timeslips from three different race tracks.I would like to trace the history of the car back to its original owner. Everywhere the car goes, people are enamored with the old-school drag look and patina, so I’m reluctant to repaint it. Before I bought it, the Camaro was last registered in 1981 and was Fathom Green with a green interior. The motor runs like a clock and pulls extremely well, but every gasket seems to be dried out and leaks, so my winter project is pulling the engine and giving it a freshening.As best as I can tell, the car was purchased new from a dealership in the Albany, New York, area. It has been completely reupholstered.I added forged pistons to a mild-build 402 so I could do any power adders later if need be.
Prices shown are Ex-Showroom Delhi, for exact prices, please contact an authorized Chevrolet dealer in your area.
The man I bought the car from had purchased it in New Hampshire, where it sat in storage from around 1984 to 2014. Past owners may have lived in North Scituate or Woonsocket, Rhode Island.I am proud the car has survived college, marriage, and two awesome kids.
Thinking about Internet hoaxes, there was no way I was going to transfer money without being sure. It’s a true time capsule, with the window stickers indicating runs at Lebanon Valley (New York) Speedway and possibly the old Connecticut Dragway. I also put on a front-runner Vintage Air system and aluminum radiator with the best BeCool fans.
Everything was fine.The original WI-coded engine was completely gone over 18,000 miles ago. It has Hotchkis 2-inch springs in the rear and QA1 coilovers with 2-inch drop spindles on the front. Bored 0.030 over, new valvetrain assembled in the original heads that were cleaned and polished.
Somewhere on the way some extra gauges and flares were added.The deal was made, and five weeks later I saw it for the first time at the harbor of Kotka. The Bird arrived in perfect condition and there were no problems on the 80-mile drive home.I was planning to do nothing but normal service and enjoy the car. The fuel is now delivered through a 670-cfm Holley Street Avenger, while the Q-jet it came with (from a 1972 455 Pontiac) is waiting for a rebuild. So in the winter of 2015 a Tremec TKO600 transmission, a new driveshaft, Wilwood front discs, a McLeod Super Street Pro clutch, Koni shocks, and Wheel Vintiques 15×7 Rallye II front wheels were installed.

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